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    Little: *crying over schoolwork and ripping up paper and throwing pencils*

    Daddy: *comes into the room* baby what’s wrong

    Little: it’s all too much and nothing is going right and I hate this

    Daddy: come here baby

    Little: this has to get done…

    Daddy: come to daddy

    Little: *walks into daddy’s arms*

    Daddy: you’re too little for that right now baby, come on, let’s get you out of those big girl clothes *changes little into onesie and fuzzy socks*

    Little: what about-

    Daddy: you have some time baby, it’s not good to overwork yourself. Let daddy take care of you

    Little: *nods and clings to daddy*

    Daddy: *turns on tangled and wraps little up in blankie*

    Little: *whispers* I love you daddy

    Daddy: *cradles little and kisses their forehead* I love you too sweetheart


    Time to dispel a negative stereotype.

    Today I saw an ask from an anon about seeing all the beautiful images on Tumblr and wondering if there was a submissive that wore jeans and had short hair. I find this sad. This anon feels that she isn’t a submissive because she doesn’t look like the girls we see on tumblr. It is time to REALIZE that those images are professionally generated, these are PAID models, and those images are FAKE! D/s isn’t a “LOOK”, it is who we are. D/s isn’t size 2, it is a frame of MIND. D/s isn’t high heels and leather. There isn’t a DRESS CODE. There isn’t a weight and height requirement.  D/s is WHO WE ARE at our core!

    I am a submissive. I wear sandals, mud boots, leggings, and hoodies. My sundresses go to my knees or a little longer. My hair is a curly mess most times. I wear make up some days but not all the time. I am not and never will be a size 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 of 14. I don’t want to be. I like me. I am 5’3. My breasts are large and saggy. I don’t have much of an ass.  I have freckles and some skin damage on my face. I have a tummy and my legs are very muscular from years of sports. I have bad knees.  I am 47 and guess what AGING. OMG a submissive that doesn’t look like she is forever 20ish? And guess what? All of this isn’t what makes me a submissive. MY HEART and SOUL is what makes me a submissive. 

    Dominants and submissives come from all walks of life. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist. Blue and white collar jobs. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, bus drivers, tech fields, and stay at home moms. Cops, military, cooks, big business execs and MORE! You can’t TELL what makes someone a dominant or submissive by what they wear or what they do for work. The masculine firefighter who runs into burning buildings to save people from a fire could be the submissive.  The stay at home mom may be a submissive. The high power executive may be a submissive. The secretary at a school could be a Domme. These are just examples of how you cannot tell by what a person wears, or what a person does for work  if they are a Dom or a Submissive.

    What we see is only the surface of the person. You cannot see their heart and soul. We need to stop looking at the highly professional, staged, photoshopped images as TRUTH. They are so far from reality. We need to realize that we do D/s the way it works for us. It will look like YOU. It will feel right.

    This is how D/s looks in my life. I am married, a mom, a school bus driver, homeschool mom and business owner.  I love to cook, garden and serve my family and friends. I wear comfy clothes and live in my flannel jammie pants and long sleeve t’s and hoodies. I drive an SUV and rarely wear heels. I have little tendencies and am a masochist.   I will kneel for him with that special look or signal and give him every single piece of me. And yes, this submissive drives a John Deere.

    I ask you if you like and reblog this very important message to PLEASE add to it. How you do D/s. It is important that we as a community spread the words that the stereotypes are negative and damaging to our self esteem. That the way YOU DO D/s is perfectly imperfect and that is PERFECT! Please SHARE!

    MicheG May 11, 2019


    @babygirl-1972 thank you for sharing!

    This sub goes fishing right next to her Dom @dirtylove88, shoots guns, and I clean up dog poop at work, almost daily. Kneeling for too long hurts my knee, so sometimes, I sit instead. We don’t have sex every day, or even every other day. In fact, because of how my body works, sometimes I can’t have sex for a couple weeks because it HURTS. Sir doesn’t complain. The week before my period, and the week of my period are painful for me. I don’t know if it is the way my uterus is sitting or what, but sex and orgasms cause cramps for me, not alleviates them like you sometimes read about.

    Our D/s might not be “art”, but it is fucking beautiful.


    This is just brilliant! Stop trying to put Doms and Subs in neat little boxes. I can’t answer as to how I do D’s because I’m not owned. But I can tell you that I’m a lady who wears what she wants. Mostly trousers. Very rarely skirts or dresses. My hair is long at the mo but it’s been down to a blade 4 in the past and that might happen again one day. I hardly ever wear make up. If I do it’s just eye liner and mascara. I work in a male orientated field and I hold my own. My hands are working hands and my nails are short. I can vary from a UK size 10 to size 14. I hate needlework. Although I keep a clean house I hate housework. I’m not keen on cooking, at least not alone. I love sports. I love cars and motorbikes. I burp, fart, and I drink beer in pints. I don’t give a fuck! Oh yeah, I also swear! 🤣 I am not a pretty little girl who only likes dainty little things and always acts in a ladylike fashion. Don’t get me wrong here because I do like some girly things, and I do act girly when in the right setting. I am just me!


    @magpie-69 that whole response is why I fucking love you 😂


    @vintagesubwife Hahaha. Thank you sweetie 😁😘


    Here is my contribution!

    I’m in my lazy clothes today - my hair is also a mess and I have bags under my eyes.

    Sometimes I wear mascara, most of the time I don’t. I live in my pjs. They are so comfy, but I dress appropriately for work as is needed.

    I have stretch marks and scars, I have spots and dry skin. My teeth aren’t white, but that is something I’m trying to sort because I do feel embarrassed by my teeth.

    I’m not like the women you see on Tumblr, those women are models, those women are photoshopped. I’m real, and I’m perfectly happy that way. ☺️💖

    Okay, I wanna talk about how much I love gentle doms!

    The doms who like to make you cum over and over for them, cooing at how pretty you look spread out on their sheets.

    The doms that collar you and make you their pet, just so they can spoil you with kisses and head rubs, letting you lay your head on their laps and nap while they read or watch tv or play video games.

    The doms that love to indulge in their subs praise kinks, making you blush and squirm as they murmur all the things they adore about you in your ear.

    The doms that kiss every inch of your body, making you whine and beg for them to hurry up, only to for them to take even more time making you feel so so good.

    The doms that love the soft intimacy of cockwarming, gently easing themself into you and then holding you close as you moan and clench around them.

    The doms that love it when their subs are obedient, who find every excuse to reward you.

    The doms that make sure they get the softest ropes, the most comfortable restraints.

    The doms that love aftercare just as much as they like bringing their sub waves and waves of unimaginable pleasure.

    It feels different when you start sharing the little details of your heart and you feel accepting hands gently wrapped around it. It feels different when you can't keep from smiling instead of your smile being your disguise. It feels different when you immediately miss their presence before you ever say goodbye. It feels different when you feel admired and taken care of instead of just lusted after. It feels different when you feel comfortable knowing your words and thoughts aren't judged, but already accepted before they are ever spoken. It feels different when the important things in your life are important to them too. I want to feel different.

    things I can’t imagine

  • someone having a crush on me
  • someone randomly seeing me and thinking ‘wow s/he’s cute’
  • someone getting happy because I messaged them first
  • someone thinking about me, in general
  • someone wondering how I am
  • someone finding me attractive
  • someone doing something to try and impress me
  • someone asking their friend on what to say to me 
  • someone wanting to get to know me
  • onelittlekingdom

    i was dating someone for seven months and he was my first boyfriend. i had told him that i was submissive but he never said that he was dominant or that he wanted to be my dom. but in the bedroom he was dominant with me, giving me orders and liking to pin me down. the first time we tried spanking i had to leave without aftercare. i told him about aftercare but he never checked in to see if i was hurt or reassure me i was good even when i told him i was feeling really upset because i thought i was bad even when i knew rationally that i wasn't. he did apologize for making me upset. i feel like i was almost like "overreacting" because i had subdrop and he only spanked me and wasn't even my dom. the thing is i thought he was someone i could trust cause he was so nice in our relationship

    April 27, 2021: Tuesday Afternoon

    Good Afternoon Anon. First let me clear up what sub drop is for you, because when you mention that you feel like the fact that he wasn’t your dom invalidated you having subdrop, it indicated to me you probably don’t understand it as a scientific process. 

    Subdrop happens sometimes when a person receives impact or rough sex. When you were spanked, your body produced chemicals that probably made you feel a kind of high euphoria. We refer to this in the lifestyle as subspace. Once the scene ends, and the impact/rough sex ends with it, the body then crashes without being fed the euphoric chemicals, and you experience sub drop. That’s a process that can happen with a vanilla couple who engages in rough sex as well. The body does it all on its own. No doms needed.

    Vanilla people probably don’t know what is going on when it happens, but because we live in a world of a lof of masochistic subs, we know and talk about it all the time. If your partner was young and inexperienced in how bodies under duress work, he may not have understood what was going on

    Sub drop combined with his inability or unwillingness to communicate his feelings led to you feeling like you hadn’t done well. That’s kind of the same mental process that goes into people who get shelved and ghosted. When you don’t get communication and feedback from your d-type, it leaves you feeling anxious and unsure, and the mind will start to create ugly scenarios for you to entertain. Once again, a young or inexperienced dom may not have learned that people work this way yet. 

    This is why you want partners who are good and thorough communicators, so that you don’t spend your relationship wondering what you don’t know, and filling in the blanks yourself. 

    Sorry about your experience anon. This is why we say the lifestyle is dangerous sometimes. It’s not always about huge red flag stories where things went horrible off the rails. There’s a learning curve in relationships, and we in the lifestyle play in ways that can be hurtful or damaging in the hands of inexperience. Next time maybe you’ll be able to help better explain the science of subdrop and why you need what you need afterward to the top that spanks you. 


    If you lose interest in someone, tell them. 

    If you’re not looking for a relationship, tell the person you’re seeing.

    If you’re thinking of ghosting someone, tell them.

    If you can’t handle meeting up with someone after all, tell them.

    If you’re terrible at responding to messages, tell people.

    If you prefer talking in person to texting, tell people. 

    If you’re seeing several people at the same time, tell them.

    If you’re looking for sex rather than dating, tell the person you’re seeing.

    It is not difficult to be a decent and honest, open, communicative human being. Respect those whom you interact with and have relationships with by telling the truth instead of leading them on or being deceitful.


    Protect her. Lead her. Guard her.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re five-foot-six or six-foot-five. It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or fat. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got $1 or $1 million – there is a circle on the ground around where you stand. This is your land and your kingdom. Own it.

    She should know that the moment she steps into your circle, she’s safe. She’s yours. When you touch her she can feel it, so touch her often. Direct her. Guide her. Lead her.

    Put your protective hand on her back and let her feel the safety of belonging to you. When going through a doorway or into a building, or crossing the street, she’s constantly under your protection and guidance.

    Grab her wrist and lead her where you want her to go. Physically move her body. Clear the path in front of her.

    Tenderly put your hand on her cheek and look into her eyes. Tell her that she’s yours.

    It doesn’t matter who’s around. Stop, look at her, and place your hand on the side of her neck. Give her a moment of total peace and solitude of knowing that she’s yours, no matter where you are and no matter what’s going on.

    When you’re sitting next to each other, put your hand on her thigh. Grab her wrist and squeeze it tenderly. Hold the palm of her hand in yours and let her feel the warmth of your guardianship.

    Inspect her body. Move close to her and brush her hair out of her face or loop it behind her ear. Look at her. Check her out. Stroke her cheek softly with your thumb.

    Grab her hand and kiss it. Reassure her. Kiss her on her forehead. Kiss her on her cheek. Show her that you’re always watching.

    Firmly grab a fist-full of her hair and look into her eyes, then look down at her lips. Rub her lip with your finger and gaze at her.

    You don’t have to be in the bedroom to make love to her entire body. Show her that she belongs to you and that being at your side is her rightful place.

    It’s difficult for us as men to comprehend what this really means to our ladies in their deepest cores, and it’s easy for us to underappreciate the magnitude of it. I’d love to hear input and different perspectives on this. And please feel free to add to this list with what makes you feel safe, whole, and protected.


    My husband.

    Ginger's Dress

    Ginger’s Dress

    The orange catgirl waited patiently at the front door. Today was the day her package was supposed to arrive. The doorbell rang, and she pounced, yanking the door open and signing for the box in a whirlwind. Ginger scurried up the stairs with it and locked herself in the second story bathroom.  She tore the box open and carefully removed her prize: a light blue colonial-era dress. “Just like the…

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