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    Chat Noir’s lil crush on Multimouse

    Adrien, trying to fall asleep, thinking about Mighty Marinette Multimouse ; smiling to himself about how good she did, how cute she was, accidentally getting heart eyes, accidentally curling his toes, accidentally giggling and burying his face in his pillow to stifle it. He likes her and wants to fight alongside her again. For a night he imagines friendzoning Ladybug so he and Multimouse can hit it off and goof around and he can carry her on his shoulders and show her all the cool superhero things she’s been missing out on. Show her the ropes. She’d be such a good superhero ugh what took us so long?? Even if she’s clumsy so what? He can just grab her and sit her on a building top when things get dangerous. He’d get all stern and tell her to stay put til Chat Noir gets back. He would give her a snack and a blanket and put on her favorite show on an iPad to keep her preoccupied. Her job is to stick around and have fun with him and kick butt together when things aren’t too mserious. But what if he came back and she ran off and went to fight with ladybug?? That rascal!! Maybe after they finish the fight, she’d go get ice cream with him? Ladybug seems to have strong boundaries but maybe Marinette would like to go hole up in her room and eat stale croissants and geek out about how fun the day was and swap stories? Giving Marinette a miraculous is the best idea since sliced bread!!!

    Adrien falls asleep and has sweet dreams about being tiny with Marinette as Multimouse and pretending they are husband and wife in a plastic Barbie dream house. He tries to eat the plastic sandwich, he gets sad. He licks the sticker on the kitchen table that has the image of a steak dinner on it. Sad!! Multimouse giggles, tearing off her tiny doll-sized apron and tells her to come with him. He chases after Marinette (she’s so fast!) and they find themselves in the bakery. She points to their goal; an apple jelly danish. They smile huge and excited at each other and scamper down to the display case and drop in, first Marinette, then himself. They swim around in it like a tiny swimming pool. Chat Noir puts his arms around the outside crust as if it were a jacuzzi and Marinette giggles. She throws a jelly apple chunk at him and he scoffs, a playfully vengeful grin growing on his face, making a guilty Marinette try to swim quickly away from him, scrambling out the side, but he grabs her hips and throws her back in before she can get away!! she plops back in the jelly with a squeal, and they both laugh. They take big handfuls of the soft, jelly soaked dough and take big bites and nod at each other in approval. It’s good!! “You’re such a good superhero, Multimouse.” He says with a happy sigh and his mouth still full. She giggles. “Why thank you!” Chat Noir adores her smile, and can’t help himself as he flicks a speck of dough off her cheek. They both giggle. He says “you had a little something there.” She snorts. “Where?! Aren’t we both kind of coated in a thin layer of jelly?” She sits on his thigh and feeds him an apple chunk. Adrien chuckles, chews and swallows. She smiles at him and he blushes. He smiles and wraps his arms around her waist happily. “Yeah… come to think of it you do have a little something right here, too…” he leans in and pecks her on the lips, a small sip. She kisses him back to his surprise, as if she expected it. “You have a little something, too!” “It’s probably the little something that you just had!” “Well, give it back!” They laugh and Multimouse smooshes her lips into his, and it’s a very very very sweet kiss. The sweetest kiss, and he feels fuzzy and warm from head to toe, his lips tight from smiling.

    Adrien wakes up and feels the same warm and fuzzy head to toe. It’s 30 minutes before his alarm. He wonders if he gets ready fast, he can swing by the Dupain-Cheng bakery before school. He needs his apple jelly danish or he’ll just burst


    DITTO #132

    Ditto rearranges its cell structure to transform itself into other shapes. However, if it tries to transform itself into something by relying on its memory, this Pokémon manages to get details wrong.

    Height: 1′00″ 
    eight: 8.8lbs 
    ategory: Transform 

    Type: Normal
    Weaknesses: Fighting


    Image the assassination attempts. Mmmmmmmm. Yeah.


    @the-aefe The eyes and the fact that it can’t talk would be a dead giveaway though. There’s plenty of other Pokémon that can be used for assassination attempts. Gengar phasing through walls and suffocating with poison, Onix constrictions made to look like a landslide, Ursaring maulings, Mismagius hallucinations and visions driving someone to suicide, Sharpedo feeding frenzies, Camerupt dousing someone with lava, Garchomp colliding with a body at sonic speeds, Darkrai causing heart attacks with its nightmares, Gothitelle psychically forcing an object through the skull Magneto style, Galvantula suffocating people to death with their webs, Tyrantrum swallowing people whole, forcing someone to hold a Honedge, shoving someones face into an Araquanid bubble, feeding someone to a Guzzlord.


    But imagine:

    Ditto as a tough, stoic, never talks, sunglasses wearing body guard. They get close to the person and boom, assassination.


    listen i just like ditto because it could shift into whatever you want to cuddle with at the moment but you guys are also galaxy braining today


    you guys are forgetting that Zoroarks exist and they can be way more deadly than Dittos 

    I want to apologise to

    - Britney for making fun of her when she had her breakdown

    - Monica Lewinski for judging her when she was a 22year old temp sexually assaulted by the most powerful man in the world

    - Ke$ha for ever thinking she was trashy when all she wanted to do was make party music

    - Kristen Stewart for ever thinking she was dumb when she’s actually one of the coolest people ever

    - Megan Fox for ever thinking she was just a slut when actually she was an actress being harassed by her employer. 

    - Hating all the women who made a career out of having a hot body. Being is shape is hard, beauty is a weapon and auto promotion is hard work. 

    - All the Mary-Sues, who exist because young girls everywhere want to be part of a story they love so much

    - All the female characters I ever snobbed because they got in the way of my ship.

    - Hating the color pink during my teenage years, when it’s actually a lovely color and what I resented was society’s pressure to perform femininity. 

    ML fanfic idea: Back from Oblivio

    -So during school, Marinette almost falls down the stairs but Adrien manages to stop her, but slips and falls instead. He gets knocked out cold.

    -Next time Adrien comes to, he has amnesia, he doesn’t remember anything.

    -Gabriel and Nathalie leave to let him rest.

    -The class visits him, and he doesn’t remember anyone, eventually Marinette goes to see him. He was sleeping, he wakes up and sees her

    -Marinette apologizes for disturbing his sleep.

    -He smiles.

    -“I was starting to wonder when my girlfriend would show up.”

    -Marinette felt her face heat up.

    -it’s Oblivio!Adrien