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I am posting anything i see so if you want me to post something special please Ask me

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2022-11-20 17:25:34

    So I was sitting in the sauna shittless as fuck and a young slender gentleman walked in and sat in there for probably 2 to 3 minutes and after about three minutes this massive jacked black dude walked in open the door do grab his younger brother to leave.. as the door opened he like looked at my core and my tits… and then on his way out he did a double take and made eye contact with me to make sure I was a fucking dude😂😂😂

    Update: I’ve been posting to Patreon regularly but would like to get back into Tumblr and Snap. The encouragement is awesome and honestly overwhelming; I can’t keep up with it all! 

    How is Discord? Would that be a good central place to chat or does anyone have any other ideas?

    Also, April will be the month I hit 250!

    Former gay pornstar Marco Rubi (@damiano_frascaroli) started out clean shaven and with the leanest muscular jock body when he started in the adult industry. Over the last three years he successfully bulked up into a hulking beast of a man with the most amazing built thick ass while still maintaining his leaness. Although since October Damiano has been suffering with a gym-related back injury and hasn’t been able to work out at all since. His postings on social media have been inconsistent and he admits that he has spent the last few months not doing much but snacking and comfort eating large meals every night. In the past few months he has ballooned over 60lbs and grown a 43″ belly that is a far cry from his previous washboard abs.