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    Captured rugby player. Best story maybe gets a surprise.


    Jay was the star of his team. An arrogant dick with plenty of talent, he was so sure that this was the match that would get him signed to the national leagues. Unfortunately for him, his jealous teammate had other plans for his arrogance. Just before the match began, Jay was knocked out, hooded and taken to a small hotel in the middle of the countryside. He awoke to his tight, muscular body bound in ropes and with a cleave gag keeping a sock stuffed in his mouth, the look of his teammate staring at him with an evil smirk, groping his cock and chest.

    “Listen, mate. I can’t take any chances of you getting ahead before I do. But don’t worry. You’ll get plenty of exercise trying to get out of these ropes. Hope you like the taste of my sock while you do.”

    Jay struggled for his life. His angry grunts attempted to come through his tight gag. The ropes were snug against his body, making his muscles bulge with each struggle. As Jay soon realized he was hopeless, his angry struggles turned to fear once his teammate started touching himself and unzipping his pants. Unbeknownst to his teammate, Jay could feel his cock harden and create a huge bulge in his shorts. The more he tried to hide it, the harder he became. Once the precum became noticeable, Jay’s teammate snickered and pulled out his own cock.

    “So you’re into this, aren’t you, you sick freak? Why don’t we make this more interesting. If you can get free before I make you cum, you can go. If not… you become my muscle slut until I’m bored of you.”

    And to Jay’s horror… the precum got worse.

    Harvey Kinkle/Nicholas Scratch

    (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Smut, Explicit, Underage)

    As Harvey and Nick are trapped in Harvey’s house, waiting and hoping not to die, the two a crouched behind a wall, bodies touching. Their adrenaline is pumping, waiting for the witches to appear and kill them. Harvey looks over to Nick. Nick looks back. Their eyes meet for a second where time seems to stop.


    “Are we about to die?” Harvey is getting scared, their faces move slightly closer.

    “I don’t know. But if we do…”

    “Yeah.” They both move forward and begin kissing. 

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