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    Wait, so Gaster isn't a blood father to skeleton brothers?Did he pick them up on the street?Or does Gaster show his horrible personality again without showing any concern for his sons.So they look like they got out of the trash heap?

    Uh which story? My Streetfell story is the only one where they’re not related. If you mean the most recent art with King Pap pics then yes he is related to them, he did create them both. Buuut he still won’t show much concern for them like a loving father, only if it’s necessary or it’s beneficial for him someway.

    Pff trash heap.. :DD poor boys, that’s their room in Gaster’s lab.


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    Consider me ready~


    Hello!I really like your work, I have been following it for a long time, and earlier you said you wanted to draw a felcest comic in "The First Time" .. are you going to create it? .. i just wanted to take a look at your version ... if you are toobusy and cannot do it, I will understand you and will treat you with respect.

    Ah right! Actually I’m gonna include their first time in King Papyrus so look forward to that one~ :D I’m trying to finish PD comic before that one tho so might take a while..

    Also thank you! 


    Do you have a schedule of when you post your comics or other posts or is it when you feel motivated?

    I had a schedule in the past but that turned out to be more stressful when many people kept spamming my inbox/messages every time my art/comics were “late” so I took it off. I shouldn’t have cared at the time but I felt so guilty every time and it stressed me out more than school. :’D Less stressful and easier for me this way. But I do try to get at least two pages of one comic every month and some other art if possible.

    So I’m doing them whenever I have time between work and life itself and yes when I feel motivated. :> just on a lil break rn.


    I hope you know I've tried my hardest to dislike fellcest but your comic and art is making it a lost battle. Idk whether to hate or thank you.

    Dunno why you’re “trying your hardest” to hate it in the first place? 

    If you like it, continue to watch. If you dislike it, don’t watch. I figured it would be that simple with almost every ship. :D at least for me.. But don’t waste your energy on hate, not worth it.


    Now I just ask but... Now that your art has grown soo much more, would you even mind, or just thought of redrawing some of the first pages of Papyrus Domination? I bet it would be soo cool looking! It's of course only something I ask, but still ^^ P.s love your art! And I just can't wait to read the other pages that you're going to make! ^^ Have a nice day/evening/night!

    I’ve thought about this, yes. I might try it with the first pages at some point when I get the drive/motivation for it~ 

    Also thank you so much~ <3


    Do you plan on making any more AUs and if so will they include other universes besides Underfell?

    Hmm not really, haven’t thought about that.. I’m pretty focused on King Papyrus rn and Streetfell so probably not. Underfell bros + Gaster always seem my favorite to draw so I’ll probably stick with them in different aus. :’D 

    but if I include others those would definitely be Horrortale or the classic bros.