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2021-01-11 20:37:43

    A little late evening vent session/gathering my thoughts

    I cannot stress it enough that: 1) if you are not serious with purchasing a panty, do not waste my time. It is not only rude but very immature. I have blocked many so far that tried to scam me and rip me off. If you take my kik (wetsprinkles69) and use it to waste my time, expect to be added to the block list. I do not want your nudes, I do not want to be your master, and I do not want to have my time wasted (especially if you are under 18 years old). 2) if you want a specific panty, you need to jump on it before it is gone - first come, first serve. I do not wait around long for buyers to make up their mind. If you are slow at responding, let me know because I also have my job that takes me away for periods of time so I understand if you are away from here. Selling helps me make ends meet so if you do not jump on a pair, there is a chance another buyer will come along and offer more. 3) because this helps me pay bills, I will ask for reasonable amounts for payment. If you offer me for example $20 for a pair I wore for several days, I will see that as a ripoff especially since many pairs I sell I bought for $7-10 or more each. Women’s panties are not cheap. Plus I pay for postage and other items to mail it out and that does add up. Be realistic on what you offer - I have seen other sellers jack up the price. I want to work out a number that works with your budget but also makes it worth my time and effort. 4) do not expect me to mail out any pairs or begin wearing them unless I see proof of either payment or if you are a returning buyer (loyal buyers I know I can rely on to not jip me when I am done wearing a panty for them). 5) if you are rude, vulgar, or demand things out of my comfort zone and/or rules, I will report and block you. I practice privacy and want to be safe especially from online predators and stalkers, so I do not do nudes, videos, or anything to risk my life, my relationship with my gf, and my job. 6) I try to be respectful of every individual on here so please practice that with me too. I appreciate those select buyers that truly have treated me like a genuine individual and I want to thank you for continuing to treat me with manners and honesty - you are the ones that keep me doing what I am doing and not throwing in the towel. Have a nice day :)