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    AU! where Keith is initially bad and he does not need another personality for this. he is also the main villain of the whole season. he always strives for his purpose from canon and talk of friendship will not convince him be “good again” (because he was never be). until the end of the first story arc, he is in the shadows and no one knows who directs the actions of the vexos, but when it turns out, the battle becomes really serious and dramatic. -That's not you! my brother is not like that! - Your good brother never existed. all you know about me is what I Let you know. #bakugan #bakugannewvestroia #bakugan2020 #anime #sketch #cartoon #animeart #illustration #drawing #painting #digitalart #fanart https://www.instagram.com/p/CCCo49QlBYT/?igshid=1ob8zrmiepwqs

    HP AU part 1


    1. the best student.

    2. wants a dragon, like Dan’s Drago, but his dad said no.

    3. everyone is afraid of his owl. Owl name is Spectra .

    4. he thought he would be a slytherin


    1. always goes with his dragon, because "YOU DONT UNDERSTAND WE ARE THE BEST FRIENDS".

    2.he wanted a cool patronus "someone as dangerous and sharp as Drago” (but reality said “o, you mean 🦂” )

    3.his owl is small, noisy and a bit stupid


    1. she has the most beautiful and dangerous patronus.

    2. a good student, but she always gets in trouble because of Dan.

    3. her owl is too proud and spoiled

    I like to understand that Mira is the brain of the team, she knows all sorts of scientific and technical things. and Ace is a random punk who played cool in Bakugan and suddenly !! he learns that his toy is alive and this is an alien planet that his people have captured and now he has to help an unfamiliar beautiful girl to save another planet and he doesn’t understand anything at all and it’s always like

    - do you really understand how to manage this complex technique in my cool bus transformer?

    - YES! I understand! I’m not SO stupid, Mira!! Believe me!!

    * whispers *pppsss, Baron, explain one more time pls😶