Mrs. Shannon Davis and Megan Part II

    (not necessarily important to read Part I)

    God, I had been dreaming of getting a spanking for years when I finally got up the nerve to ask my friend’s mom, Mrs. Davis.  She was really surprised but agreed… confirmed several times that I wanted a ‘real’ one – or thought I did, anyway.  Said she wouldn’t stop until she was ‘done’ unless I said ‘help’.

    ‘If you have to say it, just say it over and over till I stop, just in case I don’t pick up on it – but I will!’ she promised.  I promised myself not to say it.

    ‘What if I cry?’ I asked.

    ‘Well, if you don’t say ‘help’ you’ll definitely cry – are you sure you want that?’

    ‘Uh huh, I’m sure – I just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t stop,’ I told her, thinking I wanted the ‘full’ experience.

    ‘Okay, I won’t,’ she said, but then confirmed for about the thousandth time, ‘I won’t stop unless you say ‘help, or until I think we’re done – even if you cry.  Alright?’

    Of course I was getting more and more nervous by the minute, but I managed to say ‘Right’ – and off we went.

    Thats when I understood her checking all those times – what a spanking!  Owww owww owww yeow!  Oh, I cried, all right – I cried a lot! And she spanked a lot! I was determined to make it through without saying the coward word – and I did – but I really suffered for it!

    She said ‘Don’t fight me, Megan – just be sorry and let go’ because she could tell how hard I was trying (really unsuccessfully) to not let the spanking get to me.  She said that, but then she spanked even harder!

    She sort of gave me another out when I’d already had too much… she started asking ‘are you sorry now?’ and ‘are you going to be good?’  Even through my tears I tried to tell her I would, I definitely would. She also asked ‘is this what you need to help you behave?’ and I didn’t know whether to answer yes or no (so I said ‘yes’).  So I made it, in the end she thought I’d had enough and ‘really learned my lesson this time’ – and stopped.

    Then she rubbed my poor roasted bottom and said ‘so that’s what it’s like…’ and ‘of course, you don’t get to rub it out when it’s a real one’ but I figured that was plenty close enough (especially for the first one! (blush)).

    I thanked her before I got off her lap and again as I pulled my tights back up… still crying some and hiccupping… she said I could lie on the couch or stand in the corner until I’d settled down some.

    I chose the corner and she said ‘put your hands on your head, then, your bottom’s had enough rubbing’ which I scowled at for a second but stopped when she saw me… a thrill went through me at having her tell me what to do and the thought that she could make me – or make me wish I had…

    Once I got home I was torn… I wanted an excuse to go see her again but my butt was too sore to get spanked so soon… I baked banana bread (lol my mom helped and told me how nice I was being!) and took her some.

    Bearing gifts I went over (not over her lap) and told her once again how much I appreciated her having spanked me…

    ‘I would think that should satisfy your curiosity…’ she told me.

    “Well, curiosity and… you know… it probably did me good… I mean, I’m no angel…

    I did sort of deserve it… for stuff… that’s why I really appreciate you giving me a ‘real’ one – I hope it wasn’t too big of a problem for you.’

    ‘Spanking you was no problem, sweetie – especially after you asked so nicely,’ she said, moving the banana bread to the kitchen.  “Why?  You didn’t want another one already, did you?’

    My heart was in my throat – though the answer was perfectly clear.  My hands flew to my still-sore butt.  ‘No!’ I said, maybe a little too fast.  But the words in my head came straight out my mouth.

    ‘But it’ll be a lot sooner than you think,’ I heard myself saying.  I was kind of horrified, waiting for her reaction.

    ‘Well then, young lady,’ Mrs. Davis said, and a shiver ran through me. ‘You had better behave. Or…’

    She paused dramatically and I thought I could imagine what her ‘or’ was leading to… until she said, ‘Or if you have any more skeletons in your closet – that it would ‘do you good’ to have ‘taken care of’… you just get yourself back here and I’ll see what I can do.’

    ‘Yes, Ma’am,’ I said sort of automatically.  Without even thinking, I added, ‘Soon.’

    She raised an eyebrow but I knew the deal was done.

    ‘We can talk about that when the time comes,’ she declared, getting out a butter knife. ‘Are we going to have some of this banana bread or save it for later?’


    WOW! An amazing lady DEFINITELY worth annoying sometimes!

    Mrs. Shannon Davis and Megan Part IIIa

    (currently no Part IIIb)

    Part II is at:

    “Well hello, Megan – no, I’m not busy at all,” Mrs. Davis said.  “Come for some more banana bread?”  (After she spanked me I brought her some banana bread, which we shared)

    That wasn’t exactly what was on my mind.  “You said, um, kinda ‘come back anytime’ – so here I am…”

    “Do you mean…”

    “Too soon?”

    “Isn’t your bottom still sore?”

    Actually, it was, a little – but I hadn’t wanted to wait. “It’s fine,” I fibbed.

    “Hmm, maybe I went too easy on you,” she mused.

    “You did?!?  It sure didn’t feel like it!”  For some reason, I absolutely hated the spanking I got – and wanted another one! But I’d gotten accustomed to the thought that there was no explaining this.

    “Well a spanking’s certainly supposed to last you longer than that…”

    “I… I didn’t mean to be critical…” I stumbled – because I hadn’t.

    “I know I didn’t get your ‘escape’ word out of you…” That had been really hard, not saying ‘help!’ which would have made her stop…

    “That’s okay…” I mumbled.

    “Oh is it?” she asked in an old tone, seeming to ‘turn strict’ (like she did once we’d decided that I needed to be over her knee). “Well there are solutions, you know.”


    “My hand’s not the only thing I can spank you with.”  My legs turned to jelly when I heard this. Her spanking had really hurt (still did, some!).  She continued, “If that’s something that’d ‘do you good’ (a phrase she’d gotten from me on my last visit).”

    I wasn’t sure what to say.  She said she’d ‘been happy to’ spank me ‘because I’d asked so nicely’ – if I asked for more (which is what I was doing) she might be happy to do that, too!

    “Maybe that’s the sort of thing you need?” she prompted.

    “Prolly,” I said, kind of sulky – not knowing if I wanted it, or not, if it’d ‘do me good’, or not…

    “What, Megan – what do you need?” she pressed.

    “That.  Prolly.” I realized I was being a jerk, sort of… when she got real specific.

    “There’s a brush in the garage that would probably help…” Again, my knees went weak and…

    “I need to pee…” I blurted.

    “Okay, you know where,” she pointed.  “Sounds like that’s the right answer, then,” I heard as I scurried away.

    Yes, my panties were wet, no, not from pee.  I dried myself as best I could and came back out.

    Mrs. Davis was returning from the garage, holding a kinda-short, kinda-thick scrub brush.  I felt tears prick my eyes at the sight of it.  She rested the back against her palm, but didn’t do the smacking thing. She didn’t have to – I was quaking. I would have reached to take off my skirt but I was waiting to be told.

    “Um, there’s another problem…” I said, and she was instantly concerned – which was reassuring.  “It’s the ‘escape’ word (‘coward’ word in my head) – it’s too hard not to say it.”  It seemed like if I said it, there ought to be a penalty – which didn’t make sense!

    “Oh.  I see. That is a problem.” Mrs. Hunter said.  “I can only spank you so hard, without knowing that I havent gone too far…”

    I had nothing to suggest.  Actually, I’d sort of terrorized myself with the ‘penalty’ thought.

    “Last time… seemed plenty hard…” I started.

    “Did it?” she immediately challenged.  “I mean, I’m sure at the time… but here you are back. Are you sure it was hard enough?”

    Or am I just freaked out by that brush? I asked myself. “Will you… will you be using that brush the whole time?”

    “Hmmmm… I don’t suppose Id have to…” she said, then, seeing the stricken look on my face, quickly changed to, “I’m teasing you, Megan – I could start like last time and switch.”  I breathed a sigh of relief but she added, “Of course, it would still be a ‘real’ spanking – if that’s what you need.”

    “It is,” I said – I had a lot of things that still needed ‘taking care of’.

    “Hmmmm.  Okay, here’s what we’ll do.  I’ll spank you and add some with this brush – then stop. If you’re okay, next time, I’ll add more,” she proposed, and all I thought was ‘there’ll be a next time!’  “If you get through maybe five of those, that’d probably be as bad as it ever gets – but you can say ‘no worse’ any time you want, and we’ll stop there.”

    By way of reply I reached for my skirt and – seriously close to both tears and climax, it seemed – said “I guess today I don’t get a choice.”

    Mrs. Davis looked like she was going to correct me, but then stopped and said “Not today, sweetie,” and took my skirt from me.  My little tremors became full-blown earthquakes. I was wearing panties – boy shorts, actually – instead of tights like I had on last time (having planned better this time) and I didn’t know if they’d have to come off, or come off now (I was sort of hoping no, since they were already more-than-damp again, but wasn’t getting my hopes up).

    “Let’s try the living room again, Megan – and you can tell me all about what you’ve done.”


    Examining the redness of her bottom Alison thought to herself what a kinky bastard her boyfriend really was. He had told her next time he was going to take his belt to her. She had hated being spanked growing up but now she had different feelings. That aching in her pussy as she went across his knee and he lowered her knickers. The spanking was painful and a little humiliating but the pounding he gave her afterwards was just sheer heaven. 

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