Amputee women
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2017-03-06 17:26:34

    Hello Sir, would you consider doing es on a picture of me please? Me and my partner want me to become a quad amputee. I want AK bilateral leg stumps and BE bilateral arm stumps. I hope this is possible? Thank you.

    It is possible if you send me a picture of you and your partner yes.If you send them to me and provide an email adress i can send them to you privately afterwards.But please no generic pics just found on the internet.


    Hey can we do videos too?

    sorry i’m not that good,although i’m getting better at my gifs.But in Hollywood everything is possible,check out the movie rust and bone where they have es-ed a dak woman parts of the movie.But i guess those guys have tons more resources and expertise than me.

    what do you think about this attempt?

    The grass looks pretty okay,the edge where her dress ends also is sharp and crisp with no blurry lines.But her dress looks kind of strange pointing upwards,looks kind of strange.I have used some cut and paste and warped the selection to try to make the dress look more realistic.The liquify effect(in photoshop)can also help.

    You are getting better at it,i look forward to see more of your works-

    I am also working on a step by step guide on how i make es in photoshop,it will come-be patient.

    Please let me know what you think, it’s my first effort.

    Not bad.To make good es you don’t have to be a computer geek or an artist of any kind(not making any assumptions about this pics author).I can hardly draw better than a five year old,and i hardly know upside down on a computer.But i installed photoshop,found guides on youtube and got started.I took a couple of weeks maybe to learn how to es pics.And everytime i make new pics i get a little better and learn new tricks.If there is someone is interested i could make a step by step guide and post here.

    To make this pic better maybe the author should have played around with different lighting and colour effects to make the prosthetics blend in better.Some shadow effects to get a more natural transition where the pros meet the shorts perhaps.

    But i really think more people should follow this example and try for themselves.Think about it,YOU could be making your own dream women(or men?whatever).You wouldn’t need to look all around the internet and hope somebody makes the types of pics you like.In about an hour session i make ca 5-10 pics now,good pics that is exacly to my own taste,yeah and even gifs.


    Dear Amp-es. I'm always puzzled when you publish new pics. Especially gifs. Also I enjoy ladies without arms (DSD), sometimes also DHD (congenitally smooth). Are you able to produce women with phocomelic arms and/or legs, like e.g. Thalidomiders? Or maybe you can know some good webpages... Thank you!

    Thank you! I am mostly into women without arms,and best of all totally limbless.These pictures are quite easy to make in photoshop once you've learned how to do it.I mostly use cut and paste and a little of clone tool.Making phocomelic limbs is much more difficult(at least if you want it too look a little realistic),and i am not very much attracted to it.Thats why i haven't put any effort in learning it.There is photos of real phoco's on anonamp(be careful though,lots of malware and viruses and catch there),and i have seen some es on yahoo groups with that theme.I just can't remember where.


    What are the pages for real amputees :$

    search for devguide in google,that page have lots of of links under the section "amputee".Only real amputees,and there's some pages you can buy and download videos from.I haven't tried any of these,so i cant vouch for any of them.


    Hi. I really enjoy your ES work. Professional and seamless. Real top quality, and there's lots of it. Although it isn't my place to influence what you put on your blog, I have noticed the number of quads you post has dropped off recently. A shame, cause I enjoy them so much. Any possibility of wizarding up some more (or less if you catch my drift?) PS apologies for anon. I don't have a tumblr.

    Thank you!

    I am currently posting from my archives,this is es i made long ago,and dae¨es is much easier to make than quads.Although with more experience it gets easier to make quads too.Finding the right pics to modify is also important,flying quads don't look very realistic to me,and also if i have to replace to much skin it will look unrealistic.But there will be quads now and then,dont worry about that!


    I'd love to see a hexuple amputee. DFQ, DHP, Double mastectomy. No stumps of any kind. Just double triangle shape. Love your DSD sex machine GIFs', Would be even hotter if she were a quad/hex amp strapped in for unrelenting pleasuriing.

    Was it something like this you thought about?Not sure what all those acronyms meant.But it's a little bit to heavy for my taste,ordinary quads is qiute enough for me.


    Good afternoon, dear master! Your work is immaculate, great ideas are embodied in interesting pictures! I sent you a request for production of the ES and GIFs. I would very much like to see the results of your work. And please more of footjob by armless girls.

    Thanks mate.I am currently posting images from my archives,so its going to be a while before new material comes out.But heres some footjob gifs thats not been posted before,hope you like them.


    Do you also do quad ladies without a mans dick in sight? I find the sight of a dick disgusting, it takes all the pleasure of seeing a well-made quad pic away. Because I must compliment you on your beautiful, skillfully made photos! --- Ivan Montis

    I have a few yes.And i'll post some more now and then,don't worry.


    Please self fucking images of armless woman with her feet and dildo. And more ES of footjob.

    It's very few pictures around on the web suitable for es with armless woman dildoing herself.If you find a good webpage with these kind of pictures please let me know.Footjobs are a bit easier luckily.Here's some gifs for you.