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    Which type of cunt are you?

    A. You look innocent. Somewhat classy, but deep inside, you have sick twisted fantasies and it makes you wet, just knowing how filthy you really are. How no one has a clue about it. You know you are sicker and filthier than most girls. Message me and say “I am sick, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    B. You’re a nympho slut. A sex-addict. A cumwhore. Even while you function and do your daily chores, being filled, fucked and used is the only thing on the back of your mind. You pretend to be classy, but secretly you’re a wet mess all fucking day. Sex is the only thing on your mind. You could feel your pussy all day long, if you wouldn’t have to do chores. Just need the right man to use you and keep you on his leash, all day long. Message me and say “Break me, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    C. Humiliation. That’s what makes you cum. Being treated like trash. Being called names. Pissed on. Slapped. Treated like a fucking sex object with all dignity and self respect taken away. You feel guilty later on, after you’ve been used. After you cum. Yet within a few hours, you’re craving that degradation again. Caught in the vicious cycle again and you know there’s no escaping now. You’ll never be able to cum to a “nice” guy again. Don’t need them either. Message me and say “I am trash, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    D. You have a Husband. A boyfriend. A lover, yet here you are. Cumming to rough, degrading porn. To women being used like shit and half wishing it was you. Your partner has no idea you’re here and nor is he kinky or wild enough to use you like this. Fucking need to cheat on him secretly and be used. You need daddy to use you like you were made to be used and cheating only makes this cunt drip more. Message me and say “make me cheat, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    E. No strong father figure in your life? Even when you had one, you were neglected. Making you attracted towards a strong father figure from an early age. You want to call a guy “daddy” before doing everything in your way to please him. That’s how you’ll earn the affection you never got. You’re broken now and you’ve got daddy issues, but you’ve embraced it. Message me and say “You are my daddy” if you belong to this category.

    F. You want to be controlled, from what you think about to what you wear. Tasks and rules complete you. You want to be brainwashed. Corrupted. Left an addict by daddy till the point that you can’t say no, even when you want to. You act normal, but deep down inside you just want to be an owned, braindead sextoy. Once a good girl, now reduced to nothing but a vacant look and gaping holes. Message me and say “Brainwash me, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    Think I missed out on a category? Let me know and I’ll put that up too. Choose a max of two categories which suit you best and let daddy know.


    So I’m adding four new categories, based on popular demand.

    G. You’ve always stood up for girls around you. Stood up against perverts. Even against those misogynistic jokes guys cracked around you. You’re not scared of speaking out against men like that either. A true feminist on the outside that’s not scared of letting her opinions known. Vocal about protecting other girls. They don’t know how you go home though and secretly cum to thoughts of men violating and abusing you. How you secretly can’t get enough of being a fuck object. That’s all that you really want, deep down inside. A secret feminist skank, nothing more. Message me and say “Me too, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    H. You love being an object. You’re pretty. You’ve got a nice body. You pretend like you’re dressing up for yourself and you even give men dirty looks when they stare at your legs in a skirt, or those juicy tits and cleavage popping out. Secretly though? You love it, whore. You love that men are just objectifying you. That’s all you want to be for them too. A fucking sex object. Reminded that you’re nothing but holes to get off to. Message me and say “Objectify me, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    I. You love being a filthy race traitor. You’d be a disappointment to your family, if they ever knew what you crave. The more they wanted to keep you ‘pure’, the more you want a man from another race to fucking ruin you. An interracial addict by now. Betraying your own race, thoughts and even your own husband because a dirty dark man’s cock is all that gets you off now. Their brutality is what you need. Message me and say “Destroy my race, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    J. You love being in a risky situation or place. Risk is what pushes you over the edge. The more wrong it is? The more risky it gets? The more it makes your cunt leak. Could be sexting at work. Letting a man degrade you while you’re sitting next to your mom. Or simply talking to your husband about his day while I keep texting you and tell you what a dirty fucking slut you are. Let daddy put you in that position. Message me and say “Risk it, daddy” if you belong to this category.

    Think I missed out on a category? Let me know and I’ll put that up too. Choose a max of thre
    e categories which suit you best and let daddy know.


    C H. I am trash, objectify me, daddy.


    B and G Me too Daddy


    B & C


    I want someone who will

    • Abuse me
    • Control my diet
    • Pick all my outfits
    • Make me wear nothing but a skirt cut way too short and a sheer blouse when I have an important meeting or family dinner to go to
    • Cum in my pussy and ass and don't let me wear panties before I have to go out
    • Gaslight me
    • Hit me and tell me it's all my fault for being a disgusting whore
    • Piss on me
    • Control when and where I piss, even if I'm in front of friends
    • Share me to whoever you want
    • Make me fuck whatever you want and then make fun of me for being such a disgusting whore
    • Make me suck you off while playing your video games, or make me suck you and your friends off when there over but never give me any attention, don't even look at me because I'm not a person just a cock sleeve
    • Bring your ugliest and oldest friend over, hell only fuck my mouth and tell me it's because I'm to ugly and gross to have him
    • Tell me not to cum in an impossible situation, and then make me cum over and over and over again till I almost pass out as punishment
    • Make me fear having an orgasm
    • Make me wear a remote vibrator in public and turn it on whenever I talk to someone
    • Only let me make phone calls to work or family when your fucking me, mocking me after for the lame excuses I had to make for what the slapping sound was
    • Force whatever you want up my cunt before I go out
    • Cover me in clamps/clothespins before yanking them off
    • Make a video of me and then blackmail me into making more videos to blackmail me with
    • Fuck my ass without stretching it, laugh at me as I try to squirm away and cry

    It’s Harmless

    Don’t feel guilty, watching filthy porn doesn’t make you a bad feminist. You’re just exploring your sexuality. It feels so good to mindlessly scroll through degrading filth while you rub your wet pussy—how could that possibly be wrong?

    There’s nothing wrong with connecting the pleasure you feel to the images you see, it won’t actually change you

    It’s perfectly natural when your pussy throbs from seeing other women debase themselves to amuse others

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting perverts to use you as jerkoff material

    It’s okay, you’re still a feminist if you fantasize about being owned

    There’s no way spending hours edging & sexting with other perverts could change you

    You’re still the same strong, independent, ambitious feminist as you were when you began

    Or are you?


    Good girls part their lips

    Open your mouth.

    Yes, you.


    That’s better.

    Keep it that way.

    You’re better that way.

    Good girls always part their lips.

    Parting your lips sends a signal that your mouth needs occupying.

    Parting your lips sends a signal that you’re not to be taken seriously.

    Parting your lips makes you look dumber.

    Parting your lips makes you feel dumber.

    You’re looking dumber right now.

    You’re feeling dumber too, aren’t you?

    Good girl.

    Now open wide.

    Make your face about cock.

    Make yourself a place for cock.

    Keep it open.

    Count down from 10, slowly.

    9, 8, 7…

    6, 5. 4…

    3, 2, 1…

    Good girl.

    Drooling makes you look brainless.

    Drooling makes your brains leak away.

    You look so dumb right now.

    You feel so dumb right now.

    Now stick your tongue out, and tell me you’re dumb.

    Out loud.

    Did you hear how dumb you sound?

    Do you know how dumb you look?

    You’re better that way.

    You know you’re better that way.

    You know that girls are better with broken brains.

    Now let your mouth close a little.

    But keep your lips parted.

    Good girls always keep their lips parted.

    You always keep your lips parted.

    Your face is about cock now.

    Your face is a place for cock now.

    You are a place for cock now.

    You look dumb and ready to drop now.

    So never, ever close your mouth.


    Reminder: Every time you see this, stop what you’re doing, read it, do it. Until it becomes natural. Until it becomes normal.


    Be a good girl like @aoififi and start making this your new normal today.

    Soon, you’ll wonder how you were ever any other way.


    Female self humiliation

    I’m such a fucking idiot.
    I tried to force those thoughts out of my mind. It wasn’t helpful. I couldn’t just wallow in frustration and self-flagellation. I needed to think and keep a clear head. There was a way out of this, I knew it. I just needed to figure out what it was.
    I’m so
    Admittedly, I hadn’t planned ahead enough. I knew this was the last place Jill had been seen before she vanished, and after staking it out for a day, it seemed abandoned. So I waited until it was dark and I slipped inside. That was clearly a mistake. I was overconfident and too impetuous. I realized that now.
    I’m just
    a dumb girl.
    I really needed to stop thinking like that. Yes, they’d spotted me, jumped me, knocked me out and restrained me up before I knew what was happening. Yes, I’d had to endure them literally cutting the clothes off of me while I was tied up and helpless. Yes, I was stuck here now, naked, with no idea of what they had planned for me, with nobody coming to help me.
    I’m a st
    upid fucking cunt.
    God, it’s kind of true, isn’t it? What had I been thinking? Something happens to my best friend, and I just wander in here, thinking I’m some kind of hero. Don’t call the cops or anything, just rush in on your own. Really smart, Kendra. 

    I’m such a bimbo.
    I had never really thought of it that way, but… I guess I kind of am, aren’t I? I mean, I’ve never been the smartest girl around. And now I’m here, tied up in this attic, with my tits all hanging out…
    I’m a brainless slut.
    I am. I really am. God, it’s so weird that it’s only now, here, of all places, that I’m finally realizing all this. It’s like all this stuff is occurring to me for the first time, but… it’s so true, I don’t know how I never realized. I’m such a slut. God, I’m getting wet right now just thinking about what a slut I am! Holy shit, what’s wrong with me?
    Fucking is all I’m good for.
    Yes. Absolutely. That’s it. That’s what I’m for. That’s why they kept me here, why they tied me up like this, why they stripped me. To fuck me. It’s why I’m here, why I exist. To fuck. Oh, god. Fuck, I’m so hot…
    I’m a brainless fucktoy.
    Fucktoy. Yes. Oh god. That’s all I am. Just a doll to fuck. Just an object. Oh my god, yes. Fuck, I want it. I want it so bad. I’m such a dumb little fuckpuppet. Oh god I hope somebody comes in here soon and fucks me, fucks me hard. Rams their cock into me right here, just like this. Fucks my stupid little brains right out…
    I’ll do anything I’m told.
    Anything. Anything. I’ll be a good fuckdoll. Anything. Oh god yes. Oh god someone’s coming yes please yes I’m so wet and ready and I need it need it so bad yes please fuck me yes just like that yes yes yessssss…


    College for Cunts

    In the new world, cunts are still allowed to attend college, its just a very different experience than before. Men go to college to become educated, get careers, and contribute to the betterment of society. Bitches are too dumb for such things, so they go to learn the only thing they’ll ever be good at: how to be a better cum dump.

    All bitches can be sent to attend once they turn 18. All of their Professors are, of course, Male. But sororities have evolved into places where obedient Patriarchy sluts, referred to as “Big Sluts” can help in the training of “Little Sluts” as well. Their motto is “The bigger the slut, the better!”

    They are required to dress in uniform–skimpy, slutty versions of high school dress that show off their tits and ass spectacularly. They occupy the same building as the Men who learn as well, so as to become accustomed to being degraded, groped, and fucked by random Men.

    Most will have at the very least several abortions if they are not spayed by the time they graduate Slut Academy.

    If a slut is late to class because the Men decided to gangbang her and she shows up dishevelled and cum-soaked with a ripped uniform and messy make up, she will be punished in a variety of ways including: spanking with a ruler, mounting on the punishment poll (A pole with a large dildo on the end) accompanied by a dunce hat and sometimes placed in the middle of the hall to be fucked and humiliated more, or being installed as a public cum dump in the Men’s bathroom for a period of time.

    It is always stressed to them that it is THEIR fault if a Man fucks them. THEIR fault if a Man ruins their uniform or makes them late. And they are to grovel and beg for forgiveness for their indiscretion before their punishment.

    They are taught that it is a Man’s RIGHT to grope and fuck them and they are encouraged to feel bad about it, for guilt is how they know they are learning. They should always be ashamed of their sexuality because it is inferior and less important than a Man’s.

    Despite this, they are trained to edge relentlessly and always keep their cunts wet, horny, and eager to please. A slut’s life should be spent in a constant state of lust and guilt. She should feel bad about herself as her body spasms with her climax as she’s gangbanged by strangers because her orgasm is inferior.

    Humiliation is a powerful tool and Men want sluts to be constantly humiliated by themselves. They should be able to reach orgasm simply by being called degrading names and spit on.

    Men are encouraged to manipulate them. Get one to send you forbidden nudes, promise you won’t post them to the Slut Wall, and then after you’ve fucked her, humiliate her by posting them and having her punished. She’s weak for disobeying the rules and she should grovel and beg your forgiveness.

    Men have COMPLETE control over the bitches. They could demand a whore break the rules and she will be forced to and be punished for it. The goal is to make them sluts for pain, punishment, being used, abused, and degradation. Thats why they’re kept in a constant state of lust while it happens.

    Fraternity parties are one of the best places for this. Sluts will be required to buttchug alcohol to get them good, loose, and extra slutty, and then will usually end up 100% pregnant by the end of the night after having been passed around and used by EVERY Man there.

    They are often found, passed out, in humiliating positions the next morning. Face down, ass up with half empty beer bottles shoved up their whoreholes, shoved in garbage cans, left behind dumpsters, etc.

    All the better to teach them how inferior they are. They all will have orgasmed more times than they can count during the night.

    Welcome to Slut Academy


    I need to transfer


    I volunteer as tribute... :3


    I’ve seen a lot of posts on my dash tonight about users who are threatening suicide, with other Tumblr members posting in effort to try to get ahold of them. I think you all should see this:


    1. Scroll to the top of your dashboard.

    2. See the circular question mark icon at the top? It’s the third one over from your home symbol. Click on that, and a screen similar to the one in the picture will come up.

    3. Where you can type in questions, the box with the magnifying glass at the top, type in the word “suicide.”

    4. Click on the first link that shows up. It should say, “Pass the URL of the blog on to us.”

    5. Type in the user’s URL and tell Tumblr admin that the user is contemplating suicide and has posted a message indicating that they are going through with it or will be attempting. Hit send! Tumblr administration will perform a number of actions to contact the user and take the necessary steps to prevent the suicide.


    Reblog this to keep other users aware. Suicide isn’t a joke, and neither is someone’s life. If you didn’t know this, someone else may not, either. Pass it on.


    why on earth doesn’t this have more notes


    I actually had to do this once. She lived.


    if you scroll past this on your dash you are absolutely heartless.


    Reblog this!! This can save somebody’s life!




    do not scroll down.




    may I just update this?

    see the little thing that says help?


    Don’t ever scroll past this post. FUCKING NEVER SCROLL PAST!!!




    Anyone know where it is on mobile ???


    You report the user, choose “something else”, scroll down and choose “suicide or self harm”





    Please don’t scroll past this post, you could save someone’s life.


    Never forget, this could save someone. Anyone. To anyone who does not support this, leave my blog now.


    I’ve lost too many people to this. Definitely an important read.


    Chastity for white bitches like us, its so beautiful. Weak. Pink. Locked up. A gurl isnt cute unless shes caged. Once she has given up and locked her clitty away, she is truly free. The longer she stays caged, the hornier and dirtier she gets. Once she realizes her pussy is her only sex organ, that she can only cum through anal stimulation, she is finally free. Once youve spent weeks in a clitty cage, riding your toys, taking dicks, youll do anything to cum. Your clitty leaks and begs to squirt as you slam the biggest dicks deep into your hungry cunt.

    If you want a gurl to earn good money for you, cage and lock her. She will be milking dicks with her hole on a constant, non-stop basis just to give herself release. This is how you train a bitch to use her pussy.

    Lock her clit. Put a wireless bluetooth vibrator deep in her boi-cunt, then plug her hole. Give her lsd or an equivelent drug. Place her alone in a dark room playing hypno videos on a big screen. Put her headphones on so she can hear the words and sounds. Turn on the vibrator. Leave her like that for days. Feed her only your cum as a food source during this time. This is hiw you train a hoe. This is how I was trained. I want more 💜


    I want to be trained like this.