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2020-07-15 10:39:20

    Honestly disturbing how many of my posts criticizing media get responses along the lines of "well, guess I'm not watching/reading/listening to this now :/"

    That is not a healthy way to view media. You all know that, right? It is not healthy to completely brush something off because of criticism from one person, and it's certainly not healthy to interpret that criticism as saying that something is irredeemable.

    When I criticize media, I'm not saying "this is evil and terrible and disgusting and no one should ever like it or enjoy it". I'm saying "this has some issues, same as anything else, and we should discuss those issues in a healthy and constructive way." I am telling people to come to their conclusions using the information and opinions I've shared combined with their own experiences and opinions on the matter.

    God. Stop "cancelling" Animal Crossing or Percy Jackson or whatever and just learn to be critical of the media you consume instead of accepting everything, positive or negative, at face value.

    if i was a vampire i would hang up a bunch of pictures in my house but for some reason inexplicably one wall of pictures would have them all hung sideways and then whenever the rando i’ve lured into my Vampire House looks at them they’ll instinctively tilt their head to one side to look at the pictures thus leaving their neck wide open for Vampire Shenanigans to ensue. step one of making this plan happen is becoming a vampire. if you’re a vampire i’ll totally let you have my very good idea but in exchange you gotta make me a vampire also, no take backsies

    so i was chilling around the secondhand apps and such when i found this killer deal on a lifesize resin sabertooth reproduction for 50 bucks!! most casts and fake skulls don't appeal to me much because even for 200+ dollars most seem generally poor quality, but this is actually super nice? (especially the teeth. they actually feel like separate pieces despite being all part of the same mold? idk how to describe it just that a lot of repros i see they're very obvious it's all one piece)

    ...except it came in today and the box was kicked and beat up to shit, and the whole back of the cranium got busted and shattered from the damage. :/

    i mean i like skuzzles, don't get me wrong, but those are at least separated based on growth plates, this is just random chunks needing to be pieced back together like a dropped mug and i just hope i don't lose any of em.

    also! he's v huge and <>very<> heavy!!

    could this be,,, ahahahaha, th,, the return of the jedi?? ahahaha (no but really finn should be a jedi)

    not to be ~emotional~ but I’ve been in an art rut lately and honestly just,,, feeling down in general but I’m pretty proud of this,, it felt good to create again even if it meant pulling an all nighter.

    (( side note I didn’t really like TLJ and ROS but I love TFA and the potential each character had. the head cannon interactions i have stored in my brain of them just make me love them a whole lot :,)) ))