Moon Plays the Ocean Like A Violin

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    I scream every time

    Like. He is ready for this con to be OVER. He likes this girl but he was in it for the money and he knows that’s the one question he forgot to give her an answer to, because no one knows what he did that night.

    The absolute wonder in his face as he realizes the girl he saved has been right in front of him; it’s no longer a con. The money isn’t even in his mind. He’s gone his whole life assuming she’s dead or long gone, that he failed.

    But here she is, and in this moment he’s so shocked and awed, and it’s such a beautiful moment.

    QT Appreciation Week Day 1 - The Thief

    “Oh,” she said in irritation and perfect understanding. “It’s you, Eugenides.”

    I looked down at my dust-covered feet. I was tired, and I felt as light as a cloud that might blow away across the sky at any moment. I didn’t even have the strength to feel chagrin at embarrassing my queen and staunchest defender once again by providing a spectacle for the entire court of Eddis. I’d never been so happy to hear my own name.