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    RECORD THE POLICE — there’s an app for that (video via NowThis)

    Now you can record the police and have a copy of your video sent straight to the ACLU with the new Mobile Justice app.

    Additional features include a Know Your Rights section that outlines your rights when stopped by law enforcement and alerts when someone nearby is recording an incident with the app.

    How it works

    Download Mobile Justice from the App Store or Google Play

    Justice for Freddie Gray

    Justice for Eric Garner

    Justice for Mike Brown

    Justice for Trayvon Martin

    Justice for Ramarley Graham

    Justice for Oscar Grant

    Justice for Aiyana Jones

    Justice for Amadou Diallo

    Justice for Ousmane Zongo

    and many more


    Fuck the Police!

    I officially HATE the police now...they are fucking USELESS!!!!! My mother's brother attacks me over changing the fucking channel on the TV...FUCK the police...shit...bunch of useless pieces of shit!!!!! I'm bleeding and they do shit for shit!!! Stupid useless fuckers! >:(

    And they wonder why NO ONE trusts or likes those useless idiots!!!!!

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