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    Whenever I look back at old family photos, my big brother always jokes with me that he doesn’t recognize my face since he only remembers seeing me from the back. I think there is some truth to that; I can’t remember how many times I would almost be asleep before I saw my door quickly open and then close to be locked. Soon, the sheets were off my bed and my brother was fucking me in my dark room. There were many nights I fell asleep soaked in sweat and filled with his cum.


    My brother’s strong hands held onto my shoulders as he used me like a throw-away sex toy. As redundant as it sounds: God, he was such a man. I loved how reckless he was with me. We weren’t able to have sex that often, so when we did it was an all-night love affair that ended with the both of us soaked in sweat. I’d end the night in his arms, and dread the soreness the next day.