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    Still I'd be cautious with the beast stuff on Twitter. They pretty lax but they also can't just have beastialitt on their site or they'll end up like Tumblr with bots

    if you are talking about the worgen post, they are humanoid in other word not beasts. Even patreon allows worgen on their page. Don’t ask me why, its just how it is.


    Seriously would you just shut the fuck up. Shut up. SHUT UP. Nobody gives a shit about what you think, always being edgy and negative about everything. Maybe you should divert some of that criticism to your own work because it could really use improvement. Thank you and fuck off. For the love of god please, please fuck off.

    Normally when someone sends an ask they wanna know =P, I don’t see reason saying more than if you don’t like me just unfollow me, thats the best I can do for you. My animations could certainly be better, more or less every other animator I know is better than me so yeah... Don’t worry I’ll soon be gone for tumblr tho.


    Thoughts on blizzard abandoning ship with HotS? That kinda ruined my day yesterday. Also I call twatter, a twatter, too, and also because the site is bad(still gonna try using it to spread my drawings around tho).

    I mean everyone should know that HotS is the unloved Blizzard child, there no way around that. It came way to late and had to many problems when it first came, but how they handled this was really poor. They should have kept it for next year but made major cuts so all the pro players and casters etc had time to change to something else. Knowing that you are unemployed 10 days before xmas really messes with your mind, I feel really sorry for all those people. I will still keep playing HotS tho, there is no way I’m gonna play LoL and have 2 people afk in my team and the game still lasts 1½ hours...


    Hey just fair wanting Twitter is pretty lax with nsfw as long as it does have nsfw content tagged but they don't allow beast stuff. Just a fyi if you post it then suddenly wonder why you're banned. Not many places accept beast stuff. They're pretty lax on loli though to an extent so there's that.

    I most likely will not be posting sex animations on twatter, I feel its way to of a public website for that, as for now its just for random pics and nudity animations that don’t really fit anywhere else. I guess you can see it as a whats to come or preview page for my animations.


    Hey so I also got instabanned, just send them a thing saying "Hey I'm not a bot, and I don't have a phone number to use on twatter" and they'll unban you just like that. Happened to me, fixed in a day. I'd love to see you there!

    “twatter”, LOL! Just beacuse you made my day anon I will try, but i doubt it will be that easy. They seem to be morons over at twitter.


    Hello ! I apologize in advance for my english, it's not my original language. ^^' I just wanted to say that I have been with you for a long time now and that your work is really great. I learned like most people what Tumblr was going to do and it's really completely stupid. -_- I hope that those who made this decision will bite their fingers. I also hope that, despite that, you will continue your work. :) Good luck for the future !

    Hello, your english is better than mine haha. I mean its what going to happen, yes it sucks but what can I do more then move on? I will not be stopping to make animations and I have a few more models I wanna commission so things will more or less go on like before. I hope you won’t be disappointed!


    Will you be making an acc on Newgrounds?

    Not for now, I know some people don’t like Pixiv but atm its the only place were you can see 100% of my content. As I said before I will also post on reddit.

    In the past people have posted almost all my animations one rule34.paheal, rule34.xxx and rule34hentai. I’m really hoping that the people who are doing it will keep doing it ( I’m really grateful for it ).


    Twitter locks your account be default when you make a new account use your phone to recive a code for unlock and you wont have any more problems with it. I know its stupid but it's hardly reason to give up on it for their stupid auto registration lock.

    Its not tho I have to file an appeal in order to get it back and if I can’t even logon to a site before I have to do that I’m not gonna put any effort into that site. This isn’t even strange tho as I have friends who have been suspended upon making their account before also so and I’m not talking about the phone thing.


    Will you make a Twitter or just stick to other sites?

    I made a twitter and while just checking it out I get banned and I can’t access it anymore, so no I will not be on twitter. I know its the choice of many other people but I think they will do more or less the same thing about tumblr in the future, the question is just when.


    Can you collect all of your works and put it on patreon? I love your works so much and it's a pain to go around to collect them all, I really appreciate for mega link, but they seem not to carry all of your contents

    Not everything I have done is allowed on patreon, the only reason the mega link isn’t complete is because I’m lazy... Its updated now and should have it all, sorry about that.



    Since many people have asked, here is were you can find things by me in the future.




    Even tho tumblr is “good” at what it does and I’m really sad to lose everyone here who follows me but theres something I have to admit. I’m glad I don’t have to login to this shit site anymore after the 17th December.

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