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    220++ Ladies Local Social Escort Ladies Islandwide in SINGAPORE for you to choose!

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    >>>>> IOS users need to use browser or Telegram Web

    https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@SGNasiLemak4 to access blocked groups


    All known(or Self-Declared) SG Girl or Couple NSFW Tumblr Accounts

    Hello all! I’m creating this list for all SG guys (and girls!) to follow all the available SG girls NSFW tumblr accounts, and creating a SG NSFW tumblr community to connect everyone as well! :)

    The MAIN POINT is to show that SG girls can be open about sex too, and they’re confident of their bodies, be it nude or non-nude. This post is NOT for you to harass all of them and hoping to get lucky. If you do, you’re just a loser, and I hope you get blocked by them.

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    Reblog with your caption for your Top 5 favourite girls and the Top 5 list will get updated!!! (To encourage regular posts from the users)

    SG Girls or Couples who wanna be added onto this list and girls who are on this list and wish to be removed, just reblog or message me! I’ll update this post regularly!

    Active: Top 5 with original posts (in no particular order):

    http://jessicaspanties.tumblr.com/ @jessicaspanties

    http://catherineintimates.tumblr.com/ @catherineintimates

    http://courageouscutie.tumblr.com/ @courageouscutie




    Still probably Active (Posted in the past couple of weeks):

    http://hairychinesegirl.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @hairychinesegirl

    http://sgjoyfulfunstranger.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @sgjoyfulstranger

    http://lustdesir3.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @lustdesir3

    http://cheryl-panties.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @cheryl-panties

    http://pinky-athena.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @pinky-athena

    http://sggirlsappreciation3.tumblr.com/ (original posts of other girls) @sggirlsappreciation3

    http://cakemexxx.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger, original posts) @cakemexxx

    http://enchantingbananaphilospher.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger, original posts) @enchantingbananaphilospher

    http://letskinkysg.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger, original posts) @letskinkysg 

    http://spdoooo.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @spdoooo

    http://asianymph.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @asianymph

    http://bugscasper.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @bugscasper

    http://zzsi3ofofoc.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @zzsi3ofofoc

    http://maybelsg.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @maybelsg

    http://sophiasggirl.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @sophiasggirl

    http://oqien.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @oqien

    http://btsofagirl.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @btsofagirl

    http://singapore-sex.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @singapore-sex


    Seldom Active / Close to Inactive (Posted in the past couple of months):

    http://joybunny88.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @joybunny88

    http://extra7799.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @extra7799

    http://xbanditz.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @xbanditz

    http://ranger292987.tumblr.com/ (original posts) (couple) @ranger292987

    http://tealoverssg.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @tealoverssg

    http://tiffsecrets.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @tiffsecrets

    http://seductive-lil-fantasy.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @seductive-lil-fantasy

    http://sgthose.tumblr.com/ (original posts) @sgthose

    http://stysg.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger, original posts) (couple) @stysg

    http://sggurls.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger, original posts) @sggurls

    http://curiousinsingapore.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @curiousinsingapore

    http://cocksuckerbitch21.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @cocksuckerbitch21

    http://bangbangpawpaw.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @bangbangpawpaw

    http://sgmarshmellow.tumblr.com/ (content reblogger) @sgmarshmellow


    Inactive (Last post more than 2 months ago):

    - leaving these here in case they make a comeback!








    List created by: @allmyfantasies4 (I’m a GUY) on 20-Nov-16.

    Updated: 10-Dec-16.

    Disclaimer: Not 100% accurate, I’m human, not a computer.


    Updated with @sggirlsappreciation3 new link. Initially one of the best original posts of other girls. Hoping that she will continue to post on @sggirlsappreciation3 instead!

    Also updated Top 5 and different categories slightly. Do reblog with any girls that you know and/or would like to be added to the list!