Minat Wanita dan makcik berumur(MILF)
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2021-08-12 03:36:27

    Ok it’s being a while since I posted some panties from one my sister in law. So last week while visiting her I got lucky and scored two panties from that I never saw before.

    The black one I found in her dirty laundry basket and got enough time to appreciate it. Now the white one was a very risk one I was waiting for her to get changed so we could go out and after she got dressed she came to the living room and offered me a coffee that I accepted promptly. While she headed to the kitchen to make our coffees i went to the toilet and look through her bedroom door noticing the clothes she was wearing early at the top of the bed quickly grabbed my phone and took the picture  of her used panty that was still war and nice yellow stain.


    Awesome bro


    Peristiwa ini bermula apabila kawan ku ni terdesak nak guna wang apabila dia ditinggalkan suami dia….banyak bil nak di bayar so dia call suruh dtg rumah….pendek kan crita dia nak pinjam 1k so Aku kata blh dgn satu syarat aku nak seks pada mula nya dia menolak tapi kerana terdesak dia menerima nya so aku mengambil kesempatan dgn ambil ubat kuat dan fuck her for 2 hours


    Lum cuci tu…best dpt bau ya