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    This is legit.

    It’s actually not the same thing

    Because with $1,000, that might be the money you need for rent - $65 could be the prescription you need til the end of the month. Despite being 6.5% of the amount, it could be the difference between you actually eating that week.

    But a person with $1 billion has their every need and desire met. They don’t have to worry about rent or food or medicine. They could fund the research for the cure if they caught a never-before-seen disease. $65 million may be 6.5% of that, but it will make no difference in their ability to support themselves.

    tl;dr It’s actually less morally defensible for the billionaire to keep the money

    “but why do we need to teach or mention asexuality in health class”

    well my guy, maybe so asexual teens dont think something’s wrong w them ???


    and also, because a scary high amount of asexual teens force themselves into awful sexual situations and abusive relationships because they think there is something wrong with them and maybe we could make it so they didn’t do that

    Reblogging this because it’s so damn important.

    It’s just as important for non-asexuals to understand that lack of sexual attraction is real and valid.

    Check out this letter from Noelle Stevenson, also featured in her graphic novel memoir The Fire Never Goes Out! (x)


    It is 2009. You are 17 and you are on fire. You have hair that’s cut as short as it will go, and it doesn’t bother you when people tease you for looking like a lesbian because you know you’re not. You wear bows in your hair and bright colors and dresses over jeans. You know a few things very strongly: that you want a boyfriend, that Jesus loves you, that you can hate the sin and love the sinner.

    You want the world to see you and hear you, but you don’t know yet what you are trying to say.

    It is 2011. You are 19 and you are broken. You don’t wear the bows or the colors anymore and you hate everything about the you from 2009. You don’t know very many things after all, it turns out. You don’t have a boyfriend. You don’t have Jesus either and for the first time in your entire life, you’re alone inside your mind. And one cold night, a girl crawled into your bed to stay warm, but you’re not ready to think too hard about that yet.

    You are trying to tell the world who you are, but they don’t seem to understand. So you pick up a pen and you draw.

    It is 2012. You are 20 and you are going to live forever. The world is infinite and it is all in your favor. You’re sleeping on couches and meeting strangers and drinking beers you’re not supposed to have yet and kissing boys, and it all comes so easy. You get a tattoo of a star and a boy you like tells you it means you’re a lesbian and you laugh about that, but afterward you wear a bracelet over it.

    It is 2014 and it is Valentine’s Day and you are crying because you know that soon you will no longer have a boyfriend and not only that but you will never have another boyfriend ever again.

    It is 2015 and you are 23 and you have been nominated for an award. You are the youngest person to ever be nominated for that award, but you find yourself crying in the bathroom. Everyone has been so kind to you and you don’t want to disappoint them. You are tired and you are alone. Now when people call you a lesbian you don’t correct them, but the word feels strange in your mouth. It turns out that kissing girls is just as easy as kissing boys, but for some reason you can’t kiss her and you don’t know why and you can’t stop thinking about it.

    It is 2016 and you are on fire. You hope you will be the one she kisses at midnight, but when she does, everything changes. You explode like a firework and your heart breaks violently and out of the pieces something beautiful grows. She folds little paper birds for you and you make bread together, and you’ve never been so happy. The world has never been brighter. The world has never been darker. You wear black to Pride and you cry uncontrollably at the joyful music. You worry that they will end it just as you are beginning.

    The next day, you tell the world who you are, and you never look back.

    It is 2018 and you are 26 and you are so, so tired. The fire keeps burning, but your insides have turned to ash. There are blisters on your feet and a rattle in your breath, and every night the end of the world plays out in front of your wide-open eyes. You are going to fail. You are going to let everyone down. Your rabbit heart is breaking against your ribs and you are starting to suspect that you will not survive it.

    It is 2019 and you are alive.

    The cells of your body are dying and growing again every day, and you are always in the process of becoming something new. You’re not sure yet who you will be, but you are ready to find out. You know some things a little better now, and your rabbit heart has grown steadier, and you are learning to be gentler to that soft girl with the bow in her hair who is still somewhere inside of you.

    This is her story. This is my story.

    Noelle Stevenson

    Josey was found 3 hours after they rented the boat, alone, asleep and wearing a life jacket, and he told the police that Naya jumped into the water and never resurfaced, and it's sickening that people are making jokes about it now when a four year old might have lost his mother and that will be something that will haunt him for the rest of his life!!!! Do not make light of this situation!!!! You don't have to like her, just don't say anything then, if I see one more post being like, "I don't like Naya Rivera and she is a bad person who did this and that, BUT..." JUST SHUT UP!! I hope that she is found.

    how to draw arms ? ? 

    holy fuck

    holy fuck is right… but… does it work with legs???


    yes !!

    but how much extend





    finally. i can be accurate


    This is too fucking great to not reblog

    I give it MASCLES



    Okay but for anyone who legit wants to know how to calculate it correctly:

    The elbow joint on average rests a couple inches higher than the navel, so if you measure how long the distance is from the middle of the shoulder to that point then you have the length of the upper and fore arms!

    So if anyone’s wondering about legs too, the simplest rule of thumb is that the length from the top of the leg to the knee is equal to the distance between the top of the leg and the bottom of the pectorals:

    And I wanna stress that when i say “top of the leg” i’m not talking about the crotch (please don’t flag me tumblr it’s an anatomical term) i’m talking about the point where the femur connects to the pelvis, which is higher up on the hips:

    It’s easier to see what I’m talking about in this photo of a man squatting: 

    So yeah if you use that measurement when using this technique you should get fairly realistically proportioned legs:

    But remember! messing with proportions is an important and fun part of character design! Know the rules first so you can then break them however you please!


    Licherally in the midst of drawing a guy and crying at how bad the arms are. Thanks Tumbles

    I only ever saw the part where people started drawing the limbs outrageously long and genuinely wanted to know how to fix that, so I’m really thankful to see the rest.

    Mugshot of a teenage girl arrested for protesting segregation, Mississippi, 1961.

    Her name is Joan Trumpauer Mulholland. Her family disowned her for her activism. After her first arrest, she was tested for mental illness, because Virginia law enforcement couldn’t think of any other reason why a white Virginian girl would want to fight for civil rights. She also created the Joan Trumpauer Mullholland Foundation. Most recently, she was interviewed on Samatha Bee’s Full Frontal on February 15 for their segment on Black History Month. Don’t reduce civil rights heroes to “teenage girl”.

    Putting the full text of the NYT article that the first tweet was responding to underneath the cut.

    Link to the original tweet:https://twitter.com/speechleyish/status/1275990670663012352

    Link to a couple of more serious threads about exactly why the biennial “Durian: the Freakshow Fruit” articles are so annoying:



    Keep reading

    They. Went. INNNNN.

    (The description of pizza is worth your dedicated attention)

    i just walked past the apartment beneath mine and through an open window i could hear my downstairs neighbor crying faintly while the song jolene played in the background and im just like… bitch are you okay…?

    I actually ended up going back downstairs to check on her and brought some leftover cookies I baked this afternoon. she’s very sweet and going through a Breakup Mood™️ after being cheated on. she’s coming over to my gf and I’s annual bad movie night on Friday and she even let me pet her cat named Clarence

    my gf thinks it’s funny but very fitting that our downstairs neighbor was able to summon a concerned lesbian just by playing jolene while crying about being done dirty by a man

    reblog to summon a concerned lesbian in your hour of need


    Please make a post about the story of the RMS Carpathia, because it's something that's almost beyond belief and more people should know about it.

    Carpathia received Titanic’s distress signal at 12:20am, April 15th, 1912. She was 58 miles away, a distance that absolutely could not be covered in less than four hours.

    (Californian’s exact position at the time is…controversial. She was close enough to have helped. By all accounts she was close enough to see Titanic’s distress rockets. It’s uncertain to this day why her crew did not respond, or how many might not have been lost if she had been there. This is not the place for what-ifs. This is about what was done.)

    Carpathia’s Captain Rostron had, yes, rolled out of bed instantly when woken by his radio operator, ordered his ship to Titanic’s aid and confirmed the signal before he was fully dressed. The man had never in his life responded to an emergency call. His goal tonight was to make sure nobody who heard that fact would ever believe it.

    All of Carpathia’s lifeboats were swung out ready for deployment. Oil was set up to be poured off the side of the ship in case the sea turned choppy; oil would coat and calm the water near Carpathia if that happened, making it safer for lifeboats to draw up alongside her. He ordered lights to be rigged along the side of the ship so survivors could see it better, and had nets and ladders rigged along her sides ready to be dropped when they arrived, in order to let as many survivors as possible climb aboard at once.

    I don’t know if his making provisions for there still being survivors in the water was optimism or not. I think he knew they were never going to get there in time for that. I think he did it anyway because, god, you have to hope.

    Carpathia had three dining rooms, which were immediately converted into triage and first aid stations. Each had a doctor assigned to it. Hot soup, coffee, and tea were prepared in bulk in each dining room, and blankets and warm clothes were collected to be ready to hand out. By this time, many of the passengers were awake–prepping a ship for disaster relief isn’t quiet–and all of them stepped up to help, many donating their own clothes and blankets.

    And then he did something I tend to refer to as diverting all power from life support.

    Here’s the thing about steamships: They run on steam. Shocking, I know; but that steam powers everything on the ship, and right now, Carpathia needed power. So Rostron turned off hot water and central heating, which bled valuable steam power, to everywhere but the dining rooms–which, of course, were being used to make hot drinks and receive survivors. He woke up all the engineers, all the stokers and firemen, diverted all that steam back into the engines, and asked his ship to go as fast as she possibly could. And when she’d done that, he asked her to go faster.

    I need you to understand that you simply can’t push a ship very far past its top speed. Pushing that much sheer tonnage through the water becomes harder with each extra knot past the speed it was designed for. Pushing a ship past its rated speed is not only reckless–it’s difficult to maneuver–but it puts an incredible amount of strain on the engines. Ships are not designed to exceed their top speed by even one knot. They can’t do it. It can’t be done.

    Carpathia’s absolute do-or-die, the-engines-can’t-take-this-forever top speed was fourteen knots. Dodging icebergs, in the dark and the cold, surrounded by mist, she sustained a speed of almost seventeen and a half.

    No one would have asked this of them. It wasn’t expected. They were almost sixty miles away, with icebergs in their path. They had a responsibility to respond; they did not have a responsibility to do the impossible and do it well. No one would have faulted them for taking more time to confirm the severity of the issue. No one would have blamed them for a slow and cautious approach. No one but themselves.

    They damn near broke the laws of physics, galloping north headlong into the dark in the desperate hope that if they could shave an hour, half an hour, five minutes off their arrival time, maybe for one more person those five minutes would make the difference. I say: three people had died by the time they were lifted from the lifeboats. For all we know, in another hour it might have been more. I say they made all the difference in the world.

    This ship and her crew received a message from a location they could not hope to reach in under four hours. Just barely over three hours later, they arrived at Titanic’s last known coordinates. Half an hour after that, at 4am, they would finally find the first of the lifeboats. it would take until 8:30 in the morning for the last survivor to be brought onboard. Passengers from Carpathia universally gave up their berths, staterooms, and clothing to the survivors, assisting the crew at every turn and sitting with the sobbing rescuees to offer whatever comfort they could.

    In total, 705 people of Titanic’s original 2208 were brought onto Carpathia alive. No other ship would find survivors.

    At 12:20am April 15th, 1912, there was a miracle on the North Atlantic. And it happened because a group of humans, some of them strangers, many of them only passengers on a small and unimpressive steam liner, looked at each other and decided: I cannot live with myself if I do anything less.

    I think the least we can do is remember them for it.

    I can’t begin to describe how happy and flattered and a little teary I am that this just broke 100k.

    I may be the actual only human being on Tumblr with a post this popular that I not only don’t regret making, but am actually HAPPY whenever I notice a surge in its circulation. 

    I never intended this to gain any traction at all (you’ll notice there’s no sources or anything–this was a personal ramble, prompted in good humor by a friend after I jokingly said that I wished someone would give me an excuse to cry about Carpathia on Tumblr so I could get it out of my system.) I literally expected to get, like, maybe 20 likes and a reblog, from friends, indulging me in my nonsense.

    It just….means a lot to me that it’s touched so many people. I see a lot of tags to the effect of “HOW DARE YOU HURT ME LIKE THIS AND MAKE ME CRY ABOUT A BOAT” that are often really funny, but overwhelmingly the tags on this post are from people saving it for a rainy day, or remarking in a sort of quiet awe that they never even really thought about her role in the story–and God knows I never did, I learned it by complete accident much as most of the people who’ve found this post. 

    And so many of you guys are taking strength and reassurance from the reminder not only that people are capable of amazing things together, but simply that kindness matters and that a simple, tiny act of compassion is never wasted. I’m just really glad to have been able to do that for some folks.

    If I can just add one personal note. I need to emphasize something I only touched on in the original post.

    I need to emphasize that Carpathia failed.

    A lot of the tags and comments have a tinge of…despair, or guilt, or wistfulness about things like this happening so rarely. Or inadequacy, or just being overwhelmed or unhappy about not being in a position to step up in a comparable way. And I want to gently bring up the fact that this is still the sinking of the Titanic. 

    They did not get there in time. They did not save the ship. It can be argued that they may not even have saved a single life; we have no way of knowing. This was still a horrific maritime disaster mired in arrogance and incompetence and a lack of care.

    If the response to this story shows anything, it shows this:It matters that they tried

    Even though they got there too late, even though the ship still sank. It matters that they tried. The difference between making the best reasonable speed after confirming the seriousness of the situation, and the miracle they pulled off–it matters. It makes all the difference. Even if it made no difference at all. Not one of you read this and concluded that I was stupid for caring so much when the Titanic still sank and all those people still died.

    You don’t have to fix the world. You’ll likely be cold and sick and miserable and testy and scared, and unprepared, and in over your head, and entirely too small to be of any real use. It feels stupid, passing out blankets and coffee in the middle of an ice field knowing what just happened. It’s hard to feel anything but useless when all you can do is tap a wireless transmitter and promise help that you know will come too late.

    It matters that they fought for those people. It matters that they cared, and it matters that they tried. It matters that they didn’t stop. If it didn’t matter, you wouldn’t have read this far.

    Reblogging yet again.

    Titanic” and (add names of choice) get almost all the attention.

    Even Californian” and Captain Lord (did they see lights / rockets or didn’t they? Were they close or weren’t they? Could they have acted or couldn’t they?) get more than “Carpathia” and Captain Rostron.

    That’s not fair, and @mylordshesacactus​ has done something to redress that imbalance. I’ve touched on this aspect in other reblogs - because I reblog this every time it crosses my dash, sometimes with comments, sometimes without - and these two extracts suggest where the “problem” might lie:

    By this time, many of the passengers were awake–prepping a ship for disaster relief isn’t quiet<>and all of them stepped up to help, many donating their own clothes and blankets.

    Passengers from Carpathia <>universally gave up their berths, staterooms, and clothing to the survivors, assisting the crew at every turn and sitting with the sobbing rescuees to offer whatever comfort they could.

    The emphasis is mine, and all the evidence confirms it. Not one person objected to what Captain Rostron was doing (it wouldn’t have helped them anyway). Instead every one of them gave whatever assistance they could.

    George Bernard Shaw once said “No conflict, no drama”. I’d amend that “No conflict, no EASY drama”.

    Aboard Titanic” there’s rich vs poor, arrogance vs caution, hubris vs humility, bravery vs cowardice…

    Aboard Californian” there’s caution vs laxness, correctness vs laziness, and afterwards coverup vs no coverup and misinterpretation vs lies…

    While aboard Carpathia”…

    Rostron didn’t question the accuracy of a radio report that an unsinkable ship was sinking and demand confirmation before taking action; nobody objected to him putting his ship and passengers at risk from iceberg collision or boiler explosion; nobody complained about interrupted travel plans after ”Carpathia”, which was headed for Europe, turned back to New York after the rescue; nobody refused to help because it wasn’t their concern…

    Any or all of those things may have happened, because people are people, but they didn’t happen loudly or publicly enough to enter the historical record, so without that evidence They Didn’t Happen.

    Getting drama from an incident where everyone does The Right Thing isn’t as easy as when everyone is snarling and sniping at each other. It’s hard work. But it can be done. Selling it, however, will be even harder, because it’s a bit like…

    Oh, let’s just say that violent protests attract far more media attention than peaceful ones and leave it at that.

    (Makes another note to self. I’ve never written a documentary, but then until I wrote my first animation screenplay and my first live-action script, I’d never done that either.)

    I’m always so glad when this comes across my dash again. I really needed to hear this today.

    I love this post.The story of the Carpathia..This Story on Carpathia.The passion of the writing.I adore this post.It makes me breathe. Id seen the name in passing.But this post.This beautiful rant..this piece of art..It highlights a wonderful aspect of humanity..We Hope. And when we hope strongly enough and when it meets a strong will, we make legends from reality

    This feels important and maybe it’s something we should talk about more. I’ve seen some cis lesbians talking about it and I’ve seen more than a few young women proudly calling themselves “ex-libfems” (although nobody seriously identifies as a libfem) but no comprehensive accounts.

    My own experience is that when radfems don’t know you are cis they will assume they are trans and start throwing abuse at you. When they know you are cis, that’s when the private messages asking for a “debate” and claiming to be interested in your viewpoint begin.

    (Obviously it’d be cool if people add their own experiences)

    (Image shows tweet by JN Wiedle that reads “there’s a lot of great discussion and focus on how white supremacists and MRAs prey on isolated/insecure boys/men on Reddit/4ch; I wish there was similar discussion & focus on how TERFs prey on isolated/insecure girls/women on tumblr”)


    Self-reblog for wider audience.

    they’re using ace exclusionary stuff as an entry point for recruiting too, esp for recruiting young lesbians

    Also they equate terf with lesbian so they accuse anti terf stuff of homophobia, I saw this on a polygon live chat just yesterday, some people started saying trans positive stuff and someone said no terfs allowed or something like that and a handful of transphobes came out to start arguing and the two main things they said were that people were being homophobic and that terfs aren’t a real thing, blah blah blah, so if someone starts saying that stuff that’s a red flag

    most terfs don’t like being called terfs tbh, so they’ll act like the word itself is some meaningless strawman, or they’ll claim the word is homophobic towards lesbians, and instead go by dogwhistles like gender critical

    They’ll also take advantage of newly out trans men (while erasing their gender identity and treating them as just confused lesbians, so using the same tactics they would on cis women), which is why you end up with a lot of trans men spouting terf-y rhetoric. I wrote a more in-depth post about that here

    Not trying to make this all about trans men but more saying that I’ve experienced terfs use these tactics and it’s obvious they use the same tactics on cis women, so here’s some things to watch out for

    Most bi discourse is TERF/radfem idiocy wrapped up in “you didn’t know better but now you know :)”. Take the whole butch/dyke conversation. “lesbian only terms” anyone over 30 would instantly call bullshit, but you tout it enough at 13-25 year olds and you’ve got a heard of up and coming voices saying ignorant stuff because they were bad faith informed.

    It’s exactly how “queer is a slur” came to be a tumblr wide phrase. Anyone 30 and up would immediately go “uhm we took that for ourselves and it’s the preferred term”, but, again, you bad faith inform a bunch of shy, overly eager, isolated teens and you’ve got up and coming voices enforcing radfem ideology–but it’s even better because these voices claim to hate hate hate radfems and TERFs, so this idea had nooooothing to do with them. It’s easy to spread your ideology when you convince someone else it’s their ideology and has nothing to do with you, a person they supposedly hate. 

    ten inch dick aka longer than my forearm


    i know there are some writers who follow me


    take note


    I believe the average is 6 inches? The longest is 14, an he suffers dizziness when he gets a boner, and even though he’s heterosexual, he can only have sex with men (or anally with women) as his cock can’t fit in a vagina.

    So writers, take note.


    jesus h. christ


    I once had a boyfriend who was quite well-endowed, and that was some painful, annoying shit right there (especially with a selfish dude who didn’t really think about that/blamed me for being “tiny,” what the fuck). The average vagina is 3-4 inches deep, though some women may have a depth of 6-7 inches.

    Of course, a lady’s Sarlaac Pit is designed to accomodate rather large things. That does not, however, mean that it is comfortable orfun to have those large things in your hermetically-sealed shame basket, not to mention have it ramming repeatedly against your cervix. Ow fucking ow.

    Contrary to popular belief, bigger is NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

    A rectum can be between 5-7 inches deep. A pliable dildo could push past that, taking that sharp curve into the large intestine, if you’re patient and flexible and you have a lot of lube at your disposal. And you don’t mind things being in your INTESTINES, oh my God. A hard dick, however, that isn’t so bendy, would be another story entirely.

    So if you’re shooting for realistic sex and your bottom isn’t into pain, you may want to reconsider giving your top anything over 7-8 inches of dick. 10+ inches might sound awesome but like Communism, for most people at least, it’s better in theory than it is in practice.

    This very NSFW and TMI-imbued post brought to you by all the fucks I do not give.

    Oh and if anyone accuses me of kink shaming I will find you and I will skin you.


    ive learned a lot today omg


    i think the last of my innocence just got killed reading this


    I reblogged this yesterday but I just have to reblogg again for ^

    Just a heads up that 6 inches isn’t the average, 6 inches is considered a big dick

    The average penis size is between 3 to 5 inches when flaccid and 4 to 6 inches when hard



    Here’s approximately what the *exactly average* (according to wikipedia) 5.17″ length by 4.59″ circumference erect adult human penis looks like.

    (the scrotum size was a bit harder to get a read on but I tried my best with the 2″x.8″x1.2″ balls)

    Desktop Hard Drive for scale.

    I feel like anyone who likes dicks and sex should be informed about this

    My cervix was not meant to be railed

    Thanks for the Anatomy lesson. You learn something new every day.

    Reblogging for Hermetically Sealed Shame Basket

    So being a demisexual and liking acturate descriptions i knew some of this in a plain way.This post REAALLLY spells it out