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    And in other news, water is wet

    Not like women have been telling y'all this since the beginning of time or anything.

    I mean, yeah, at one point three years ago I was curled up in a fetal position literally screaming/crying/gasping for breath on my bed in my dorm room, so my response to this headline is basically, “No shit.”

    No wonder women are so likely to ignore heart disease/attack symptoms. If something isn’t as bad as my cramps, I figure it can’t be that bad.



    No seriously. There aren’t enough people who understand how important that last comment is. I lost my right kidney four years ago because of “if something isn’t as bad as my cramps, I figure it can’t be that bad.”

    My. Fucking. Kidney.

    Don’t force people with periods to internalize and silence themselves when they have cramps!

    just a reminder that even tho these things are very much “duh” to all of us, having empirical data to prove these things leads to policy change and scientific innovation. this paper can b the start of more research into menstrual pains and might influence the healthcare industry somehow. formal research is important and the more it’s responded to, the more likely it is to get funded and have further research and resources dedicated to it!

    Lmao this is so real. Cramps are what I base my pain levels on.

    When a harmless function of your body is so painful you can’t walk and your face and hands go numb and you sometimes throw up, it’s really quite difficult to determine what is a dangerous level of pain from anything else…