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    I am a desperate set of holes

    @masterhunter1996 told me to tell everyone.

    We chatted here on Tumblr. He ordered me to smack my pussy, and being the good girl I am, or course I obeyed. It made my little pussy all wet, puffy and tingly. I thanked Sir, and was told to put my fingers into my tight little asshole. First I put two in, then three, but Sir wanted my pinky in there as well. I made it a lot easier by first sticking them so deep into my throat so that they became all covered in deepthroat slime.

    My ass felt so good, being stretched open by my four small fingers. It was all cut short when I accidentally forgot to call him Sir with a capital S, so now I have to write this and keep edging for the rest of the night. 🥺

    I'm leaving to my friend's birthday party in a bit, so I got permission to put a plug into my ass. It's a nice sized plug with two silicone balls, that have a shaking weight inside them, so I can feel it inside me as I move. I was told to put it in dry. Good thing that my ass was still wet from the throat slime earlier.


    As I got to my friend's place my panties were all wet. I took a bus there, and the plug in my ass felt super good on the bumpy road. I had to go to the toilet and rub my little cunt the first thing as I got in. It only made me more horny, but I am a good girl so I didn't come yet.


    As I had a few drinks, I became desperately horny. I leaned my crotch on the corner of the table, and very slowly moved around to rub my pussy there. To everyone else it looked like I was just standing there, a bit drunk and wobbly maybe, but it almost made me come right in front of everyone.


    I got home drunk and a horny mess. I took out the plug, and replaced it with my biggest dildo. I fucked my hole as I slapped my pussy like Sir told me to do earlier. I got so sensitive and came super hard while thinking about how much I need a cock in all my holes.


    What would you make me do? 🥺 Send it to me, and maybe I'll write a story like this, about how I was a good girl and did what I'm told! (Anon is hot 🔥)


    19 ways to be a better cocksucker

    #1 – Be able to host, especially if he is married.

    #2 – Break your gag reflex by practicing with a banana or a dildo.

    #3 – Never use your hands, unless told to.

    #4 – Look him in the eyes when his cock is down your throat.

    #5 – Learn to listen and observe non-verbal cues that tell you how to suck him better

    #6 – Pay attention to his balls as well.

    #7 – Buy some knees pads so you don’t need to take a break.

    #8 – When he is cumming, keep sucking him all the way through until his orgasm ends.

    #9 – Always swallow, unless he decides to blow it some other way, in which case, let him.

    #10 – Keep his cock in your mouth after he has come, and let it get soft while he comes down from his orgasm. He might fall asleep with his cock in your mouth, let him.

    #11 – When he is done cumming, your are done. Never expect him to reciprocate in any way.

    #12 – Strive to make your mouth a replacement for masturbation. Many guys would much rather cum down your throat than jerk off.

    #13 – Try to make note of when he usually contacts you. And the frequency of when he does, so you can make sure you are available when he wants to use you. When his balls are full, he’s not interested in what else you have going on in your life.

    #14 – If he lifts his legs back while you are sucking him, that often means he would like to get rimmed as well, and your should do that for him.

    #15 – When you are rimming him, don’t stop until he is finished enjoying it, which can be over an hour sometimes. Get used to that.

    #16 – Never touch your cunt when you are sucking him, unless he tells you to.

    #17 – Always provide porn for him to enjoy, and get the kind of porn he likes to watch.

    #18 - Ask him if he wants to take pictures or record you sucking his cock to brag and show to his friends

    #19 – When he is not using you, do not hassle him or bug him. At the very most, you can periodically let him know your availability, but never expect him to respond unless he wants to, when he wants to. And when he doesn’t feel like using your mouth, leave him alone to enjoy the rest of his life.


    Excellent advice


    Which type of cunt are you?

    A. You look innocent. Somewhat classy, but deep inside, you have sick twisted fantasies and it makes you wet, just knowing how filthy you really are. How no one has a clue about it. You know you are sicker and filthier than most girls. Message me and say “I am sick, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    B. You’re a nympho slut. A sex-addict. A cumwhore. Even while you function and do your daily chores, being filled, fucked and used is the only thing on the back of your mind. You pretend to be classy, but secretly you’re a wet mess all fucking day. Sex is the only thing on your mind. You could feel your pussy all day long, if you wouldn’t have to do chores. Just need the right man to use you and keep you on his leash, all day long. Message me and say “Break me, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    C. Humiliation. That’s what makes you cum. Being treated like trash. Being called names. Pissed on. Slapped. Treated like a fucking sex object with all dignity and self respect taken away. You feel guilty later on, after you’ve been used. After you cum. Yet within a few hours, you’re craving that degradation again. Caught in the vicious cycle again and you know there’s no escaping now. You’ll never be able to cum to a “nice” guy again. Don’t need them either. Message me and say “I am trash, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    D. You have a Husband. A boyfriend. A lover, yet here you are. Cumming to rough, degrading porn. To women being used like shit and half wishing it was you. Your partner has no idea you’re here and nor is he kinky or wild enough to use you like this. Fucking need to cheat on him secretly and be used. You need daddy to use you like you were made to be used and cheating only makes this cunt drip more. Message me and say “make me cheat, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    E. No strong father figure in your life? Even when you had one, you were neglected. Making you attracted towards a strong father figure from an early age. You want to call a guy “daddy” before doing everything in your way to please him. That’s how you’ll earn the affection you never got. You’re broken now and you’ve got daddy issues, but you’ve embraced it. Message me and say “You are my daddy” if you belong to this category.

    F. You want to be controlled, from what you think about to what you wear. Tasks and rules complete you. You want to be brainwashed. Corrupted. Left an addict by daddy till the point that you can’t say no, even when you want to. You act normal, but deep down inside you just want to be an owned, braindead sextoy. Once a good girl, now reduced to nothing but a vacant look and gaping holes. Message me and say “Brainwash me, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    G. You’ve always stood up for girls around you. Stood up against perverts. Even against those misogynistic jokes guys cracked around you. You’re not scared of speaking out against men like that either. A true feminist on the outside that’s not scared of letting her opinions known. Vocal about protecting other girls. They don’t know how you go home though and secretly cum to thoughts of men violating and abusing you. How you secretly can’t get enough of being a fuck object. That’s all that you really want, deep down inside. A secret feminist skank, nothing more. Message me and say “Me too, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    H. You love being an object. You’re pretty. You’ve got a nice body. You pretend like you’re dressing up for yourself and you even give men dirty looks when they stare at your legs in a skirt, or those juicy tits and cleavage popping out. Secretly though? You love it, whore. You love that men are just objectifying you. That’s all you want to be for them too. A fucking sex object. Reminded that you’re nothing but holes to get off to. Message me and say “Objectify me, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    I. You love being a filthy race traitor. You’d be a disappointment to your family, if they ever knew what you crave. The more they wanted to keep you ‘pure’, the more you want a man from another race to fucking ruin you. An interracial addict by now. Betraying your own race, thoughts and even your own husband because a dirty dark man’s cock is all that gets you off now. Their brutality is what you need. Message me and say “Destroy my race, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    J. You love being in a risky situation or place. Risk is what pushes you over the edge. The more wrong it is? The more risky it gets? The more it makes your cunt leak. Could be sexting at work. Letting a man degrade you while you’re sitting next to your mom. Or simply talking to your husband about his day while I keep texting you and tell you what a dirty fucking slut you are. Let daddy put you in that position. Message me and say “Risk it, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    Choose a max of three categories which suit you best and let daddy know.


    It's always funny to me how each cunt thinks they're so special but within 30mins of talking to them, you could easily find which stereotype they fall under.


    The only way any cunt attempts to cum in my presence: grinding her dripping, denied pussy on my boot.

    I say “attempts” because the moment she gets close I’ll pull my foot away and leave the little bitch humping thin air.

    While she’s still crying tears of frustration, I have her stay on her knees, take my cock in her mouth, and drain my balls into her stomach.

    Her denial.and desperation enhances my pleasure, and my pleasure is the only thing that matters.


    Degrade me

    I want all of my followers to message me degrading and mean insults. Tell me what a stupid retard I am. Tell me how my cunt is the only useful part of my whore body. I need constant reminders that I exist only to take cock. Please send me lower into my own depravity. Make me feel like shit for being born with tits and a cunt. 


    Please! I’ll read your messages edging in front of a mirror rubbing my useless cung and making my dumb ugly bimbo face


    Public asks are best