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2020-06-29 13:03:27

    26-year-old <>Jamarion Robinson’s grandmother Beverly Nixon said her grandson was bipolar and schizophrenic. Still got shot 76 (!!!) times. Would a white person get the same treatment?

    The witness said he saw more than a dozen patrol cars at the complex where US Marshals killed Robinson on August 5, 2016. Why were there no behavioral specialist? Surely one of them would know how to interact with a bipolar schizophrenic better than the police.

    I’m absolutely disgusted.

    Here’<>s Jamarion’s mother’s Go<>FundMe in case anyone is willing to help.

    <>#JusticeForJamarion   #BlackLivesMatter


    Oh god ..

    this is how much they’ve raised as of June 26th, 2020.

    do you think Suki ever uses the “you burned down my village” card to get Zuko to do shit for her

    <>Zuko: I can’t pass legislation that quickly Suki

    <>Suki: but you’re the Fire Lord

    <>Zuko: yeah but I can’t legalise weed overnight

    <>Suki: wow Zuko. you’re really. burning down my dreams


    <>Suki: it’s almost like

    <>Zuko: suki

    <>Suki: it’s just it reminds me of the time

    <>Zuko: suki please

    this post is the only thing ive been able to think about for days now 

    hi I love this with all my heart and soul