Bowling, Anyone?

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2022-09-25 22:54:43

    This is… the exact opposite of that dark souls gif


    I don’t think it’s possible to adequately state how fucking ballsy and skilled this player is considering the EXTREMELY specific timing of that dodge and catching the spear attack WHILE TAUNTING BETWEEN EACH THROW


    I’m wheezing


    Big Dick Energy


    shoutout to characters that you love dearly but if you dont see them get punched in the face canonically on screen by the time this media is over there will be a problem


    shoutout to characters that you love so much but they are so fucked. you need them to get hugged right now this instant and if we do not get a canon hug youll kill someone in this room right now


    shoutout to characters that you NEED to see cry. you need to see them just break down sobbing because god they need it. if this guy doesnt just bawl for at least 5 minutes on screen im suing.