I Wanna Fatten The Living Hell Out Of You!
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2020-09-25 10:30:39

    I desperately want to make someone too fat they can’t be moved. Don’t misread that, I didn’t say “to fat TO move”, I said “too fat TO BE moved”. I want to make someone too big to leave their home, too big for a king size bed, and too big for heavy equipment to budge. I just want to make someone so obese they aren’t recognizable as human. It’s all I ever think about, it consumes my brain and I can’t get off without thinking about it. I’m so desperate to fatten the living hell out of a girl it’s driving me insane.

    I want to fatten someone up...now

    These fishnets were brand new. They uhh..didnt fit very well. Which is 0 surprise, my appetite has been INSANE. Im averaging like 5,000 calories a day. Im getting good donations and patreon, so im eating fast food at least once a day almost every day and I allllways order too much. Im getting full enough to almost be sick so often. It's not at all about being hungry. I just want to be so round and full of food that I can't breathe. Pretty much if im not like that im thinking about being like that >.<