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2020-11-29 10:32:19

    No one talks about it but i think pewdiepie was pretty racist to indian people during that tseries thing


    Kids in my class would start talking about it and id immediately get anxious because…im part indian. they would mock us. I had to force myself to be okay with it because idk, i didnt see anyone saying it was bad so im just being sensitive right

    But then he in his song he said things like “your language sounds like mumble rap” and people were just okay with it


    Just when you criticize pdp remember to hold him accountable for this too, i really dont want to see yall letting this shit slide bc it was genuinely awful for me during that time


    Hey actually rb this…


    Lyrics from the genius pages for bitch lasagna and congratulations


    Wtf this song is so incredibly racist I can’t even


    What the hell.


    sooooo can yall help me determine if this is a fireable offense


    a lady just came in asking if we have oat milk and we dont so i said “our soy milk is pretty good though, thats what i use in my drinks!” and she looked at me and went “yknow soy milk lowers a mans sperm count” and without thinking i just went “cant lose something you never had”


    youre laughing. i got called a soy boy and youre laughing


    okay to the people confused by this allow me to shed a little light on the subject


    icant fucking breathe


    not be like “ugh the Youths” but i think kids nowadays have gotten Too Comfortable on the internet.

    like i see these tweets on twitter like “hey im 14 and i just got kicked out pls rt so i can find somewhere to stay im in x state/city” and like HOLY SHIT i cannot emphasize enough how incredibly dangerous this is. you’re broadcasting to EVERYONE that you are young, vulnerable, and desperate AND information on how to find you!!!! like i know you meant for that to be just for your friends on twitter but that’s a public tweet!!! ANYONE could see it!!! like I saw it and i have no idea who you are you are not in my circle and yet!!! so like WHO ELSE has seen it!!!


    This girl on among us have me her number and turns out she’s 13. It was like 3am and she proceeded to tell me the name of her town, what school she went to, both of her parents jobs, how she did in class, what her home life is like, the first names of all of her friends, ect. All of this mostly unprompted. The smartest thing she did was ask to FaceTime me to make sure I ‘wasn’t a 40yo catfish’ and she talked about the other kids that she had met on among us this way.

    To any kids out there: I know that quarantine is stressful and we’re all depressed and lonely bu please please please don’t give out your information to strangers on the internet, and if you do there are dozens of safer options than just giving everything to everyone and just hoping for the best

    My little sister is 14 and she gave out her information to the wrong person who shared it somewhere and she can now count on two hands the number of teens and young adults who have asked for nudes and favors and personal information. It’s really worsening her anxiety and anorexia so please I’m begging you don’t give out any of your information unless you explicitly trust the person you’re giving it to.


    are kids really that dumb these days


    It’s not a matter of kids being dumb!

    When the internet was a brand new thing, kids were pretty much kept away from it until they were at LEAST teenagers. Then it was drilled into their heads not to trust anyone online, that anyone you talked to could/would hurt you, etc. But as technology got more prominent, kids started getting access to it at younger ages when they couldn’t really comprehend the messages older generations were taught about the internet.

    When social media was originally kid’s FIRST introduction to the internet, it’s now kid’s LAST introduction. They grow up on online games, video platforms, things that are primarily one way. Things that are relatively low risk (and usually don’t have a chat). They get comfortable with this and sort of forget that people aren’t all like that. They grew up comfortable with seeing strangers on the internet (usually “influencers” who DO share their age and location!) and think that’s the norm and that it’s safe. But it’s not

    TLDR: it’s not that kids are stupid, it’s that people have stopped teaching that the internet is full of people you don’t know with motives you don’t know.


    The worst part of human adulthood is being your own zookeeper


    Like... i have to make sure my meals are nutritionally balanced... i have to make sure that the space i occupy is big enough, and interesting enough, and provide enrichment to make up for the lack of novelty... i have to make sure i get exercise... i'm not qualified for this


    Why would you abandon this in the tags? 


    so apparently my city has a superhero. and a supervillain. who like, do activism. and. my mom. is dating the supervillain.


    i live in norfolk virginia, and there’s this guy called the black widow who lives here

    he does operate kind of like a real superhero, and he stops car break-ins and stuff like that! apparently he even stopped a case of domestic violence once. i don’t know if a lot of people know he exists, but he definitely seems like a nice dude, and he has a lot of articles centered around him

    but. there’s also a supervillain?

    this is Man Man, founder of “AdaManMantium inc.” He is both legally and occupationally a supervillain. that’s not even a joke he has actual paperwork designating himself as a supervillain. he even has a business card

    Man Man is pretty obsessed with “testing” the black widow in a lot of different ways. like. man man threatened to give his (man man’s) cat to a kill shelter if the black widow didn’t solve a riddle he gave him (whether he actually did it or not i have no idea)

    and he also got 35 people to donate blood once the black widow solved ANOTHER riddle which was cool, and there was also this time where he went to a gay bar and told people that if they bought drinks he’d send the equivalent of the money they spent to the westboro baptist church (but since they refused he sent them to a charity)

    one of his more recent schemes included… going to the mayor of the city and trying to get him to outlaw masks.

    the reason im telling this to you. is because

    my mom is dating man man?

    blocked out the private stuff but you can definitely see that its the same guy (and also him cosplaying as. Him.)

    my mom has always had questionable taste in men (she had a crush on onision a while ago) but like. she’s dating an actual supervillain now which i think is fucking hysterical

    so basically. tl;dr. my town has superheroes and supervillains in it and my mom has decided to date a supervillain


    update: theyre engaged


    Black Widow has a billboard and runs around with batons.


    People shit on Tumblr - and I know I’m biased because it’s my blogging platform of choice - but where else on god’s earth do you get shit like this


    don’t blame women for the fact that someone they trusted betrayed them in such an intimate way

    solidarity with my ladies


    for real i’m so sick of everyone blaming women when their asshole partners share their PRIVATE, CONSENSUAL pictures with the public




    I don’t remember the name but there was a case where a woman sued her ex for sharing the nudes she send him and she won because she consented to send him the nudes, not to public them anywhere.


    If I remember the post correctly you can sue people who leak them due to the fact while there was consent to send them, there was not consent for distribution. So sue away!


    Yeah it’s called revenge porn and it’s a class 4 penalty punishable by 1-3 years of prison and a fine up to 25,000

    If this happens to you don’t keep quiet about it. It’s not shameful to be a victim.


    Revenge porn is a crime, know your rights


    What does it take to teach a bee to use tools? A little time, a good teacher and an enticing incentive. Read more here: http://to.pbs.org/2mpRUAz

    Credit: O.J. Loukola et al., Science (2017)


    “Friend? Friend push ball? I push ball. I do good.”


    Bees.  Smart enough to push a ball, not smart enough to not be fooled by a stick masquerading as a bee. 


    maybe they know and they’re just being polite


    Other dimensional beings are undoubtedly amazed at what human beings will accept as human beings too. “But it’s just a stick with a person on it.”




    This turns up on my dashboard. And I read it and am impressed that someone writes exactly the post that I’d write, without actually reading the name of the person who posted it.

    And then I’m puzzled at all the Neil Why’s, and realise that this was me in the Wayback Long-ago.

    At least I’m consistent.

    And, I should point out, we are no closer to being able to spot the extra-dimensional stick “people” who move unobserved among us.