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    You girls look sad so let’s play a game. This enslavement wasn’t random, you two were recommended to us by one of your friends. If you can guess which one it was then I’ll set you both free and go take her instead. Get it wrong and I won’t let you go but I’ll still enslave whichever girl you named, and the two of you can start your new lives as slaves knowing you condemned your friend to a lifetime of suffering and torment.

    Shall we play?

    Valerie is accused of stealing tips from the cash register. In fact, Stacy has it on tape! To teach her a lesson, Stacy takes her downstairs during her shift a pins her legs and wrists together with tape then tapes her up with duct tape, sealing her mouth shut and holding her body against a chair. Valerie is all dolled up for work in sexy pantyhose, a miniskirt, and an off-the-shoulder sweater that highlights her big tits. What a gorgeous girl she is. After Stacy connects her wrists to her legs she leaves the room to let Valerie struggle and try to get free. She tries to squirm her way out, lifting her feet in the air and working at those knots. If there’s one chick that our members love it’s Valerie. A sultry beauty with tons of sex appeal. Download her latest video today.  http://www.CapturedSnapshots.com