Literally here listening to "My Alcoholic Friends" on repeat and thinking of Wallace angst mmmmmmmmmm


    if you wanna infodump everything i'm all ears


    Okay so. *clap* Stand up so you can sit down, cuz I'm just getting started, bitch.

    In Scott Pilgrim, I found it so interesting that basically each character has their own struggles and hardship going on in their lives, but is subtly referenced at and shoved in the background.

    Such as Stephen's anxiety and toxic relationship, Kim with her self image and how she was cheated on, Neil having separation anxiety and struggling with identity- the list really goes on. And I often wondered what Wallace's was.

    I feel like for Wallace, it would probably be him having a drinking problem, but casually covering it up with a charismatic and free attitude. Legit.

    - Having celebratory pre-drinks before he goes put with his friends, but drinking way too much and straight-up passing out before he even left the house.

    - "What time did you start drinking today, Wallace? Like, noon??" "You're a funny lady, Stacey Pilgrim."

    - Showing up to any gathering, him already having drinks in hand as a first thought.

    Or just in general (can you tell I feel like I'm talking too much?)

    - just his whole identity and image in the book revolving around his drinking, "the drunk homosexual" and all.

    But yeah, I ended up finding that one song "My Alcoholic Friends" and all I could say was;

    "This sounds like if you took Wallacecore, and made it 400× more edgy."

    Especially the verses after the instrumental.

    "I'm trying hard

    Not to be ashamed

    Not to know the name

    Of who is waking up beside me

    Or the date, the season or the city

    But at least the ceilings very pretty

    And if you are holding it against me

    I'll be on my best behavior

    Taking shots for mother nature

    Once my fist is in the cupboard

    Love is never falling over"

    "My only natural talents wasted

    On my alcoholic friends ×2

    The party never ends

    My alcoholic friends"

    Just overall viewing the world of this lifestyle in a dreary state, but struggling to keep it lighthearted.

    Idk just some thoughts I was having last night please take with a grain of salt.


    There was this SP collab thing that happened and it offered more insight on so many characters! This is straight from Wallace's:

    "After school, Wallace landed a job which allowed him to afford low-key lodging and all the booze Wallace could want to keep a constant buzz."


    So how would you have interpreted Stephen's confession to Joseph in Scott Pilgrim? It got left out in the books and I've been dying to see somebody's interpretation :)

    So I can’t Honestly think of a actual story idea but I do have some head canon ideas, sorry if you were looking forward to a actual full story :(

  • Canon- Joseph has a crush on Todd as well, so Stills is jealous of Todd but after he loses his vegan power, he’s still jealous just not as much
  • Stills always looks for Joseph in the crowds for their shows and sometimes Joseph will come backstage to calm Stephen’s neves down
  • Joseph helps stills write songs idea for sex bob-ombs
  • Even though Joseph hate the other members, he’ll deal with them for Stephen
  • I’d like to think that Stephen accidentally asked Joseph out, like maybe they just won a battle of the bands and out of excitement he asks him out
  • “Oh god, oh god, they have girl drummer and…They have better equipment, where gonna lose” Stephen started rambling to himself, Joseph just walked up and kissed his cheek. Stills immediately shut up dazed
  • I’d like to also think they wear each others jackets and hoodies
  • And Joseph buys patches and stickers for stills guitar and guitar case
  • Canon- Joseph is in his own band so maybe they do band practices together and or shows together
  • Canon- later on Stephan and Joseph make their own band along with some other people
  • ~Random stuff now~

  • Scott probably annoys the fuck out Joseph
  • They probably moved in together later on
  • Stephan might write small “love” song for Joseph
  • Joseph hate mainly everyone expect Stephan but he probably hates Julie the most( they kinda match each others energy)
  • Joseph constantly has a arm around Stephan waists, Stephan probably gets flustered by him
  • I’m sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for but I had fun writing it! :)