BTS in the US

    Interviewer: Last question, what does the members like about Rap monster? What makes him a good leader?

    Jin (in Korean): Who said he was a good leader?

    Suga (in Korean): I need 3 days, 6 hours, 50 minutes and 30 seconds to answer that

    J-hope (in Korean): C'mon guys he's not that bad..

    Taehyung (in Korean): But he is tho, remember when he lost Jungkook 5 times!!

    Jimin (in Korean): Remember when he walked in to the dorms and suddenly five was injured and 2 went missing!!

    Jungkook (in Korean): I'ts a miracle that we're still alive after all these years and all the "accidents"

    Interviewer: (waiting for translation)

    Rap monster: ...they can't decide what they love about me the most, they just love too much...