There ya go, exactly where you should be. Ya know, any REAL MAN would at the very least argue with me, even physically fight to avoid this humiliating and degrading treatment. But not you. All I have to do is tell you to lay down at my feet and you do so knowing I'm going going to put my big sweaty smelly dress socked feet on it. You're fucking pathetic. You're lucky I don't stomp your face and crush your fucking skull in. You're lucky we REAL MEN let you stay alive for our amusement.


    Here’s some midweek fun for all you foot ticklers! This hot worship video is even hotter with some playful tickling at the beginning.Β β€œYa like tickling my feet? Big ticklish foot!” I love it! This jock has the most gorgeous soft ticklish soles! I would kill to be there working on his hot left sole for him! Message me if you want me to do this with YOUR soles!