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    100 NSFW Asks (mlm edition)

    An updated version of the “a shy guys world”-nsfw asks. This version is more inclusive, kinkier, and sorted into categories.

    Go have some fun with your followers!

    —- SEX —-

    1.: When was the first time you had sex with someone?

    2.: When you had sex for the first time, was it intended or spontanious?

    3.: Have you ever had sex with someone with a vagina or boobs?

    4.: How would you feel about being someone’s first sexual encounter?

    5.: Are you a top, a bottom or verse?

    6.: Do you prefer being dominant or being submissive?

    7.: Do you prefer rough sex or soft sex?

    8.: What’s your favourite sex position?

    9.: How often do you need sex?

    10.: Where do you stand on the monogamy/polygamy-scale?

    11.: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?

    12.: Can you tell us more about the the last time you had sex?

    13.: What was the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during sex?

    14.: Have you ever been interrupted during sex? Who or what interrupted you?

    15.: Do you prefer early morning sex or late night sex?

    16.: Name a song you’d listen to during hard, rough or kinky sex.

    17.: Name a song you’d listen to during soft, slow or passionate sex.

    18.: Do you like it when your sexual partner moans?

    19.: Do you moan during sex or masturbation?

    20.: Do you use condoms or do you prefer bare sex?

    21.: Do you prefer water based, oil based or silicone based lube?

    22.: How many different men have you had sex with?

    23.: Are you into threesomes?

    24.: Can you tell us more about the last time you had a threesome?

    25.: What are your thoughts on double penetration?

    26.: What do you think about group sex?

    27.: Would you like to partake in bukkake?

    28.: How open do you talk about sex when you are with your friends?

    29.: Is there a real life friend you would like to have sex with?

    30.: Have you ever had friends with benefits? Are they still beneficial?

    31.: Have you ever had sex with someone else while being in a relationship? Why?

    32.: Has any of your partners had sex with someone else?

    33.: What are your favorite foreplay activities?

    34.: What do you like doing after sex?

    35.: Do you use poppers or alcohol or other drugs during sex?

    —- KINKS —-

    36.: What is something that will never fail to get you horny?

    37.: Do you have a sexual fantasy you would never act out?

    38.: What’s the worst possible time to get horny?

    39.: Do you feel comfortable going “commando”?

    40.: Do you like having sex in outside or in public places?

    41.: Can you tell us more about the last time you had sex in a public place?

    42.: Can you tell us more about the last time you had sex outside?

    43.: What was the weirdest place you’ve had sex?

    44.: Have you ever visited a gay sauna?

    45.: Do you like dirty talk?

    46.: Do you like being called a slut or whore in bed?

    47.: Are you into any BDSM?

    48.: Are you into rubber- or leatherwear?

    49.: Have you ever fisted someone or have you been fisted?

    50.: Do you like edging?

    51.: What was the weirdest sexual act someone has performed (or tried to perform) on or with you?

    52.: What was the weirdest thing that has ever turned you on?

    53.: Have you anonymously sent a sexual ask to someone on tumblr?

    54.: Have you ever posted a nude of you on a website? Did it include sexual actions?

    55.: Do you share your nudes or sex videos with people you know in real life?

    56.: Do you share your nudes or sex videos with people on the internet?

    57.: Do you like receiving nudes or sex videos from potential hook ups?

    58.: Have you ever watched a stranger masturbate?

    59.: Have you ever let a stranger watch you masturbate?

    60.: Have you walked in on someone masturbating or having sex?

    61.: Have you ever seen someone have sex with their permission?

    62.: Have you ever seen someone have sex without their permission?

    63.: Is there food that you like to use during sex?

    64.: What was the strangest thing you have ever put up your ass?

    65.: Are you into dressing up for sex?

    66.: Would you wear lingerie?

    67.: What does your favourite sexy underwear look like?

    68.: Would you prefer sex in the bath or sex in the shower?

    69.: What sex toys do you own?

    70.: Can you tell us more about the the last time you used a sex toy?

    71.: Is there something that you have hidden in your room that you don’t want anyone to find?

    72.: Is there a fictional character you would have sex with?

    73.: What are your hard limits when it comes to sex?

    —- BODIES —-

    74.: What’s your favourite body part on men?

    75.: What is men’s favourite body part on you?

    76.: Which genital part of your body do you like being touched during sex?

    77.: Which not-genital part of your body do you like being touched during sex?

    78.: When you are with someone who has a penis, what is your prefered penis size?

    79.: Would you have a problem with going down on someone if they hadn’t shaved their pubic hair?

    80.: What was the best sexual compliment you ever got?

    —- FETISHES —-

    81.: Do you have any fetishes, something you need to be turned on that isn’t primarily sexual?

    —- PORN —-

    82.: Can you tell us about the last time you watched porn?

    83.: Do you watch porn when you are in a relationship?

    84.: What kind of porn do you like to watch?

    85.: Do you like reading erotic stories?

    86.: Do you read bara comics?

    87.: Do you read furry comics?

    88.: Would you rather be a pornstar or a prostitute?

    89.: Do you have any favourite porn stars?


    90.: When was the first time you masturbated?

    91.: What exactly do you do when you masturbate?

    92.: How often do you masturbate?

    93.: Can you tell us more about the last time you masturbated?

    94.: Have you ever tasted yourself? If no, would you? If yes, what did you think?

    95.: If you could give yourself head, would you?

    96.: Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    97.: Was there a time where you masturbated too much?

    98.: Do you like using sex toys for masturbation?

    99.: What was the strangest object you used to masturbate?

    100.: Where is your favorite place to masturbate?

    NSFW questions to ask based on your phone battery %

    1% How many people have you had sex with?

    2% Can you remember the names of everyone you’ve slept with?

    3% With whom did you first do the sexytimes? Was it good?

    4% What’s the best sex you’ve ever had?

    5% What’s the worst sex you’ve ever had?

    6% Where’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

    7% Where’s the most unusual place you’ve masturbated?

    8% Have you ever been caught doing the sexytimes?

    9% If you masturbate, when did you start, and how?

    10% Have you ever been caught masturbating?

    11% How would you describe your sexuality using only adjectives (describing words–busy, fluffy, squishy, etc.)?

    12% Have you ever been in a queer relationship?

    13% Have you ever been in a straight relationship?

    14% If you aren’t straight, how and when did you realise you weren’t?

    15% Are you out to everyone you know?

    16% Where do you meet queer folks to date? Do you find it difficult?

    17% If your parents know about your sexuality, how did they react?

    18.% Does your best friend know about your sexuality? How did they react?

    19% Describe your first queer kiss.

    20% What’s the queerest shit you’ve ever done?

    21% Are you happy with your body?

    22% What’s the raddest part of your bod, and why?

    23% What do you do with your body hair (pubes, underarms, legs, etc.)?

    24% Do you have stretch marks? Where?

    25% Describe your nipples in too much detail.

    26% Cut or uncut? For girls do you have a preference?

    27% Longest dry streak after you lost your virginity?

    28% Describe your size, Guys penis, girls breasts

    29% Have you tasted your self? Did you like it?

    30% Favorite body part on your preferred sex?

    31% Describe your most unusual/taboo fantasy.

    32% Do you fantasise more about real situations, or imaginary/impossible ones?

    33% Who’s the oddest person you’ve fantasised about?

    34% Do you ever find yourself fantasising absent-mindedly, or is it something you do on purpose?

    35% Do you always fantasise while you masturbate?

    36% When you fantasise, does it usually lead to masturbation?

    37% Have you ever had sex with someone while fantasising about someone else?

    38% Do you have any celebrity crushes that you fantasise about?

    39% Have you ever fantasised about something by accident, and felt weird about it after?

    40% Describe your most sexy fantasy.

    41% How do you feel about BDSM?

    42% What’s your most unusual kink?

    43% In an SM context, do you prefer giving pain, or receiving it?

    44% Do you consider yourself to be dominant, submissive, both, or neither?

    45% Describe your most recent bondage experience.

    46% In a BDSM context, have you ever referred to anyone as “daddy,” “mommy,” or any similar term?

    47% Do you have a kink for any bodily fluids (pee, saliva, blood, tears, cum, etc.)?

    48% Have you ever revealed a kink to someone and had them react negatively?

    49% Do you have any kinks that you’re ashamed of?

    50% How much money have you spent on equipment for your kinks (toys, whips, chains, etc.)?

    51% Do you like squirting

    52% Have you ever come solely from penetration (anal or vaginal)?

    53% Can you have an orgasm without your genitals being touched?

    54% Describe how you like your genitals to be touched.

    55% How sensitive are your nipples? Does nipple play turn you on?

    56% Do you find it easier to orgasm with another person, or through masturbation?

    57% Have you ever had an orgasm that you weren’t expecting?

    58% Do you get off easier from rough contact, or gentle?

    59% What’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had?

    60% Did it take you a while to have your first orgasm, or were you an early starter?

    61% Do you enjoy giving oral sex? Why?

    62% What’s your favourite position in which to receive oral?

    63% Describe your oral sex technique.

    64% Do you find it easier to give oral to someone with the same genital configuration as you (eg., you both own vaginas/both own penises), or different?

    65% Describe the worst oral sex you’ve ever received.

    66% Describe the best oral sex you’ve ever received.

    67% Do you ever simulate oral sex while masturbating (sucking on dildos etc.)?

    68% How sensitive is your mouth? Is it an erogenous zone, for you?

    69% Do you like 69ing?

    70% Can you deep-throat?

    71% Do you like it in the butt?

    72% What’s the strangest object you’ve had in your butt?

    73% Do you enjoy being rimmed?

    74% Can you take a lot in your butt, or just a little?

    75% Describe your most recent experience with buttsex.

    76% Do you like doing stuff to other people’s butts?

    77% (Prostate-owners) Have you ever received a prostate massage?

    78% Do you own any buttplugs?

    79% Have you ever had an embarrassing buttsex experience?

    80% Have you ever pegged someone (ie., worn a strapon and fucked them in the butt)?

    81% Do you have sex with music in the background

    82% Have you ever had sex with more than one person?

    83% Have you ever had an orgy? Would you?

    84% Do you enjoy watching your partner(s) having sex with others?

    85% Lights on or off?

    86% Do you own any sex toys

    87% Have you or would you ever do a gangbang?

    88% Have you ever teamed up with someone and given a double blowjob/double cunnilingus?

    89% Have you ever been penetrated by more than one person at the same time?

    90% Have you ever been ejaculated on by more than one person at the same time?


    91% Post a selfie.

    92% Post a naked selfie.

    93% Tag your biggest tumblr crush.

    94% Post your follower count.

    95% Press ctrl-v, and post whatever comes up.

    96% Tag your top five followers.

    97% Post your most recent Facebook status here.

    98% Post the last SMS you received.

    99% Post the last SMS you sent.

    100% Your choice of question


    yes hello i would like to emphasize this

    disgust is not a moral issue


    i mean……….


    We are also gonna support the pup players' rights to dress however the fuck they want to, too.


    Note. The Pup player in question isn't doing anything inappropriate.

    Every other kind of parade has people in costume who are in character many who interact directly with the audience. It would be VERY easy to find a dancer from a Disney parade with an equally revealing costume (note they're masc presenting and only missing a shirt).

    Its also just as pressing to remind everyone-

    States like Tennessee, Idaho, and Texas are already trying to have Drag catergorized as Sexual in nature. Making it illegal to do drag in public- and with how it's written, non passing Trans people would be considered "drag performers" just for wearing clothes matching their gender.

    Along with "Don't say gay" bills, claiming that being queer or talking about queer identities is a "sexual act" and thus can't be done in front of children. Ie. We trying to make it illegal for us to exist in public (esspecially schools)


    oh hey ofc @broannalmao is a terf :)


    i just want to make it clear that i just blocked about 4 more people for being dipshits on this post and do you know what???

    every single one of them was a terf

    when we say that 'no kink at pride' is a terf/radfem position, this is what we mean. don't drink the terf koolaid, kids

    LGBT Movies You Need To Watch

    Hello you guys! Here’s a list of LGBT Themed Movies I’ve watched and I thought of sharing them with you. If you have any suggestions you can always drop a message on my dm’s. Here goes:


    Appropriate Behavior (2015)


    Beach Rats (2017)


    Beats Per Minute (BPM) (2017)


    Being 17 (2016)


    Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)


    Boys (Jongens) (2014)


    Boy Don’t Cry (1999)


    Brokeback Mountain (2005)


    Call Me By Your Name (2018)


    Dallas Buyers Club (2013)


    God’s Own Country (2017)


    Holding The Man (2015)


    Keep The Lights On (2012)


    Love, Simon (2018)


    Maurice (1987)


    Moonlight (2016)


    Mulholland Drive (2001)


    My Own Private Idaho (1991)


    Stranger By The Lake (2013)

    Tangerine (2015)

    The Danish Girl (2015)

    The Duke of Burgundy (2015)

    The Handmaiden (2016)

    The Way He Looks (2014)

    Tomboy (2011)


    How to teach yourself linguistics online for free

    Wish you were enrolled in an intro linguistics class this semester? Starting a linguistics major and looking for extra help? Trying to figure out whether you should study linguistics and what comes after?  Whether you’re just trying to grasp the basics of linguistics or you’re trying to construct a full online linguistics course, here’s a comprehensive list of free linguistics websites, podcasts, videos, blogs, and other resources from around the internet: 

    Linguistics Podcasts

    Specific episodes:

  • The International Phonetic Alphabet and vowels
  • Constituency
  • Gricean Maxims and presuppositions
  • Kids These Days aren’t ruining language
  • Learning languages linguistically
  • Phonemes and palatalization
  • Prepositions,determiners, verbs
  • Morphemes and the wug test
  • Why do we gesture when we talk?
  • Syllables
  • Podcasts in general:

  • Lingthusiasm
  • Because Language
  • Vocal Fries
  • The History of English Podcast
  • Spectacular Vernacular
  • Linguistics Videos

    Modular topics:

  • NativLang (cartoons)
  • The Ling Space
  • Tom Scott’s Language Files
  • Arika Okrent (whiteboard videos)
  • Mike Mena (classic sociolinguistics papers)
  • Structured video series like an online course:  

  • Crash Course Linguistics (see also this list of companion links for each of the Crash Course videos) 
  • Introduction to Linguistics (TrevTutor)
  • Another intro linguistics series (DS Bigham)
  • Phonology,Mathematical linguistics, Syntax (TrevTutor)
  • Another syntax series following the chapter structure of a free online syntax textbook (Caroline Heycock)
  • The Virtual Linguistics Campus at Marburg University
  • “Miracles of Human Language” (on Coursera from Leiden University)
  • Blog posts


  • How much do I need to know before taking intro linguistics? (Spoiler: not much) 
  • 28 tips for doing better in your intro linguistics course
  • How to find a topic for your linguistics essay or research paper
  • For typesetting linguistics symbols:What is LaTeX and why do linguists love it? (with sample LaTeX doc to download and modify).
  • An open access intro linguistics textbook, all freely available online
  • Further linguistics resources about specific areas, such as sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition (first/second), historical linguistics, neurolinguistics, prescriptivism. 

    Phonetics & Phonology

  • How to make your own paper model of the larynx
  • Teaching phonetics using lollipops
  • How to remember the IPA vowel chart
  • How to remember the IPA consonant chart
  • IPA transcription practice
  • A detailed explanation of sonorants, obstruents, and sonority
  • A very elaborate Venn diagram of English phonological features
  • The basics of how Optimality Theory works, with coffee analogy
  • Allophones of /t/, explained with internet gifs
  • Several good visualizations and explanations of the vocal tract
  • How to type IPA on your phone (Android and iOS) 
  • Various ways to type IPA on a computer
  • Morphology & Syntax

  • Morphological typology cartoons
  • So you asked the internet how to draw syntax trees. Here’s why you’re confused.
  • Types of trees: a sentence is an S, a sentence is an IP, a sentence is a TP
  • A step-by-step guide to drawing a syntax tree, with gifs
  • Distributed Morphology
  • Garden path sentences: how they work, some examples
  • Structural ambiguity and understanding people in Ipswich
  • How to draw trees on a computer (TreeForm and phpSyntaxTree) 
  • Pronoun typology and “the gay fanfiction problem”
  • The solution to violent example sentences: Pokemon
  • Semantics & Pragmatics

  • The difference between epistemic and deontic, necessity and possibility (with bonus modals as Hogwarts houses)
  • Why learn semantics? Comebacks to annoying people.
  • Presuppositions, implicature and entailment, and more presuppositions in Lizzie Bennet Diaries
  • Gricean maxims in Welcome to Night Vale
  • Scalar implicature and a duck gif
  • Giving a shit about Negative Polarity Items,NPIs explained using Mean Girls references, and a follow-up on Free Choice Items
  • The lambda calculus for absolute dummies
  • The Lambda Calculator (software for practising in Heim & Kratzer style)
  • Teaching linguistics

  • Linguistics resources for high school teachers
  • Teaching linguistics to 9-14 year olds
  • On writing an IB extended essay in linguistics (& follow-up)
  • IPA Bingo
  • IPA Jeopardy and IPA Hangman
  • Practising syntax trees using cards and string/straws
  • Find a linguistics olympiad near you!
  • Editing linguistics Wikipedia articles instead of writing a final paper that no one but the prof will read (see also wikiedu.org)
  • Academic/career advice

  • Should you go to grad school in linguistics? Maybe
  • Figuring out if you actually want to go to linguistics grad school
  • How to decide which linguistics grad school to go to
  • How to look for linguistics undergrad programs
  • How to interact with someone who’s just given a talk
  • An extensive list of undergrad and/or student-friendly conferences - apply to one near you!
  • Advice for linguistics profs on increasing enrollment and supporting non-academic careers
  • Linguistics jobs - a series about careers outside academia
  • Languages

  • Linguistic approaches to language learning resource roundup
  • Will linguistics help with language learning? / Will learning a second language help with linguistics?
  • The problem with “economically useful” as a reason for language learning
  • Further link roundups

    This list not enough? Try these further linkposts: 

  • A very long list of linguistics movies, documentaries, and TV show episodes
  • A list of books (fiction and nonfiction) about linguistics
  • A comprehensive list of language and linguistics podcasts, from Superlinguo 
  • A very long list of linguistics YouTube channels and other free online videos about linguistics
  • 20 linguistics blogs I recommend following
  • How to explain linguistics to your friends and family this holiday season
  • allthingslinguistic

    Revised and updated for another year! Go forth and learn things!