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    alright i wanna talk about nazis and oregon for a moment. Oregon was known as the ‘ white utopia’ for a while there. the history of hate runs deep in oregon. the government in the 60′s was made of of mainly KKK members and prob nazis

    oregon had something called the Black Exclusion Law in the 1800′s
    oregon is just as and in some ways more racist than the south.

    a black woman walking her dog im ashland oregon, one of the most liberal hippy towns in oregon was told and i quote:

    ‘It’s still an Oregon law, I could kill a black person and be out of jail in a day and a half. Look it up, The KKK is alive and well here.’

    American redguard has put up flyers and now we have neo nazi groups doing the same this. 

    not bringing attention to this dark underbelly of one of the most ‘blue, liberal’ states is letting them win.  this needs to be talked about this needs to be addressed and oregon needs to do something to step up their game or shits gonna go bad fast. 


    this is the flyer 

    this is their twitter page

    they show pictures of tearing down pro feminism flyer, posting their flyers on protesting signs

    they have targeted a local theatre known as the oregon cabaret with the tweet saying :

     your lights went out. Where is your safe space? What about the gaslight project? #Ghostlightproject

    they are calling out antifa and activists in the area

    this is real

    this is scary

    and it needs to be known


    alright folks here we go again!!!!

    same town that the nazi (cascadian national resistance) group is back at it again

    only this time it is this

    that is right folks. a nazi truck parked downtown main street. this is a high traffic area. its a theatre town with a international known theatre and shakespearean festival. so TONS of out of towners coming in to see shows. they fucking see this! 


    “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”


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  • theres no pressure to wear pants in my presence
  • or any clothes at all really
  • but it’s up to you
  • u can be big spoon or little spoon
  • totally your choice
  • i’m always ready to make out
  • aLwaYs
  • also u don’t even have to buy me things just maybe an ice cream cone every once in a while that’s it 
  • i’ll let you lick it though
  • i mean the ice cream cone
  • well not just the ice cream cone
  • I let this guy stay over last night who I met on Plenty Of Fish, but although he was attractive, he really didn’t get me off or give me the sort of quality fuck that I expect. After he left, I knew I needed to do some housework, but I was still a bit desperate and needed to...

    What memories that picture brings back! That’s me, boring old Rhona, second from the left… On my left is my younger sister Kirsty, and on my left is our cousin Margaret, and next to her is my sister Jennifer, and last but not least, on the right of the picture my sister Ailsa, big, loud and full of life.

    At that stage in the weekend, I really wasn’t sure about how it was turning out. I had very mixed feelings about what was happening… Very mixed feelings… I’d arrived late on Friday night. What had happened at the hotel after I got there, had started to highlight for me how different my life was from my sisters and my cousin, all of whom live in either Glasgow or Edinburgh. Then our morning at the hotel spa, and shopping on Saturday afternoon had made it even more apparent.

    Unlike my sisters I didn’t move away from home when I left school, and still live near my parents. I live with my husband Alex, who was my boyfriend at school. I’m the oldest, and I stayed because Alex farmed locally. Then we had children, and then my father became disabled, and I had to be close to help my mother. My sisters all moved to Glasgow to study and work, and they’ve progressed in their jobs and professions. Kirsty and Jennifer are married with kids, but Ailsa’s never married, although there have been a succession of boyfriends, and at family function she always has a man on her arm. The lack of a long-term relationship has never perturbed her, and she’s such a loving Auntie to all oour children. Margaret, who lived close to us when we were growing up, was an only child. She moved away too, lives in Edinburgh and has recently gone through a messy divorce.

    The weekend was in full swing as I arrived, and all the girls had been having a few drinks in the hotel bar. I asked Ailsa where Kirsty and Margaret were.

    'Well, Rhona, Margaret wants to blow the cobwebs out… And Kirsty's not quite the little goody-two-shoes she always used to be…'

    'What do you mean, Ailsa?'

    'They've gone to their room with two lads who are with that wedding-group over there…'

    'Oh my god! That's a bit of a surprise! Two men they've only just met! In the… bedroom…'

    'And you thought that it was only me did that kind of thing, Rhona! They looked quite tasty lads too…'

    'But Kirsty? What about David?'

    'David isn't very - shall we say - exciting… And since Kirsty moved to work at that new office she's been playing the field at work. I know a girl who works there, and she says the men have a bit of a notches on the bedpost culture. And our little Kirsty constitutes quite a few of those notches…'


    'Don't worry, you're safe with us this evening! We're in a suite - all three of us. Jennifer and I haven't seen anything that takes our fancy have we, Jennifer?'

    'Oh no, Ailsa, I think we should go to our room and open those bottles of wine… And we can show each other the little presents we've brought along…'

    We got to the room, Ailsa opened the bottles of wine and poured us each a big glass…

    'Well, I'm going to get some of these clothes off, Jennie…'

    'I think I will too - I feel like relaxing, Ailsa…'

    'So do I… I hope Rhona doesn't mind…'

    'Why would I?'

    'Well, I'm going to be using my little electric friend here..'

    With that, Jennie reached into her suitcase and brought out a dayglo plastic thing I didn’t recognise. She took off her dress, exposing her bra and panties, and stockings and suspenders…

    'Jennie - that's a bit racy…'

    'My workplace is a bit like Kirsty's - so easy access is a bit of an issue…'

    'But Tom?' I asked

    'Oh Tom doesn't mind, does he Ailsa?'

    'Well he hasn't told me when he's been with me - I think you two have a great relationship - very trusting. You both play the field, but you're very open about it. I'd love to marry a man like Tom, but no-one I've ever met has ever been prepared to understand that no one man or woman will ever meet all my needs, and I need to be free to have others…'

    Ailsa undid her skirt and blouse, reached into her suitcase for another of those plastic things, then eased ker knickers down to her ankles, and kicked them off as she sat down on a chair, lifted up her legs and opened them, exposing her vagina…

    'You shave, Ailsa?'

    'Yes, sometimes - depends on what the man I'm with prefers… And how's Alex…'

    'As interesting as ever, Ailsa, but he's my husband and the father of my children… It could be worse…'

    'And how's the… You know…'

    'I think he's lost interest… And I definitely have…'

    'Well, I'm afraid we haven't, Rhona,' said Jennie, 'I'm going to have to switch this boy on..'

    With that Jennie took off her knickers, flicked a switch on the day-glo thing, and started to run it over her vagina.

    'I think I'll go to my room, girls,' I said

    'Oh I do have something you might like…' said Ailsa

    'I'm not sure…'

    'Look come on, big sis, let your hair down,' said Ailsa, 'you work your fingers to the bone on the farm, and for your kids and for the church - it's time you gave yourself a pamper…

    With that, she gave me a hug, kissed me on the forehead, and lifted up my dress over my head… The wine was warming me up… Jennie came up behind me and hugged me too… She undid my bra, and cupped my breasts…

    'Still firm, big sis…'

    I was surprised - as she touched my nipples they became firm…

    'That's a bit naughty big sis…'

    As Jennie played with my breasts, Ailsa was pulling down my tights and my panties… I felt her tongue touch my pubic hair…

    'Now try this, Rhona…'

    She switched on her plastic thing, and slipped it between the lips of my vagina…

    'Now lie down,' said Jennie, 'never used a sex-toy before, have you, Rhona?'

    'No,' I said, as I did as I was told.

    Ailsa slipped the toy deeper into my vagina, and taking my hand, she placed my index finger on my clitoris…

    'Now take control big sis - enjoy yourself' she said placing my other hand on the toy, 'just move it back and forth, and go gently on your clitoris…'

    I didn’t need any more guidance… As Ailsa reached for another toy from her suitcase, Jennie was next to me, stroking her breasts and slipping her toy in and out of her vagina… Soon I stopped noticing what she was doing, or Ailsa on my other side, all of us lying on that big double bed, pleasuring ourselves, the air rich with the scent of our pussy-musk… The suddenly, I started to quiver and shake with pleasure, and stroking myself more firmly felt a big scream pulse up from my stomach’ possessing me completely. And then suddenly I started to gush…

    'Oh my god, Rhona, that's so beautiful,' said Ailsa, 'you're a squirter!'

    'Sorry, the bed's all wet - I didn't expect that! That was lovely…'

    'Don't worry about the bed, big sis, just enjoy!' said Jennie, 'just enjoy!'

    'I've never done that before - that was lovely…'

    'Now turn over, and try this…,' said Ailsa, taking another little plastic item, and squeezing gel from a tube over it

    'now open your legs, and put them on my shoulders like this. Yes, I'm just going to slip this little lad into your bum - you'll enjoy it - now slip the toy in your fanny again…'

    So I started on myself again, as Ailsa worked the toy in and out of my bum. Within minutes, I’d come again and squirted all over Ailsa’s breasts!

    'Wow, girl, looks like you're letting everything go tonight.'

    'Yes, a it feels like I'm letting a lifetime's frustration go… But I am tired… If I go to bed, can I bring this with me, just in case I feel lonely?'

    'Of course, be my guest, big sis… We'll have to buy you a few for yourself tomorrow. And maybe some stockings and sexy undies…'

    However, when I went to bed, I fell asleep immediately, although when Ailsa brought me a cup of tea the following morning, I was already at work on my pussy… This was fun, but I wasn’t sure where Alex was going to fit in. We hadn’t had sex in years, and when we did it consisted of him sticking his cock in me and banging me hard until he unloaded in my cunt… I wanted some of these toys, but where was I going to hide them?

    We had breakfast, and met up with Kirsty and Margaret, who both had big cheeky smiles on their faces…

    'Good fun last night girls?,' I asked.

    'Well yes!' said Kirsty

    'Yes, Margaret texted me and said they'd brought some friends!' said Jennie

    'That's a bit selfish girls! Six between you indeed!' said Ailsa

    'Well, you know these young lads, Ailsa. Off like rockets! You need at least three to satisfy yourself…'

    This was a bit of a shock - might Jennie and Ailsa want some action that evening too? Where would that leave me? I was getting anxious - playing with myself, I could just about come to terms with, but other men? What would the people at church think if they found out? Anyway, it was off to the spa next, where things went to a new level. Kirsty had met another girl from work, and when we were all in the sauna cabin together, she nodded at me, and the girl came over, kneeled in front of me, and started licking my pussy and fingering inside my vagina… I really wasn’t sure about this, but she knew what she was doing, and within minutes she’d taken me to climax as my sisters played with themselves… Needless to say, I gushed again, all over her face… She finished, stood up, and kissed my lips and I tasted my juice on her face…

    'Now me,' she said

    In for a penny, in for a pound. I kissed her firm young breasts, before moving down her body and getting to work on her shaven cunt. I was getting the hang of this, and I slipped fingers in her arse as well as her vagina, as licking her clit, I made her come!

    Shopping seemed like a boring prospect, but we all spent a happy hour in Ann Summers, equipping me with a few toys as well as some stockings and sexy undies. How was I going to explain these to Alex? And what was that evening going to bring, so you can see that as this picture was taken, the feelings, emotions and desires were churning around inside me…

    To be continued…