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    Anonymous asked :I’ve been a follower for a long time but since you’re pro choice I have to unfollow, I srsly can’t believe you support that 🙄 asked :



    For everyone who follows me:

    • Please unfollow me and block me if you believe that abortion is wrong
    • Unfollow me if you think getting investigated after having an miscarriage is justified
    • UNFOLLOW AND BLOCK ME if you think a doctor performing an abortion needs to eat more jail time than a rapist


    If you think there is any justification whatsoever for why a 12-year-old should have to give birth to her own sister, please unfollow and block me, and politely refrain from voting for the next 20 years.

    If you think that “some abortions should be allowed, but not, y’know, just using it as birth control,” feel free to support the laws that do that, instead of the ones that criminalize miscarriage and allow rapists to demand 18 years of access to their victims. (Hint: None of the current forced-birth laws allow a pregnant person to choose the option that is least damaging to her body.)

    Oh, and you should also unfollow and block me, because I think you’re also a misogynistic thug who is absorbing oxygen that could be better used to decrease the global temperature.