the world would be better if women were fake plastik and brainless

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2021-11-28 20:19:24

    Yes, they are very heavy but isn't this part of the fun? You have these tits now and there is nothing you can do to change this. You have to get used to them.

    You don't feel comfortable to be seen with them in public? I gave you these tits for a reason. I want it to be impossible for you to hide them, so everybody will see in the very first second, what kind of person you are now.

    Yes, I will never give you permission to play with them yourself. You carry them just for my pleasure.


    A modern art piece, criticizing our unrealistic beauty standards. Reflecting our twisted minds back at us…

    She groaned as she stared at her hugely swollen chest. The skin of her breasts, stretched thin over implants that would have been too big for her, even if they weren’t filled to four times their normal capacity. She could hear her tortured breasts softly creak with every breath she took.

    “Ughhh… I’m going to fucking explode…” she thought “but why does it feel so good?”


    Make me your own personal exhibit.