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    <>Marvel Comics #1000: We’re Calling Him Ben

    I feel this is an important addition. He saves so many people on a regular basis that this just keeps happening. And he feels so much for his uncle that the answer is always the same.

    Okay, but what if there’s some hardcore “who is Spider-Man?” conspiracy theorists who have begun to connect some dots.

  • Spidey is clearly based in Brooklyn; that’s basically common knowledge.
  • Peter Parker is the only reporter who has been able to get pictures of Spidey. This suggests some sort of personal connection. Perhaps an old friend, or current paramour?
  • Clearly Spidey must have access to some serious bank, to have had his costume made with no paper trail, and be able to afford medical care after all those battles - again, with no paper trail.
  • The way he fights and moves suggests a background in gymnastics or acrobatics, or maybe even dance or cheerleading.
  • And now, they have their best lead yet: when checking into people saved by Spider-Man, and what happened to them later, there’s a definite pattern among those that were expecting at the time. Their kids, the boys, at least, tend to be named Ben. The kicker, however, was when one mother opted to make her daughter’s middle name Benjamin, with the unfounded claim that “it’s a family name.”
  • Somewhere in Brooklyn, there is an up-and-coming ballet dancer named Ben, who grew up in a fairly well-off family, went to school with Peter Parker, and still gets coffee with him occasionally.

    And he is about to forget the feeling of peace.

    Once you become a certain age, it is your responsibility to unlearn behaviors that hinder your growth as a person.

    Man I cannot stress this enough. The “this is how I am, take it or leave it” attitude is an act of immaturity. We all have toxic traits that we need to work on and as an adult it’s our responsibility to recognize the damage that they can do to the ones we love. We all need to put in more effort in becoming better individuals.

    big facts

    <>One of the little details I love about The Storm is how Lieutenant Jee angrily refers to Zuko as, well, “Zuko”.

    <>Then, after Iroh tells them all what Ozai did, Lieutenant Jee uses the respectful title, “Prince Zuko”:

    <>And then, of course, this scene:

    <>And then this parallel:

    Before learning what Ozai did:

    After learning what Ozai did (+ after Zuko helped rescue the crew):

    <>I’m just a really big fan of their development.

    Avatar The Last Airbender, where even the background characters get development.

    a key difference is that none of that exposition was told <>BY zuko

    it was not him bragging, apologizing, or explaining himself, it was hushed whispers while he wasnt there

    zuko had accepted the futility of explaining himself to others so didnt even try, iroh had to step in to tell the truth and in all likelihood none of them breathed a word this conversation ever happened

    “Crazy Dion” Diamond at one of his sit-ins as a teenager in Arlington, VA. June 10, 1960

    <>via reddit


    All of those people around him are demons

    hey guys! here’s some fun things i learned from this article about Dion Diamond:

  • he did these sit-ins by himself. like idk about you, but i always thought of sit-ins as organized by groups, what kind of bravery does it take, man
  • he didn’t tell anyone about it, like he was no glory-seeker about this. his parents didn’t even know until reporters started calling them up like “hey, did you know your son is in jail?
  • when someone called the cops he’d skedaddle out the back door although he was sent to prison multiple times
  • the last time he got arrested was in Baton Rouge, and the cops were so sick of him that they told inmates they’d put in a good word for anyone who gave Diamond a hard time. (the inmates didn’t take the bait.)
  • he’s still alive!
  • hark, a hero of our times!

    Dion Diamond, original antifa.