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    hi! hello! how r u! i would like to ask for some help! (😬)

    due to some unforeseen/unfortunate circumstances ive put myself on personal medical leave from work (which is unfortunately unpaid & i dont qualify for paid leave)

    so i’m currently trying to make it work to be on leave with my tax refund being my only income at the moment & it doesnt feel sustainable since it is the equivalent of only half of my monthly wages (and i currently plan to be on leave for a month)

    so i would like to ask for some help if you can donate or just reblog or send good thoughts

    paypal (clickable link)


    @ mlmaches



    i appreciate you for reading this ❤️

    The Death Toll of the Earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria may have reached 20,000 people, and that’s outside of all those who are injured and lost.

    If you could donate PLEASE do!!!

    Here’s a post full of charities you could donate to, but I’ll add my own trustworthy ones here:

  • Islamic Relief: teams are on the ground right now providing emergency food assistance, shelter, medical supplies to hospitals and clinics, as well as blankets and tents for those made homeless by the quake in Turkey and Syria
  • Molham:The team at Molham are currently on the ground helping displaced families in Turkey and Syria who have been affected by the earthquake   
  • Turkish Red Crescent: Theteam are distributing essential aid to those affected by the earthquake across Turkey.
  • The White Helmets: The team are on the ground in Northwest Syria searching for survivors and removing the dead from the rubble.
  • Turkey Mozaik Foundation: Attempting toprovide immediate relief and medium to long term recovery to survivors of the earthquake. 
  • MSF: remaining in close contact with the local authorities in northwestern Syria and with the authorities in Turkey to extend their support where it’s needed. They’re providing essential life kits to displaced people in the region
  • please PLEASE reblog. Syria and Turkiye need our help!!!

    Hi! This it's no easy to ask, but if anyone can help even with a reblog it would be appreciate it.

    I'm about to go homeless if I don't pay my overdue rent, so any help would be a blessing 🙏🏽

    Only have PayPal but if you have questions you can send me a message 😊


    so unrelated but have you guys heard about what's going on in the uk? our main gas company has been breaking into homes of single mothers, the disabled and other such vunerable groups and replacing our gas meters with smart meters while we're not home through a legal loophole. so. lol


    reminder we're allegedly about to have the worst economic crisis this year of most western countries and most of us including myself have to choose between heat, electricity and food on a daily basis. lol. Lol. Laugh out loud


    reblogs appreciated because i feel as if im insane sometimes for the lack of mention of this shit here

    Mutual Aid Tarot Readings ✨🔮✨

    (help me cover rent after losing my job)

    I've been applying to jobs incessantly for the past 4 weeks. Unfortunately, I have not been hired yet. DHS has also not rolled out my SNAP benefits yet (food stamps) so I've been struggling to afford groceries. Hopefully, those benefits will come through for food soon since I don't have unemployment benefits I can fall back on. I have 2 interviews scheduled as of now, but hopefully more soon. The job market has been horrible and only getting worse with the mass tech layoffs last week.

    I'm praying to fucking god I get hired this month but even if I do, I think it's a long shot that I'll get my first paycheck by February 28th. I've got $670 in total to my name leftover. I'm gonna have to pay utilities and then my rent of $1,095 in 25 days time. So, I thought I'd try to see if anyone else has interest in purchasing a tarot reading from me while I keep applying to jobs.

    Not gonna lie, this feels incredibly embarrassing to ask for help in this way again.

    1-Card Pull w/ Public Post - Donation ($10 and up)

    Past, Present, Future 6-Card Spread (~1 hour) - $35

    Relationship Spread (~1.5 hour) - $45

    Full Celtic Cross (~3 hours) - $60

    Celebrity Readings - $20

    Read more about these spreads at my original post.

    Also, here is my thank you post for the amazing people who made my February rent possible.

    And if you want to help me out with March rent without a tarot reading, feel free to donate via the payment methods below:

    Ko-Fi https://ko-fi.com/saintqueer

    PayPal http://paypal.me/jordanbarney

    Venmo Username: @Saint-Jordy

    CashApp Username: $SaintJordy69

    All requests can be made in my inbox or sent to saintqueertarot@gmail.com!

    this is so so important to me and mine, and I'm asking you to Do Something so I'll respect your time and keep it brief

    in the UK, if 100k sign a a government petition it will be brought to Parliament and debated. y'all know this country is suffering from some 80s-style bigotry right now, and this is one symptom: almost 200k fuckholes have come together to force the government to discuss whether it is 'appropriate' to tell children that queer people exist. this is a big symbolic victory for them. and i am burning with fury.

    please, if you're from the UK, sign this counter-petition so they can at least see how much of a minority they are. simply put, the attempt to put these bastards in their place isn't gathering enough steam. there are barely 2000 more signatures now than there were this morning (27th January 2023), and that isn't enough. i refuse to let these people feel even a moment of victory or satisfaction. please help.


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    @writerscornercafe 🎅🏻 Secret Santa 2022

    written for @sun-tomato​ 🎁

    Louis and Zayn own The Future is Meow, a bookstore-slash-cat café, and are spreading the holiday cheer to their customers this Christmas Eve. A few morning snow flakes turn into a full-blown blizzard and before they know it, the safest place for them and their employees to spend the night is the bookstore.

    Shop regular and object of Louis’ affections, Harry, is also snowed in with them— as is another man who Harry seems more than friendly with.

    Will it be a Christmas miracle if Louis survives the snow squalls, a seemingly unrequited crush, and a curmudgeonly tortoiseshell cat?

    read now on AO3 

    Paid Tarot Readings ✨🔮✨

    (help a queer gal cover expenses after losing their job)

    So I was laid off without notice from my job yesterday in a four-minute call just before the holidays. They wouldn't even let me finish the work I started already. As a contractor, I unfortunately don't have the same employee protections and I can't qualify for unemployment.

    I don't have a savings to fall back on so I'm nervous about making it through until I can find a new job. I thought I'd offer paid tarot readings with the hope that it could help me cover expenses into January.

    I've written out some options and prices which all are all open to negotiation. I hope this might interest a few of you and for those not interested, please consider boosting with a reblog <3

    What each tarot reading will include:

  • A clear picture of the spread as the reading is being done.
  • Info about what crystal, incense, and cleansing methods were used in your reading.
  • A PDF (or otherwise) document with card placements, card meaning, and unique interpretations specific to you provided by me.
  • A discount for a second reading, if you enjoy the first!
  • *The Tumblr Special* 1-Card Pull w/ Public Post - $5 and up (donation-based/whatever you can spare)

    Just a simple public post for everyone to enjoy where I tag your @ and share a single card pull. I’ll explain the card’s meaning and how it might be applied to your life from whatever intention you set. But it will also offer a broader view so others can reblog, boost, and benefit from the wisdom of that card.

    Past, Present, Future 6-Card Spread (~1 hour) - $25

    Straightforward past, present, future spread on any subject you choose. This can offer insight into a particular situation or general area of your life like career or love. Will need a little bit of info from you about what your intention for the reading is.

    Relationship Spread (~1.5 hour) - $35

    Relationship spread on any kind of relationship, whether it be famlial or platonic or romantic. Will be a spread of 8-10 cards on you, the other person, and your relationship. Will need a little bit of info from you about what your intention for the reading is.

    Full Celtic Cross (~3 hours) - $45

    The Celtic Cross is a classic in-depth reading that has been used by readers for over a century. It looks like this:

    Quick Celebrity Readings

    Spread On One Celebrity/Artist/Actor (~0.5 hour) - $15

    This can be shared privately or publicly. If you would like it in post form so you can reblog it and share with your fandom, I can tag you and post it here to tumblr.

    Celebrity Relationship Spread (~0.75 hour) - $20

    This can be shared privately or publicly. If you would like it in post form so you can reblog it and share with your fandom, I can tag you and post it here to tumblr.

    Also, you can feel free to request these for fictional characters, if I know them well enough, it could be almost like commissioning a fun witchy fanfic with tarot lore. Tarot can have so many uses outside of personal readings.


    Want your reading done while I'm stoned? Your wish is my command!

    Stoned Tarot: Elevated insights from high heights as a $10 add-on to any spread of your choice! I'll smoke a bowl and commune with your spirit guides on your behalf.

    Payment Methods:

    Ko-Fi https://ko-fi.com/saintjordy

    PayPal http://paypal.me/jordanbarney

    Venmo Username: @Saint-Jordy

    CashApp Username: $SaintJordy69

    Even if you are not interested in a reading but want to help out a little, all tips or donations are welcome at the above payment methods but only if you have enough to spare.

    All reading requests can be made using my inbox!

    Include your name and what type of spread you're interested in and I will reach out to you.



    I’m Jen and I’m currently on sick leave due to mental illness. Which means I’m on sickness benefit. I’ve tried moving things around but I’m still not gonna be able to pay for a couple of bills or get groceries with the amount I’m getting. These bills have to be paid in about a week. Have tried to ask family if they can help but unfortunately they’re unable to.

    I’m fully aware that times are hard for everyone these days, but if you could help me even a little bit I would be forever grateful.



    Update 231122:

    780kr/2900kr ( ~$74/$276*)

    The due date for the pair of bills I don’t have enough for is wednesday next week (30/11). Any donation I’m given takes 2-5 business days to reach me. Would also like to add that the donations only goes to those bills as well as groceries (and the fee for gofundme). To those who have donated and/or shared so far - thank you so much. It really means a lot to me.

    *according to current exchange rates



    Update 251122:

    780kr/2900kr ( ~$74/$278*)

    The due date of the bills is now less than a week away. This fundraiser is kind of my last hope. Thank you to those of you who has shared and/or donated so far.

    *according to current exchange rates



    Update 261122:

    1280kr/2900kr ( ~$122/$277*)

    Still a bit to go but I am extremely grateful for the donations I’ve gotten so far, thank you. And thank you to everyone who’s shared the post until now.

    *according to current exchange rates



    Update 281122:

    2335kr/4900kr ( ~$222/~$467*)

    Due to unfortunate circumstances, as well as the fact that when adding this month’s expenses together I apparently made a huge error and miscalculated the sum - the amount I’m in need of is actually larger than previously thought, and the goal of the fundraiser has been increased accordingly. I only noticed this error today when starting to pay off the bills covered by the sickness benefit and the donations that have finished transferring. And it’s still only two days left until all bills are supposed to be paid.

    I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has donated and/or shared the post til now. Thank you, truly.

    *according to current exchange rates



    Update 301122:

    2335kr/4900kr ( ~$221/$464*)

    This isn’t really an update per se as it has stagnated a bit. But today is the due date and unfortunately it seems like I won’t be able to pay the last couple. Or get groceries.

    I’d like to reiterate that I know that times are hard for everyone, but even the smallest donation would help a lot - if you’re able. To those of you who’s already donated and/or shared the post, I am truly so very grateful.

    *according to current exchange rates



    Update 011222:

    3916kr/4900kr ( ~$377/$472*)

    You people are honestly amazing! Yes I know, there’s still ~$95* until the goal. And that the due dates were yesterday. But I didn’t even think it’d reach 75% because I rarely expect good things to happen even while hoping that maybe they will. I’m going to keep at it for a little while longer, just in case.

    Thank you so much to every single person who’s donated and/or shared it so far. I am so incredibly thankful for you all.

    *according to current exchange rates


    Financial help