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2020-10-29 19:01:47

    Isnt it fun how the people who destroyed you emotionally just get to move on with their lives, pretend you didnt exist, and find happiness while you continue to have recurring trauma dreams, debilitating trust issues, intrusive thoughts/insecurities, and a deep gnawing sadness inside of you that never goes away no matter how happy you are or how much therapy and medication you take for the rest of your life? :-)


    All men benefit from women’s reinforced fear of being hurt for saying no.


    read it again and again


    Understand that this applies even to non-sexual situations. Women are more likely to be asked for favors from coworkers. Regular “can you file this for me” / “can you cover my shift” / “can you finish up this paperwork” workplace favors. Men are less likely to return those favors. Women are more likely to be seen as “difficult to work with” if they refuse to do favors when requested. Being viewed as ungenerous has negative social and professional consequences.

    So yes, even gay men benefit. All men benefit from women’s reinforced fear of being hurt, not just physically, but also socially and professionally, for saying no to anything at all.


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