While not severe by the standards of the Internet, this is what I would consider a serious paddling, as evidenced by the chalky blue color in the center of each cheek. This young woman’s going to have some significant itching and discomfort for several hours after she comes out of that corner.


    A punishment dress that barely covers the bottom of her cheeks when it’s down. A long stay in the corner, thinking about what she’s done to warrant the spanking. And this twenty year old, whose parents obviously don’t think she’s too old to spank, will be doing what she’s told for a long time and won’t need to be punished any time soon - She hopes. 

    In the meantime that dress will be worn for the rest of the day, performing whatever chores they ask of her, helping to reinforce the lesson.  

    Amanda was all ready for bed at her new strict early bedtime she had been fussing over for so long… Her nanny put her in her Goodnites and that cute onesie we got for her month of regression punishment.

    All that was left for her to do is go downstairs and tell all of our guests her beddy-byes, but Mandy was too shy all of a sudden! Claiming she didn’t want them to see her that way. Little missy didn’t want to go to bed at 7pm and now she didn’t want to spend time with people either? How rude of her.

    A good spanking was well deserved and she would get her wish. No more 7pm curfew, she could spend the whole evening downstairs and she wouldn’t even have to talk to people because she’d be standing in the corner, clutching her teddy bear with her pull-ups down to her knees.

    No bathroom breaks either. I guess we’ll have to lift up that little diaper eventually so she doesn’t leak all over the carpet in front of everyone.

    If Mandy didn’t wanna be the center of attention she should just stop sobbing and maybe we’d forget the bratty girl wetting her pull-ups in the corner and concentrate on our conversations.