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    Hi Mia :) curious to know what elements of punishment you like other than just the actual spanking

    i love punishment that is ritualistic. i’m not a masochist so what turns me on most is all of the humiliating little details of a spanking rather than the actual physical act of spanking itself. some of the elements of punishment i like are:

  • being sent to my room (either just in general to wait for my punishment or something like being told that i better be found in the corner with my hands on my head or laying on the bed in position with my bottoms off when he comes up there)
  • him taking off my pants/skirt and panties/pull-ups/diaper. i like when this is made a point because it’s extra humiliating for him to do it. like as if i can’t unbutton my own pants! and also the vulnerability and sensation of him slowly baring me
  • alternatively, him leaving my panties on for “modesty” at first (because i’m a big girl now) but giving me a wedgie so he can still make it feel like he’s spanking me bare. feeling my undies rubbing against me as he pulls on them also is extra humiliating and turns me on
  • being scolded- a serious voice scolding me does so much for me. i like the tone of my spankings to be very serious but caring, like he’s doing this because he loves me and he has to for my own good
  • corner time after, maybe even in an embarrassing position like straddling a chair (i reblogged this recent and was like 👀) or daddy’s put me in a painful position like kneeling on rice
  • mouth soaping- especially if he is actually washing my mouth out with soap (like in videos where the disciplinarian makes sure the soap is sudsy enough and rubs it all over)
  • early bedtime punishment!!!!!
  • even grounding and limiting privileges and such excites me
  • extended spankings- like maintenance spankings or being told i will get a spanking every night before bed for x amount of time
  • i fantasize about being restrained for very serious spankings
  • certain positions- like for some reason i love laying flat on the bed and being belted. over the knee is of course a classic. and then there’s plenty of other embarrassing positions or even bending over the couch, etc
  • him not stopping no matter how much i beg because i’m not in control and he decides when i’ve had enough. i don’t want to be able to talk myself out of anything
  • subtle touching during a spanking is humiliating, because it’s not outright sexual touching but i like touching that feels a bit inappropriate like rubbing or inspecting
  • temperature taking is a huge fantasy of mine
  • lecturing and scolding and talking about the spanking (“you’re going to be a sorry little girl once i’m done with you”, “i don’t like spanking you but you give me no choice sometimes”, “do you understand me?”, and so many more), also the initial threat of spankings
  • certain outfits like school uniform as if i just got home from getting in trouble at school or pajamas for an early bedtime punishment
  • being diapered after, losing potty privileges (“if you’re going to act like a little girl you will be treated as such”)
  • being told to spread my legs
  • so so much more!
  • nofearageplay

    Such a good post! I love regular, maintenance discipline in my stories, it’s such a turn on for me!

    Doing Business, Part 35


    “It doesn’t happen often,” Mommy said. “And it’s even less often that I’m willing to admit it. But it was a mistake to have Kylie look after you today.”

    As she said this, I was on my back in the makeshift nursery. My dirty diaper was pulled open, revealing today’s foul contents–squished and smeared on my backside following my ride home from the mall.

    I probably wouldn’t have said anything anyway, but she had pushed a pacifier into my mouth, and gently suckled on it as she took care of me. Honestly, it felt good to not have to talk at all. Being a baby was easier when I was expected to talk often. 

    “But an interesting situation had landed in my lap,” she continued. “I suppose I shouldn’t have texted her while pretending to be you. But I was curious to see what she wanted, and what she was willing to do to get it. As it turns out, I barely had to press for her to send me a barrage of explicit texts and photos. Honestly, I’m sorry that you didn’t get to see them. You might’ve liked them. Alas, you’re much too small.”

    I moaned a little as she guided a wipe around the base of my caged cock. Her touch would never not excite me.

    “I’m sure the poor girl regrets doing that now. All that ammunition she’s given to me, you know?”

    “Mmmhmm,” I mindlessly cooed back to her through my pacifier. I was only partially listening to her words. I got the jist of what she was saying, but some of the details were missing me.

    “I need to do something, yes? She may claim to be an adult now, but that doesn’t make her exempt from consequences.”

    I laughed as I had the mental image of Kylie’s skirt being pulled up as she was hoisted over Mommy’s knees for a paddling. Seemed unlikely, but I wasn’t sure what else Mommy could mean by a word like ‘consequences.’

    If Mommy had more musing to do on what she’d do with Kylie, she kept it to herself. Instead, she was back to focusing on me. It didn’t matter how big the mess was, how much it had spread, or how many times I had sat in it. She knew how to take care of it, and she didn’t make a single fuss about it. 

    “A new diaper will feel pretty good about now, won’t it?”


    “Babies choice. Teddybears or unicorns?”

    I was feeling whimsical: “Unicornth.”

    I returned to the living room a few minutes later, crawling on my hands and knees in my fresh unicorn diaper and rainbow colored onesie. Kylie clearly didn’t want to laugh, but she couldn’t help herself. 

    Mommy walked out from behind me.

    “I understand that you left the Baby at the mall today?” she asked.

    “N-no,” Kylie said, trying her best to sound as collected and confident as she normally did. “That’s not what happened. I mean, sure, I got a little heated in the moment and stepped away. But I came right back.”

    I knew that wasn’t what happened. Kylie knew that wasn’t what happened. Mommy knew that wasn’t what happened.

    “And supposing that was true,” Mommy said. “Why did you storm off in the first place?”

    “W-well…it wasn’t so much storming off as it was…” her voice trailed off. She seemed to have no clue where to take this lie.

    “A baby is a very big responsibility,” Mommy said. “And, it usually goes without saying: the bigger the baby, the bigger the responsibility.”

    Kylie sighed. “Look, can we cut the theatrics? I get it–you and your assistant are playing some fucked-up version of make-believe and you get your jollies off by keeping him in diapers. I get that. And I get that you were trying to embarrass the both of us by making us spend time together. You’ve got some incriminating information on me, and you’re going to hold it over me, right? So…just cut the bullshit and tell me what you want me to do so that you don’t make my life a living hell by talking to my mom.”

    I hadn’t ever heard anyone talk to Mommy like this before. What more…she wasn’t entirely wrong. Mommy could push me around all day with her condescending tone. But Kylie didn’t live in our world. 

    Mommy took her time responding. She never looked flustered or speechless–just contemplative. She was a cat who had caught a mouse, and she was debating how she wanted to play with it.

    “‘Fucked-up version of make-believe?’” Mommy said, laughing to herself. “I have to say, I rather like that phrase. I’m going to use it later. I hope you don’t mind me taking that.”

    “Whatever,” Kylie said, that classic bratty tone coming back.

    “But, here’s the thing,” Mommy continued. “You’re a part of this now, whether you like it or not. You made that choice when you sent ‘Clark’ naughty photos of yourself in an effort to entice ‘him’ to get you alcohol. You made that choice when you dragged him to the mall in his diaper and tried to humiliate him.”

    “Hrm,” Kylie mumbled–possibly accepting that Mommy was right.

    “And so you’re going to do what I tell you to do, and I’m not going to feel bad about it.”

    Kylie sighed. “Fine. What do you want? Do you want me to change his dirty diapers? Give him a bath? Feed him a bottle?”

    “No, I don’t think so,” Mommy said. “In a short amount of time, you’ve proven to me that you’re just not an effective caregiver. Or, at least, not good enough of one to take care of my Clark.”

    I couldn’t help but swoon at the mention of being called her Clark. My cheeks warmed and my entire body felt weightless for a moment.

    Kylie, on the other hand, seemed exasperated. “Well, what the fuck do you want from me then?”

    Mommy laughed. “I want you to learn a few lessons on humility, dear. Maybe spending a little more time as a child will help you better appreciate the womanhood you’re on the cusp of.”

    “Huh?” Kylie seemed confused about Mommy’s statement for a moment, but then she looked at me again, her eyes meeting mine. She sighed, likely understanding exactly what Mommy was asking of her. “I can’t…you can’t make me…”

    “I’m not going to make you do anything,” Mommy said. “But we can both agree that there are plenty of reasons for you to want to play along.”

    “Do you…really want me to wear a diaper?” Kylie asked, looking down at me again.

    “I think you belong in one,” Mommy said.

    “You won’t tell my mother?” asked Kylie. “About…anything?”

    “You have my word.”


    “This will be good for you,” Mommy said, smiling widely. “Let me get a few things together.” She pivoted and walked back into the room where she had just changed my smelly diaper minutes earlier.

    “Goddamn,” Kylie muttered, shaking her head. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

    I continued to stare at her, studying her expression and body language. She seemed nervous and tense, for sure. But I swore I could detect something else. Maybe the slightest bit of curiosity?

    “Kylie,” came Mommy’s voice from the other room. “Come here.”

    Kylie sighed and obeyed, making her way to the room. 

    “Baby,” Mommy called next. “I want you to come as well.”

    “Yeth, Mommy.”

    We found Mommy sitting on the edge of the bed. On the floor, at our makeshift changing area, a new diaper and a bottle of baby powder were waiting.

    “First things first,” Mommy said, patting her lap. “Kylie, I’m afraid I need to teach you a few lessons.”

    “Are you going to…spank me?”

    “I’d say you’re overdue for one.”

    “I don’t know…” Kylie looked back at me, and then to the door. I could only assume she was considering her options. I was curious, myself, as to which was a better option: subjected to Mommy’s punishment, or for her to contend with her own mother.

    “Okay,” Kylie said with a sigh. “I guess you can, uh, spank me.”

    “It’s cute of you to think that you’re granting me permission,” Mommy said.

    “Does he have to watch?” Kylie asked.

    “If I was giving him a good paddling while you were here, I’m sure you’d want to see that, yes?”

    She scoffed. “Whatever.” Kylie held her head high as she made a little strut over towards Mommy. She was doing her best to pretend that she didn’t care, and that this wasn’t actually that big of a deal. Bratty until the end, I had to respect that.

    “Surely, you’ve been spanked before,” Mommy said, patting her lap again.

    “I don’t think so.”

    Mommy laughed. “Well then youre very overdue. Hurry now, over my knees.”

    One last sigh, and Kylie plopped herself over Mommy’s lap. It was as glorious a sight as what I had imagined it to be earlier while my diaper was getting changed. This defiant queen-bee, reduced to the little girl she actually was.

    “Can you at least make it quick?” Kylie muttered. Interesting final words, I thought.

    “Oh, one more thing,” Mommy said. “I fully intend to clean out that mouth of yours as well. A proper young lady shouldn’t be swearing and talking back as often as you are.”

    Kylie, opened her mouth–likely ready to offer some smart-ass response–but Mommy was ready, plugging her open mouth with…a bar of soap. Kylie’s eyes grew large and she made a muffled gurgling noise as she realized what she was biting on.

    “I expect you to hold that in your mouth until I’m done with your bottom, little girl. Because if that soap should slide or fall out of your mouth, I’m doubling the amount of swats.”

    I can see it in Kylie’s eyes–doubt. Maybe she doubts that Mommy will follow through with what she threatens. Maybe she doubts that it’s that hard to keep a bar of soap in her mouth while getting spanked. Maybe it’s that she just doesn’t think that a paddling over another woman’s lap is something to be afraid of.

    If that’s the case, she’s in for a surprise.

    “Mmm? Hmm…” Kylie, soap still locked between her teeth, seemed unprepared for her skirt being lifted up and her panties–bright pink with black lace trim–being pulled down to expose her perfect sphere of an ass.

    “Oh my,” Mommy said, gliding the back of her hand down Kylie’s rear. “Ah, to be young again. I see you’ve put a lot of work into this.” To me: “Don’t get any ideas, Baby. As succulent as this looks, I can’t allow you to take a bite out of this.”

    My cock, as it always seemed to, strained in its cage.

    The first strike came unexpectedly, and with great speed. WHAP

    Hggghhhhaaaaaaah!” Kylie exclaimed through the bar of soap. No, she clearly hadn’t known what to expect from a spanking.

    “Good girl,” Mommy cooed. “Keep that soap in your mouth.



    Then a flurry of quick slaps. WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP-WHAP! 

    “Unnnnnhh,” Kylie groaned, followed by an especially whiney: “Auuughhhuuuughh…” She was crying, and tears were rolling down her bright red cheeks. I had seen that look of absolute shame and defeat before in myself. Of course, I had never needed a bar of soap stuffed into my mouth, so I wasn’t familiar the streams of sudsy drool pouring out from the sides of her mouth.

    There were a few more well-placed slaps and one finale barrage of spanks before Mommy finally changed gears, rubbing Kylie’s shapely bottom with her hand.

    “There,” she said to the blubbering girl. “Have I managed to smack a little humility into your world.”

    “Thuh…” mumbled Kylie. Thuhhh.”

    Mommy grasped the bar of soap and slowly pulled it from her mouth, revealing the little bite marks Kylie had put in it. A towel was already in Mommy’s hand, giving Kylie a place to spit the remaining residue that lingered in her mouth.

    “I’m sorry,” Mommy said. “Would you mind saying whatever that was again?”

    “Sorry,” Kylie said, softly. “I was trying to say that I’m sorry.”

    “Sorry for what?”

    “For…not being a good babysitter.”


    “Uhm…being a brat?”

    “You shouldn’t have to ask.”

    “I was a brat,” Kylie said.

    “But I could tell,” said Mommy. “Not just that you needed it, but that you knew that you needed it. Am I right?”

    “Y-yes,” Kylie responded, sighing. I don’t think Kylie is that good of an actress–I believed her words.

    “Good girl. Now, let’s get you down on your back for your diaper, yes?”

    Kylie offered a noncommittal shrug–probably the best response anyone could hope for. She slowly slid down from Mommy’s lap, landing in a limpish pile on the floor before getting up on her hands and knees and crawling over to the changing pad.

    I wanted to say something, but I bit my tongue. I imagined I would’ve said something like, “Looks like you’re on my level now, Kylie,” but I thought better of it. She was probably thinking the same thing anyway.

    “Do you see what a little discipline can do?” Mommy said, though it wasn’t entirely clear who she was talking to. “It can reduce anyone to a blubbering baby. Even the toughest amongst us have an inner-baby that a few good spanks will get out of them.”

    I wanted to ask if that included her. The thought of Mommy in a diaper, crawling around…

    Ow, my cock

    I kept that one to myself too.

    “Your panties are going to have to come off,” she said to Kylie.

    “Okay,” a resigned Kylie said. Just the way Mommy liked ‘em–beaten into submission.

    Mommy pulls the bright pink panties down Kylie’s slender legs and tosses them at my feet. Seeing Kylie’s exposed womanhood between her legs while her panties were at my feet…it caused my cock to ache tremendously.

    Am I hallucinating, or…? 

    I’m almost positive that I detect a wet patch in the crotch of the panties. Perhaps the paddling had given Kylie more than just discipline.

    “Don’t get any ideas,” Kylie said to me, slowly rotating her head towards me. Even if her voice seemed to have lost most of its power, there was still a little snarl left in her.

    “What do you think he’s going to do?” Mommy asked her. “Grab your panties and put them on himself?”

    “Who knows.”

    “It’s not in Baby’s best interest to take things that might arouse him,” Mommy said, her face turning to glance at me long enough to wink. “All that sexual energy and few places to put it.”

    “What do you mean?” Kylie asked softly.

    Mommy was already flattening out a fresh new diaper on the carpet. She grabbed Kylie’s ankles and lifted them into the air to elevate her bottom. As always, Mommy treated it as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Kylie seemed skeptical, but at least willing to go along with it for the moment. She seemed oddly docile. Willing. Except for the bit about being concerned with what I’d do with her panties.

    “Oh,” Mommy said to her. “You don’t know? About his…little cage?”

    Kylie shook her head, though I could see her lips curling a little bit. She was curiously delighted.

    “It’s a shame, because I’d have liked it if you found it for yourself while changing his diaper. Well, anyway, I like to keep Baby on his best behavior by…well, locking up the naughtiest part of him.”

    Kylie giggled.

    “Could you use a locking-up too? Does your little kitty get you into trouble much?”

    Kylie’s face immediately grew a deep shade of red. Perhaps at being called out, or perhaps at just the idea of being locked up too.

    “I don’t judge,” Mommy said. “Big boys and girls can do whatever they please. Of course, you have to grow up, first. And if you’re wearing a diaper, I’d say that you haven’t grown up yet.”

    And with those words, Mommy put Kylie into her diaper.

    I sometimes thought about how I wished I knew about my latent diaper fetish a long time ago. First Ava, and now Kylie–there was something about a pretty girl in a diaper that really, really, worked for me.

    “Well, Kylie, what do you think?”

    Kylie remained on her back as her hands explored the crinkly new object wrapped around her midsection. She squeezed and pressed at it, seeming to be quite surprised by just how bulky it was. I remained quite surprised by how well she seemed to be rolling with this. She had laughed and mocked me all day for my diapers, and now it was as if…she liked it.

    But then I saw the detail I was missing. I watched as Mommy extended a hand down to Kylie, and how Kylie took it–their eyes meeting. I couldn’t quite decipher the look on Kylie’s face at first. However, when Kylie was on her feet again, her arms were open and she hugged Mommy. 

    “Thank you,” she said to Mommy.

    Mommy was right–a little discipline had done Kylie very well. Yet, this wasn’t the detail I had been missing. It struck me, at that moment, that what Kylie had actually needed was a mother. Someone to both punish her and praise her. Someone who would take care of her. Someone who, if nothing else, paid attention to her.

    I was happy for Kylie.

    I was also jealous. Were I the bratty-type, I’d have told her to get her own Mommy. Instead, I kept my mouth clenched shut.

    “Baby,” Mommy said, looking towards me. “Could you be a dear and grab a bottle of milk from the fridge for Kylie?”

    “Y-yes, Mommy,” I said, my voice on the cusp of muttering. I’d do anything she asked, but it didn’t mean that I liked it.

    I made my way towards the kitchen, when I suddenly remembered something that Mommy had told Kylie earlier today–back when Kylie was still seen as an adult. She had said that she had left a bottle in the fridge for me. A ‘special’ bottle that would clear me of any constipation, if I had any.

    I opened the fridge and spotted it–a single baby bottle at the front of the shelf, filled with what I would’ve assumed was just milk. I actually laughed out loud. This was Mommy in a nutshell–intensely nurturing, until she made you do something intensely humiliating.

    This is for pulling my pants down at the mall today.

    I tried really hard not to smile too much as I handed the bottle to Mommy.




    You’re on my lap in a tight pair of jeans. We’re watching a movie and I refilled your cup the whole way through it. You were only squirming ever so slightly but I could feel your bladders little bulge each time I brought my hand under the button on your jeans. I don’t press yet, I just place it there. You’re shy and I completely take advantage of that.

    “More water baby?”

    “Mmmm. Umm... I...”

    “Huh? What’s that? You full?” - I say in the most gentle, sort of demeaning tone.

    “Nn.. no it’s not that it’s just...” you slowly shift your legs over so that your crotch is on my thigh. “It’s just that I don’t want to get up”

    “Oh, you sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom? I mean, I wouldn’t want you to miss the movie but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind...”

    “Nnnn....nnn..” - you cut me off.

    “What’s that? Huh?” - I press down on your bladder as I taunt you. You had grown so comfortable with my hand resting there that you had completely forgotten I had that access. It startled you so much so that you let out a little yelp and you tried to squeeze your thighs together but you forgot that mine was in wedged between. You were on the edge of pissing, your body thought it would get relief by clenching but with my thigh in the way sure enough a fast little leak escaped as you grabbed your pussy.

    “Hey, what’s wrong? What happened? Youcan talk to me.” I act oblivious as I push down, this time harder, on your bladder

    “Come on you know you can tell me what’s going on” - now, taking your hands and pulling them away from your crotch leaving only the pressure of my thigh to stop you from bursting.

    “I...I’m... “

    “You’ve got it. Come on now, tell me”

    At this point you’re grinding into my thigh harder and harder. Your moans escaping along with little leaks.

    “Baby, why is my thigh wet? You need me to help you hold it in?”

    You look mortified but at this point you have no other option if you want even a chance at holding the rest in


    Letting go of that bit of humility you had been holding on to.

    You get embarrassed easily.

    Just the thought of asking to go pee makes you shy, imagine being so desperate that your only hope is a hand putting pressure in your pussy.

    Your face gets more red by the second, I use this opportunity to rub it in.

    “This must suck, huh? Your hands are restrained so you need someone else’s to keep yourself from wetting your pants.”

    “If you would just..”

    “Just what?”

    “If you would just let my arms go I wouldn’t need your hands”

    Little do you know that the more you complain, the more it encourages me.

    Now I want to make it impossible for your hands to move.

    I wrap my arms under yours in a way that would keep you from being able to grab yourself. I bring one hand under your jeans to feel underwear leaked through. I only place one hand there, softly and it’s as though the gentleness of it made you more desperate- you start grinding into my hand as though begging me to hold you harder.

    But I don’t.

    “ please”

    “Please what?”

    “Please let me hold myself”

    “Why? Why would you need to hold yourself?”

    “B...because I gotta...

    I gotta go pee. I need to go pee so bad and I’m going to have an accident please let me hold myself”

    You finally give In.

    “Oh? Was that it the whole time? “ - I say in that same demeaning oblivious tone-

    “You could’ve just said something baby here you can hold yourself”

    I uutangle my arms from yours and you quickly grab yourself without enough time to go under your jeans.

    “Need help?”

    You nod aggressively with now deeply red cheeks.

    I bring my hand back under your jeans and press hard, hoping to keep it in for a little longer

    “You scared you’re gonna have an accident on me? It’s ok baby, I got you. You’re right here in my arms and I’m gonna help you keep it all In”.....

    Your grinds get deeper and harder and you start to moan louder

    “ I..l can’t...”

    “You can hold it. you’ve got it. I’m right here. “

    “But I.. it’s.. it’s gonna… it’s gonna come out... I’m gonna”

    “No you’re not. You’re not gonna have an accident just keep grinding”

    “I can’t hold it I can’t hold it I can’t...”

    I feel the squirts escaping between my fingers. Now coming out faster and closer together

    “Hold me. Hold me tighter baby please I can’t make it I can’t hold it anymore please...”

    My fingers pressed into your crotch I could feel how tightly you were squeezing trying to keep it in. Now you’re squirming all over the place. Moaning as it all escapes but you never give up. You hold on even as the your pee escapes through my fingers I feel you clenching tightly around them as you moan:

    “I’m...I’m... I’m having an accident”


    what would be little ways you’d humiliate or tease your little girl wearing diapers? this is a hUge fantasy for me

    Ugh, same here, though. It’s personally one of my biggest turn-ons. Even though I think diapergirls are some of the most precious creatures on God’s Green Earth™, there’s no better feeling than embarrassing the hell out of them about their childish predicament. They get even cuter the more they blush. Just for you I’ve come up with a smol list of ways in which I’d like to humiliate my little in!

  • Impromptu diaper check - Littles can’t be trusted with taking care of their own nappies, which is why they should be prepared to get them checked anywhere, anytime. In the shopping isle, in the park, at friends, she should always be ready for her daddy to bend her over and take a quick peek inside her diaper!
  • Pantless day - Little girls don’t know the concept of decency anyway. When you have a day off, make her prance around in nothing but a diaper. Let’s see how well she can keep it hidden while doing chores in and around the house.
  • Take her shopping for diapers - And make it drawn out too! Have a long discussion with her in the diaper isle about which ones might fit her best or which ones might hold the most. Guaranteed she’ll be blushing at the raised eyebrows of bystanders!
  • Make her carry her own supplies. - So she’ll always be aware she’s just a little girl who needs her diapers. And make sure you remind her of the fact frequently as well! “How many diapers do you have left?” “Don’t forget your diaper bag, sweetheart!” “I don’t need diapers, so I’m not carrying them for you, princess!”
  • Public diaper change - Is your babygirl wet and is there a family bathroom with lock nearby? How about changing her right then and there? Butterflies in little’s tummy 100% guaranteed when she gets her tushy cleaned on an unfamiliar changing table!
  • Diaper pats - Acknowledge the fact that she’s wearing by patting her diaper throughout the day! When you’re out and about a light tap on her padded bottom will quickly remind her of who she really is.
  • Lock the bathrooms - She thinks she doesn’t need her diapers? Lock all the bathrooms in the house and make. That. Cutie. Wet. Herself. Let’s see if she’s still so confident if she has to admit to her Daddy that she did have an accident after all!
  • Cumming only in diapers - Even littles have adult needs at times. If she requires her needs to be fullfilled so to speak, it’s important that she needs to keep her diaper on! We don’t want her to make a mess after all. And be sure to supervise her while she’s desperately trying to rub herself through her baby diapers!
  • Degrade her - As I have already mentioned in the previous ask, your Daddy voice is magical. It’s no crime to tell your princess what a little girl she is for still having to wear diapers. It’s the truth after all! Some classic lines which will make any little squirm are: “Did you go potty in your princess panties for me? What a big baby you are!” and “Big girl panties are for big girls, silly girl, don’t you rather want to wear your nappies, hm?”
  • Double-/Triple-diapers - If you want to give her a true baby experience, why not put two or even three diapers on the lil’ lass? It’s highly entertaining seeing her waddle everywhere. For optimal enjoyment put a skirt on her and send her out on an errand!
  • Lots of ideas! I might add some later if I happen to come up with something devious! 😈 Feel free to add your own creative scenarios!


    Any recommendations on online abdl literature apart from yours? Preferably those that dive into femdom, teasing, sph, sissy, chastity, and all that other good stuff!

    Hmmm. Well, @wittl3sissybaby of course. Long time reader of his stuff. @all4thedips and @quietlyhumiliated have AWESOME content. @paddedlittleparadise is a classic, and @babybalugaluga is an incredible newcomer on the platform. @nannychloetales has some awesome stories! Hmm.. for non tumblr content... subthrone on deviantart has some great diaper stories, I think he has some on fictionmania as well under the name "Throne". Elfking88 has a great story series called "bad husband better baby" on deviantart too, with some other cucky stories.

    That's all i can think of for now. I definitely missed some great writers but im tired. lol.


    Thank you for the shout-out, @crinklyfantasies!

    Diaper Punished by the Sadistic Nanny: Part II (New Full-Length Novella!)

    Buy now on Amazon or Smashwords!


    Anna tossed and turned, dizzy with humiliation and disgust by the diaper she was still wearing under her bedsheets.

    She began to cry as she thought about home and wished she could just call her parents.

    Anna cursed the crinkly diaper between her legs. She wanted to rip the damn thing off, but she knew the consequences would be terrible.

    Finally, after tossing and turning for what seemed like forever, Anna knew she needed to find some way to accept the diaper she was now wearing.

    She looked around her bedroom again—It was dark and cold and empty.

    But she reached under her sheets, and noticed how her diaper was warm and soft—even comforting.

    Anna tried to playback the only part of the night she could hold onto as not horrific…

    The orgasm she had with Brad.

    She replayed in her head over and over again.

    Brad’s cock. His eyes as he stared at her. As he stared at Anna’s *diapered* pussy…

    Anna was starting to lock into the horniness she had felt downstairs. It was like a life raft in a tumultuous sea.

    She started rubbing and kneading her pussy through the front of her diaper. A strange comfort began to take over. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter…

    Anna reached her hand down into her diaper…

    She started to flick and tease her clit…

    *SLAM*—Anna’s bedroom door flung open.

    Anna ripped her hand out of her diaper.

    Nanny Rose was standing in the doorway holding a large baby bottle. “Anna, I almost put you to bed without your evening milk,” Nanny Rose said.

    Anna was too startled to do anything but remain quiet as Nanny Rose approached with the bottle and forced the teat between Anna’s lips.

    Anna in no way desired milk, but she certainly knew better than to argue with Nanny Rose at this point.

    Anna began thirstily sucking down the warm and strange tasting milk as Nanny Rose held it to her mouth.

    Half-way through the bottle, Anna’s tummy was starting to feel full. She tried to turn her mouth away but Nanny Rose just giggled and kept holding the bottle to Anna’s lips.

    “No, no, when Nanny gives you milk, you have to drink it all,” Nanny Rose teased.

    Finally, when the milk was finished, Nanny Rose took the bottle away and Anna let out a large, babyish belch.

    “And what do you say to Nanny?” Nanny Rose asked, patting Anna’s diapered crotch over her blanket.

    “Thank you for my bottle, Nanny Rose,” Anna obediently muttered.

    “Good girl,” Nanny Rose said and got to her feet.

    Nanny rose then turned. “Anna, you seem to have learned your lesson. Would you like me to change you out of your diaper? Back into the big girl panties you brought?”

    Anna sat up in excitement. “Yes, Nanny, please!”

    Nanny rose smiled. “That’s good. Well, that won’t be happening tonight. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t enjoying your diapers too much. They are a punishment after all.”

    Anna cringed. She couldn’t believe the way Nanny Rose had just toyed with her like that.

    “But Anna, how about this. If I come check your diaper in the morning, and I’ve found that you’ve kept it dry throughout the night, I won’t ask you to continue wearing diapers,” she offered.

    “Okay, Nanny,” Anna said, suddenly feeling hopeful.

    “Very good. Now, please do turn over and return to sleep,” Nanny Rose instructed.

    Anna sighed and rolled over. She hated that woman.

    But strangely enough, Nanny Rose stayed standing near her open door, her arms folded, watching Anna.

    Anna found it uncomfortable to say the least, and after what seemed like ten minutes, Anna worked up the courage to say something.

    “Nanny, aren’t you going to go to bed?” She said.

    Nanny Rose laughed. “Not yet. I need to supervise to make sure you’ve had enough milk to fall asleep. And I can see that’s clearly not the case.”

    Anna watched in confused displeasure as Nanny Rose produced an *additional*, large bottle of warm milk from her bag.

    “Wait, Nanny, I don’t need any more milk,” Anna pleaded.

    Nanny Rose just laughed. “Sorry dear, babies drink milk until Nanny sees them fall asleep. That’s how Nanny knows they got a good night’s rest.”

    Anna reluctantly sucked down the second bottle of milk.

    When she was finished with the second bottle, it wasn’t just her tummy that was full… but also her bladder.

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    Nanny’s Notes: The ‘Clothespin’ Method (A Diaper Punishment Technique)



    The following post is being released free of charge as promotion for my Patreon! Want to read a lot more naughty ABDL stories like this?Subscribe now for immediate access to tons more regular ABDL story content like this!

    Nanny’s Notes: The ‘Clothespin’ Method — A Diaper Punishment Technique

    Disclaimer:The following post contains adult content and is intended only for adult readers over the age of 18. It is entirely fictional and has been written and shared for entertainment purposes only. All events, scenarios and characters described are pure fantasy. Nothing is to be construed as actual medical or practical advice. All characters described are roleplaying, consenting adults over the age of 18+. As a friendly reminder, all non-fictional BDSM fantasy role-play should always and only be performed safely in the context of fully informed and consenting adults.

    Have you ever found yourself babysitting one of your ‘little’ ones, and found yourself becoming irked by their eagerness or impatience to be changed out of their soggy or messy diapers?

    I have.

    After all, so much of what’s delightful about regressing and humiliating a little one with a regimen of ongoing diaper punishment, is forcing them to experience the true, authentic, infantile embarrassment and shame of wearing and filling their diapers like a naughty toddler, despite being an adult.

    And a key part of that experience I seek to impose on my naughty little ones is the genuine helplessness that comes with them filling their diapers and being forced to waddle around in their soggy (even poopy!) diaper mess, until their caregiver decides to grace them with a diaper change.

    Therefore, I’ve outlined three methods below which I recommend to fellow caregivers to help them better successfully impose the unique ‘double-punishment’ of diaper punishment—that is forcing your charge to not only use their diapers, but fully experience the infantile helplessness of toddling around in their shameful, messy diaper, waiting to be changed.

    The first two methods are more straightforward, but it’s the third method—the one undoubtedly the most devious and novel of the three—that has most inspired me to share these notes today.

    1) The ‘Spontaneous Check’ Method

    The first method is the most straightforward and routine. It is often recommended as the first ‘go-to’ method of diaper-change-restriction in diaper-punishment / forced-regression punishment regimens.

    The basics of the method can be described thusly:

    — The charge is never permitted to ask for a diaper change for any reason, at any time, no matter what.

    — Instead, like a baby, they must be organically ‘checked’ and properly ‘discovered’ to be wet or messy by their caregiver.

    — It is then solely at the discretion of the caregiver if and when to change them.

    Of course, any unauthorized requests for a diaper change on behalf of a charge to their caregiver must necessarily be met with the most severe of discipline.

    Through this method, the charge grows to learn and internalize the infantile helplessness of knowing that when their diaper is changed is never up to them in any way, shape or form—no matter how soggy, messy, stinky, embarrassing, uncomfortable or otherwise their diaper is for them.

    2) The ‘Timer’ Method

    A second, slightly more involved method, is one I term ‘The Timer Method’.

    It’s applicable to caregivers who may still wish for their charge to exert some responsibility about alerting their caregiver to when they need a change, while also still implementing a systematized sense of humiliating helplessness for the little about the state of their messy diaper.

    The basics of this method can be described as the following:

    — Every time the charge reports to their caregiver to inform them that they are in need of a diaper change, the caregiver starts a secret timer randomly set between 1 and 60 minutes. The timer and the amount of time set is to only be visible to the caregiver, never to the charge.

    — The caregiver then tells their little (after checking and teasing them about their messy diaper) that they will change them ‘soon’, and in the meantime, the little should ‘go play.’ 

    — The caregiver will then wait for the hidden, randomly-set timer to finish counting down before approaching their little one again for their change.

    For the charge, they will experience the unique sense of frustration and helplessness of not knowing if they’ll be sitting in their poopy mess for one more minute… or one more hour.

    Just imagine the look on your little one’s face, when after 20 minutes of anxiously trying to avoid sitting in the poopy mess in the back of their diaper, they finally give up and suffer the embarrassment of sitting and smushing in it anyway. Only to find out just another minute later that their caregiver was just about to finally change them!

    Both the routine nature of the imposed diaper change denial period—combined with the random nature of the exact amount of time imposed—will impress a consistent sense of humiliation and helplessness, reinforced when it comes to every single one of your little’s diaper changes.

    After all, they will always be forced to wait some duration of time not controlled or known by them. Your little one will be forced to come to terms with the fact that the only thing they know… is that they don’t know. 

    In response, they will grow to internalize an authentic sense of ongoing helplessness about the state of their soggy or messy diapers. Thus, constantly psychologically reinforcing their status to them as the pathetic, stinky, diaper-messing baby who is totally dependent on their caregiver.

    One more note on the above described method:

    Under such a regimen, the caregiver must of course be vigilant for any attempts on behalf of the charge to ‘cheat’ the system by reporting for a diaper change prior to actually needing one, then choosing to use their diaper just before their actual change, in order to avoid actually being subjugated to a random duration of waddling about in their shameful mess.

    To prevent this, it’s important that the caregiver accurately check the state of the charge’s diaper before starting the random, hidden timer.

    If the charge is requesting a change before actually needing one, it’s important they immediately be subjected to a firm round of severe discipline to nip such deceitful behavior in the bud. 

    For example, you might punish them with an extra large, soapy enema, force them to release it in the very diaper they said was already full, and then require them to sit in their filth for an extra long time out.

    That way, you can explain to them with a smirk, “Now you know what a full diaper really feels like, you naughty little stinker!”

    3) The ‘Clothespin’ Method

    The third and final method that I am excited to share with you today is the one that most inspired me to write this post. I call it The Clothespin Method.

    (Warning: This method airs on the more… devious side. It’s not for everyone. 😉)

    I have come to appreciate this particular method the most out of the above three because it provides something unique for a dominating caregiver that the other two methods don’t…

    That is, it has the ability to inspire in your little one a genuine, baby-like desire to avoid having their diaper changed, no matter how uncomfortably wet or messy they currently are.

    After all, could there be anything more cute than a little one under your care suddenly deliberately hiding and trying to avoid you ‘discovering’ their need for a change?

    Is there anything more infantilizing that you can picture for your diapered charge, than for them to now be regularly sneaking off to the corner, making a ‘naughty stinky’, and genuinely trying to hide what they did in their pants afterwards like an actual toddler?

    Just picture the way their face will turn red when you suddenly sniff the air nearby and loudly announce, “Uh-oh! I think I smell a stinky diaper! Does my little one need a change? Does my little one have a poopy diaper?”

    Only for them to respond by insisting they don’t need a change! For them to be suddenly begging and fussing not to be changed out of their stinky mess!

    And you’ll smirk as you approach them, pat their naughty, poopy butt, and lightly scold them for being such a naughty baby, trying to pretend they didn’t make a big mess.

    Can you think of any behavior more exquisitely infantilizing? More divinely babyish?

    I can’t either!

    But how do you inspire such an authentic response from your charge?

    How do you get them to genuinely seek to try to avoid diaper changes, no matter how messy they are?

    After all, your charge is an adult, who no doubt not only resents being forced to wear diapers in the first place, but is certainly eager to escape their humiliating, mushy mess whenever they’re forced to make one.

    The solution: The caregiver must institute a consistent practice of deliberately making their submissive’s diaper changes highly unpleasant for them.

    In fact, in order to successfully inspire the authentic ‘change avoidance behavior’ described above, diaper changes must become so consistently unpleasant for your charge, that they begin organically trying to avoid them—even when it means them suffering the shame of waddling around in their poopy mess instead!

    However, attempting to implement such a thing raises a catch-22 for the caregiver.

    For the caregiver, a diaper change should still be defined by the essential, babyish elements that we caregivers love giving them for: The little propped up on the soft diaper changing table, the cool wipes cleaning their most sensitive parts, the essentially nurturing nature of the caregiving act itself.

    After all, we caregivers revel in our little one’s humiliation at being tended to in such an intimate, infantilizing way.

    So, how do we consistently and easily make our charge’s discomfort level sky-high, without also disturbing the essential nurturing nature of the diaper change process itself?

    The answer lies in the simple brilliance of…

    The Clothespin Method.The method is actually quite simple to implement, really.

    All it requires you do is the following:

    — Every time you lay your charge back for their diaper change… Snap a clothespin on their nipple for the duration of the change.

    — Or perhaps two clothespins, one for each nipple.

    — Or perhaps three, or four, or five, all placed anywhere their skin is sensitive.

    Be creative! What is wonderful about this method is how easy it is to adapt to your specific situation, and you can use however many clothespins it takes to inspire the desired level of discomfort on behalf of your charge!

    (By the way, most will find that just one clothespin is plenty, trust me.)

    And that’s it!

    How and why does this work?

    Because the regularly applied clothespins immediately make diaper changes so unpleasant for your charge, they will begin actively avoiding them, no matter how badly they need one.

    The second you first snap a clothespin on your little one’s nipple, they will instantly discover, that despite their incredibly innocent appearance, the pinching sensation the clothespin inflicts is exquisitely painful and unpleasant!

    As a tool, clothespins have numerous specific advantages when it comes to regularly inflicting a desired level of temporary discomfort for your sub:

    The pain the clothespins inflict is inherently superficial. (It’s highly unlikely they will result in any serious damage to a charge’s skin, so long as they are only left on for a short duration, and the skin is monitored and not broken.)

    They are easy to adjust to the desired and appropriate pain threshold. (Less skin getting pinched is generally more painful. They are even easy to apply to your own skin on your own time to help you get a handle on how to best use them for your desired effect.) 

    As an implement, the clothespins are very quick and easy for a caregiver to consistently implement during every diaper change. (As opposed to say, a spanking, which would require much more time and physical effort to perform at every change. Every tool has its place. 😉)

    And clothespins are so innocuous and lightweight, they are easy to always carry with you in a diaper bag to implement for even public changes. (Again opposed to something like a spanking, which would be inherently more difficult to accomplish in a semi-public setting, such as a public restroom.)

    And once again, despite their innocent appearance and lack of lasting damage, you’ll find that clothespins pack a serious punch for your submissive!

    Within seconds after they first feel their pinch, your submissive will be squealing in disbelief that something so innocent looking could be so evil!

    (For added effect, I highly recommend you buy some special, extra-cute, nursery-themed clothespins, like little ducky shaped ones! Or bright pink and baby blue ones! Won’t that be an extra humiliating thing for your submissive to regularly succumb to tears from?)

    At first, during every diaper change, your little will no doubt scream and fuss and cry at the top of their lungs for you to take your evil little friends off of them. (At the start, you’ll no doubt have to also keep their hands and body tightly restrained to the table for the duration of their changes.)

    But you won’t take them off.

    Because you’re their caregiver, and you know what’s best!

    They’ll soon come to dread your evil little clothespin friends with every fiber of their being. And in turn, they’ll grow to dread their diaper changes, knowing that’s when your evil little clothespin friends always come out to play.

    (Which is not to say you shouldn’t ever take the clothespins out otherwise! For example, you might be inspired to start keeping the clothespins pinned to the hem of your dress or atop your apron—a constant visible reminder to your naughty little one that they best always be on their best behavior!)

    And of course, your charge will likely scream and beg for you to tell them why. Why you’ve begun pinching them with your cruel little friends at every diaper change.

    “Mommy!” They’ll fuss through teary eyes. “Why do I have to always get the clothespins during diapee changes, now?”

    And if you’d like, you might respond with something like…

    “Well, little one, Mommy’s clothespin friends are part of your punishment for still pooping your diapers, despite how old you are. This is a way for Mommy to remind you, that just because you poop and pee your diapees like a baby, and you still need Mommy to change your diapees like a baby, you still don’t deserve to be as comfortable as a baby when you’re getting changed. Instead, you deserve to always be a little punished for still being such a big baby at your age.”

    Or, perhaps another explanation you might like…

    “Well, honey, Mommy puts her little clothespin friends on you now because she saw you get a hard peepee the other day. I think that means you’re enjoying your diapee changes with Mommy a little too much, so to make sure you remember your place and stay a good baby, Mommy is going to keep putting these little reminder clothespins on you during every change to help make sure you remember to keep always being a good little baby during your diapee changes.”

    And of course, alternatively, you can always just choose to simply give no explanation at all!

    That is, despite implementing them at every change, never explain the reason for the clothespins to them. Don’t ever even address or hear their questions about them at all!

    After all, you’re the one in charge! You don’t have to explain anything to them you don’t feel like explaining.

    This will serve as a fantastically effective reminder to your little one that you’re the adult, they’re the baby, and the only thing they ever need to know is that you’re in charge, no matter what!

    Whether you choose to give any sort of explanation or not, the clothespins will soon drive your sub mad with an overpowering sense of helplessness and embarrassment that they’re now terrified of their diaper changes. 

    You’ll be amazed at how soon their behavior around having their diaper changed resembles that of a real, fussy toddler!

    They’ll start quietly hiding from you in the corner when they know their soggy diaper is due for a change.

    When playing with toys with their friends, they’ll frantically try to just continue playing, despite having just dropped a huge load in their pants, out of fear of you discovering their accident.

    And they might even start fussing and screaming and crying every time you want to change their diaper—no matter how poopy they are—giving you the authentic feeling of chasing down a naughty little one who’s even too much of a baby to even want to get changed out of their squishy messes!

    And you’ll giggle and laugh and tease them for being such a baby who loves their diapers, they don’t even want to get changed out of their soggy, poopy messes! 

    And you’ll love every minute of their humiliating, infantilizing, diaper-dependent regression, because it all reinforces your total power over them, and makes it crystal clear for you and them and all the rest of the world…

    They are your Little.

    And you are their Big.



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    Nanny Chloe

    Aubree’s face was bright red as she toddled into her nursery, looking for her Daddy. He’d been her boyfriend once, and she’d been a regular woman, but that was her old life. That was before the new laws came into place a few months ago, stripping women of their rights. That was before she went from a confident, independent career woman to her boyfriend’s personal property, his little toy to do with as he wished. And of course he couldn’t have just turned her into his little sex-pet, like had happened to some of her friends. But no, that wasn’t good enough for him. He’d been determined to put Aubree in her “rightful place”, to “fix” her attitude and make her understand that women were nothing but overgrown children, and that she was no different.

    Aubree’s heavy, loaded nappy jiggled between her legs as she waddled into the room. It was absolutely soaked with pee, just like it normally was, and there was a big, yucky mess in the back as well. Aubree had made poo-poos in her pants almost two hours ago – there was no way Daddy would ever change her diaper straight away, but it had been long enough now that she could try and persuade him.

    There he was, bending down by her changing table, restocking it with a fresh supply of adult-sized nappies for her to pee and poop in. He heard her approach, and looked up. A wide, satisfied smile spread across his face as he took in the sight of his former girlfriend standing there slightly bow-legged, with her full nappy drooping between her thighs.

    “Hi, sweetheart!” he said, his tone sweet and condescending. “Were you looking for Daddy?”

    Aubree’s face was scarlet. She hated the way he baby-talked her! She looked at the floor and nodded.

    “Awww,” he cooed, “did baby want some cuddles from Dada? Or maybe she needed something else, hmm? What’s the matter, sweet girl? Are you hungry? Thirsty?”

    Aubree seethed silently. He knew what she wanted! But she wasn’t allowed to ask for a nappy change. Daddy said she wasn’t allowed to use her big girl words that way. Any time she wanted a clean nappy, she had to do what Daddy called her “diapee dance”.

    Aubree took a deep breath, and then, cringing with shame, she looked up into his smirking face and lisped, “Diapee danth, Dada!”

    Then she turned around, fell into a squat, and started wiggling her diapered bottom from side to side so that the sagging seat of her nappy swung about madly between her legs. She wrinkled her nose in disgust as she felt her wee-wee sloshing about in her pants and the horrible mess squish against her bottom. Tears of shame stung her eyes. How could this have happened to her?! She was supposed to be a grown woman in the prime of her life!

    She could hear Daddy laughing behind her. “That’s Daddy’s little dancer!” he praised as she continued to shake her bottom and make her droopy diaper jiggle about. “That’s my little wiggle-butt!”

    She felt him come up behind her and pat her bottom firmly. She stopped shaking it immediately. Slowly, as if he were savouring every second, Aubree’s Daddy turned her around and tilted up her chin so that she was looking into his face.

    “Poor little thing,” he crooned when he saw the tears of humiliation on her bright red face. “It’s okay!” He stroked her cheek gently. “I know you’re upset because your big-girl life is over and you’re just a silly baby now, but you’ll get used to it, sweetie.” He patted her sagging diaper firmly again, smiling. “One day this will all be normal to you.”

    “But I don’t want it to be normal!” Aubree wailed.

    “It’s okay, baby girl,” her Daddy soothed again, pulling her into a cuddle and reaching down to pat her bottom, gently this time. “You’re just a little cranky right now. But Daddy knows how to make you feel better.” He moved his hand from her bottom to the front of her soggy nappy, and started to rub.

    Aubree gasped. She opened her mouth to tell him to stop, but instead, totally against her will, she let out a slutty, breathy moan. She felt herself going even redder than before.

    “That’s it,” her Daddy coaxed. “Good girl! Baby likes her rub-rubs, doesn’t she?”

    Aubrey moaned again, biting her lip in pleasure as Daddy pressed the sodden, pissy padding of her used nappy against her sensitive little pussy.

    Still rubbing the front of her diaper, he led her to a chair in the corner of her nursery. He took a seat, pulling her, facing him, into his lap.

    Immediately, she started to grind her diapered pussy desperately against his thigh. A part of her wanted to stop, was screaming inside her head to control herself, but the pleasure was too much. Daddy always kept her on edge, saying it would make her easier to control. She knew she was proving him right, but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered now except humping his leg as hard and fast as she could. She felt Daddy press his knee up against her crotch, and she squealed in pleasure.

    Aubree looked down at her Daddy, her eyes slightly crossed, her chin slick with drool, and saw him smirking. She let out a noise somewhere between a moan of pleasure and a groan of shame. She felt like a stupid baby. She felt like a dumb whore. With a final moan that made her sound like a bimbo slut, Aubree orgasmed in her soggy, stinky nappy and collapsed against her Daddy’s chest. She felt his strong arms hold her tightly against him, felt his hand cup her padded bottom. Then he kissed her on the top of her head and said, “That’s my little girl.”


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    We were halfway through our walk in the local woods when I heard the words I’d been dreading.

    “Pants down, baby,” my boyfriend ordered. “It’s time for a nappy check.”

    I looked around hurriedly. I couldn’t see anyone on the path, but it was a fairly popular route and they’d already passed two other couples on their walk so far. There could be someone right around the corner!

    “Daddyyyy,” I whined quietly. “Please! Not here! What if someone sees?” My diapers were barely covered by my tracksuit bottoms already, and they bulged out so much I was sure some people must have suspected what I was wearing. But if someone saw me with my pants down, it would leave them in absolutely no doubt that I was a grown woman who was still in nappies.

    “Daddy has to check you, sweetie,” my boyfriend cooed. “I need to see if you’ve done a wee-wee or a poo-poo in your nappy.” He wasn’t even trying to keep his voice down.

    I felt myself blushing scarlet. “But Daddy!” I whined again. “Why do I have to pull them all the way down? Can’t you just check me while I keep them on, in case somebody comes?”

    “No, princess,” he said firmly. “You know the rules. Pants around your ankles when it’s time for a nappy check. The rules don’t change just because we’re out of the house.”

    “But I don’t need changing!” I insisted. “I don’t need to be checked! You can just ask me and I’ll-”

    “That’s enough, baby,” he said, sounding stern. “You’re far too little to know when you need changing. You need an adult to check your nappies for pee and poo. Now drop those pants right this instant unless you want Daddy to smack your naughty little botty right here.”

    I let out a pathetic whimper. With one final, anxious glance up and down the path, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my tracksuit bottoms and tugged them down my legs to pool at my ankles, exposing the bulky disposable diaper taped around my waist.

    I clenched my eyes shut, listening hard for the sounds of anyone approaching, while my boyfriend subjected me to an agonizingly slow nappy check.

    He brushed aside my long ponytail and pulled out the back of my diaper to peek inside, checking to see if I’d pooped – as if he didn’t already know I was clean. He would have noticed if Id done that in my pants! He just wanted to humiliate me further by treating me like an overgrown baby who might have made a stinky in her nappy and not even noticed. It was all part of his regime to “put me in my place”.

    “No messes,” he announced loudly, patting my padded bottom. Then he turned me around and shoved his hand unceremoniously down the front of my diaper. His fingers probed the soggy padding between my thighs. “But it looks like somebody’s got her pee-pee pants on!” he exclaimed. I didn’t think it was possible for my face to get any more red.

    I opened my eyes and looked up into his smirking face.

    “But I don’t think you need changing just yet,” he said, taking a pack of wet wipes out of his bag and wiping his fingers clean. “You’ve got a pretty wet nappy, but it’s normal for babies to toddle about in pissy pants.” He smiled sadistically. “Besides, I expect you’ll poop before we finish our walk, so I’ll wait until we get back to the car before changing your nappy.”

    I imagined getting my diaper changed in the back seat of his car, and my lower lip trembled.

    “Awww,” he cooed, tauntingly, stroking the top of my head. “There, there, sweetheart. It’s okay. You’ll get used to being a diaper-dependent little baby eventually.” He reached down and pulled my pants back up, this time making sure to leave at least an inch of my nappy’s plastic waistband sticking out of the top. He stood back to admire the obvious bulge around my waist, smirked, then took me by the hand and led me further on through the woods.

    I could only cling onto Daddy’s hand tightly, and pray we didn’t encounter anyone else on our walk.


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    Natalie squirmed in place on the bathroom floor, trying not to meet her boyfriend’s eyes.

    “Sweetheart, can you be a good girl and lie on your back for Dada?” he asked. His voice was sweet and gentle, but there was something taunting about his tone as well. A smirk was playing around his lips. “Your little diapee is soaked and Daddy has to change your soggy bum-bum!”

    Natalie felt her face burning with humiliation. He couldn’t talk to her like that! She was his girlfriend, not his baby!

    “But Daddyyy,” she whined, hating how petulant she sounded, “I can do it myself! I don’t need… I don’t want someone else to I’m an adult!”

    He chuckled, and Natalie felt herself going even redder. She was in her twenties, but her boyfriend always had a way of making her feel like a stupid little two-year-old. Everyone else said she was so mature, so sophisticated and independent and put-together, but it was different when she was with him... With just a glance he could strip all that away and leave her as nothing but a dumb, dependent toddler. He made her call him ‘Daddy’. He made her hold his hand whenever she crossed the street. He made her wear diapers and he made her piss in them like some incontinent little brat!

    “It’s not funny!” she snapped, trying her best to sound like the angry and disrespected adult woman she was, and not the whiny little girl her boyfriend seemed intent on turning her into. “It’s bad enough that you’ve been making me pee in these disgusting things, but that ends now. I’m going back into panties, and I am not going to lie back and let you change me!” She grabbed one of her nappy’s tapes and ripped it open.

    “Bad girl!” her boyfriend scolded suddenly, delivering a firm swat to the top of Natalie’s thigh.

    Natalie squealed and stared up at him furiously. He couldn’t do this to her! He couldn’t just smack her like a misbehaving child! She wasn’t going to put up with this anymore!

    But he raised his eyebrow sternly at the sight of her glare, and Natalie immediately dropped her gaze to the floor. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. Why was she so pathetic?! She was supposed to be a grown woman! Was that really all it took for her boyfriend to turn her into his meek, obedient little plaything? A stern look?

    “No more fussing, sweetie,” he said firmly. “You’re not going back to panties. You’re just a big, dumb baby who pees and poops in her pants, and that means you need nappies. And you certainly don’t change them yourself. That’s a grown-up’s job. Now lie back and let Daddy clean you up, or I’ll have no choice but to smack your naughty bottom and make you wear this sopping wet nappy to bed tonight.”

    Natalie opened her mouth to say something. Then she whimpered feebly, and lay back on the floor.

    “Good girl!” her boyfriend cooed. “That’s my obedient little princess!” He reached forward and undid the other side of her nappy. Then, torturously slowly, he pulled down the front. Natalie kept her eyes focused away, but she couldn’t stop herself from hearing his words.

    “P-U!” he exclaimed, “What a stinky girl! Who’d have thought that such a cute girl would need her boyfriend to change her yucky wet diapers?”

    Natalie cringed with shame and felt him start to wipe her nether regions with a pack of baby wipes. She bit her lip and had to suppress a moan when a wipe passed gently over her bare pussy. She felt ridiculous. She knew she must look absurd – a grown woman lying on the floor in the middle of a diaper change.

    “What would all your friends say?” her boyfriend asked, the smirk playing around his mouth again, “If they could see you now?”

    Natalie clenched her eyes shut. She couldn’t stand this! She’d never felt so humiliated in her life!

    “I doubt any of them still wear nappies, do they?” he asked, and when she didn’t respond, he delivered another swat to her bottom. “Do they, sweetie?”

    “No, Daddy,” she whimpered, her face scarlet.

    “No,” he agreed, tugging her soggy nappy out from underneath her bottom, wrapping it up, and dropping it down right next to her head.

    Natalie wrinkled her nose in disgust and let out a low whine.

    “It’s only you who still wets herself,” her boyfriend continued, his eyes glinting sadistically. “It’s only you who still waddles around with her potty taped to her bottom.”

    Natalie whined again. It was so unfair! It wasn’t her fault!

    “But that’s okay,” he said, the condescending sweetness back in his voice, “because Daddy knows you’re not really a big girl like them. Daddy knows you’re just a baby. You’re just a stupid little girl who isn’t ready to be a grown-up.”

    Natalie felt tears filling her eyes again. She felt a fresh nappy slid under her bottom and taped around her waist.

    “And Daddy knows you’re going to be naughty sometimes, like you were just now. Because it’s hard going from being a respectable adult woman to a helpless little baby brat who does whatever her Daddy tells her.” He took her by the hands and pulled her to her feet, grinning at the way her bulky nappy pushed her thighs apart. Then he cupped her face gently and kissed her on the forehead. “But you’d better behave tonight,” he said, and he pointed to the soggy, yellow-tinged nappy bundled up on the floor, “or tomorrow I’ll make you open up your diaper pail, take that pissy nappy out, and wear it all day.”

    Natalie burst into tears. “Yes Daddy!” she sobbed, her big girl façade broken to pieces. “I’ll be a good girl! I promise!”


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    My lil happy place.


    “Stop looking so shocked and dry up those alligator tears before I give you a real reason to be crying like a little baby”  

    She stood frozen in the doorway of the “secret room” that she had been warned about.  The depths of humiliation that she felt rushing through her made her momentarily forget about the tears and concentrate on the tingling in her kitty.

    “I don’t want to sleep in a baby crib!  Please, I’ll be a good girl, I promise,” she said as he took her by the hand and slowly walked her towards her embarrassing fate.  The butterflies in her tummy were at full flutter as he forcibly led her to the side of this extra large crib.  

    As he let down the side, he pointed at the crib and said, “Get that diapered bottom into your new baby crib where you will be spending the nights when Daddy thinks you’ve been naughty.  Did Daddy’s little humiliation baby think she was going to sleep in Daddy’s bed when she gets sent to bed with wet diapers?  Awwww, don’t be a silly little one, Daddy’s bed doesn’t have a plastic sheet to protect it from a little bedwetter like you….. you’re so silly.”  

    The tears rolled from her eyes even as she was tightening her thighs to alleviate the throbbing she felt.  How she absolutely hated this embarrassment, the humiliation of being forcibly regressed to a diapered little baby and treated like a dumb little toddler that can’t make adult decisions.  

    “What a Big Cry baby you are!  Are you crying because you look so ridiculous in your diapers and toddler jammies?  Are you crying because I spanked you earlier?  Are you crying because you’re realizing that I’ve figured you out and I’m going to humiliate you just as you fantasized about?  Are you crying because you’re the one that asked for all of this?”  

    “If you get out of the crib without my assistance, it will be a bare bottom spanking.  There are no warnings, zero tolerance,”  he said as he picked up the hairbrush on the nightstand to show it off.  “You will be spanked like a naughty girl, you will be scolded like a naughty girl, stood in the corner like a naughty girl and talked to like a naughty girl.  If you’re in trouble or talking entirely too much, then you can expect a pacifier.” he lectured as he slowly held the large pacifier in front of her before forcing it into place.  

    “Awwww, more tears from the little crybaby.  Don’t worry baby, you’ve already told me all of your fantasies and darkest secrets and we both know that this is what you need and what you want…. even if you won’t ever admit it again,”  he said in a soft but understanding voice.  

    His worlds were mesmerizing to her even though her tears of defeat and humiliation.  The fear is what caused most of her tears, the fear that he was a master at humiliation and seemed to push her boundaries just beyond their points of breaking but with gentle tenderness in his intent and firmness in his hands.

    “Sleep tight little baby, tomorrow I’ll explain how tease and denial work before we start your chastity training.  Big girl releases will be earned with good girl gold stars and you currently don’t have any.  If you’re a naughty girl then it will be quite a long time before you see a big girl release or pair of big girl undies!” 

    He let out a laugh as he was closing the door but stopped and took one last look at the grown adult woman that he had just reduced to a little baby in a wet diaper that is about to fall asleep in her very own crib.  He smiled with contentment knowing that he was bringing her fantasies to reality…. a very new reality that she was going to learn to accept.   

    He said, “Don’t forget little princess, That you asked for this.  Your reality has now changed little one and you will be slowly integrated into a new reality that comprises all of your fantasy ideas and dreams.  You said, “I feel like I should be treated and humiliated like a little baby since I look like a baby.”  What bra size is tinier than a training bra? Do they have sizes that go negative?   Those are not womanly breasts young lady, they are just little baby bits.  Where are your womanly hips?  A grown woman has hips strong enough to give birth, but you have no hips at all, just a cute little bottom that looks like it needs to be powdered and diapered!  No worries, I promise to be dedicated and loyal to your much-needed humiliation and tender loving care.  Night Night baby girl…. “ 

    "Ice Cream Diaper Girl"

    An ABDL/DDLG story inspired by true events...

    It had been a busy and productive Saturday. Groceries, dry cleaning, a trip to Home Depot for potting soil. And she kept her pull-ups dry the whole time.

    He always made her wear pull-ups on the weekends and she loved it. She loved looking like a grown woman but knowing that under her jeans, she was still his little girl who couldn't be trusted with big girl undies.

    "Remember," he told her that morning, "your pull-ups are for just in case. I still expect you to try to make it to the potty. If you think that's going to be a problem for you, let me know and we'll change you into your diapers."

    "It won't be a problem, Daddy."

    "Good girl. And if you stay dry all day, we can have ice cream after dinner. Sound good?"

    She smiled and nodded. He kissed her nose.


    After dinner, they did the dishes together. He washed, she dried. Putting away the last plate, she turned to him. "Let's go to the store! I'm ready for ice cream!"

    "Oh are you?" he replied. "Remember what I said? We can only have ice cream if..."

    "I know!" she said. "I remember."

    "So tell me. We can only have ice cream if what?"

    She looked down at her toes. "If I didn't wet my pull-up," she mumbled.

    "That's right. Now let's take a look and see if we earned ice cream. Pants down, hands up, sweetie. Open up your legs for me."

    She followed his instructions, unzipping her jeans and pulling them down to her thighs. She put her hands on her head and opened her legs a bit, her striped socks sliding on the kitchen's linoleum floor. He took a moment to just look at her. He loved how much she trusted him, how willing she was to make herself vulnerable, how obedient she was (at least most of the time). He placed his hand between her legs and gave her pull-up a firm squeeze.

    He looked her in the eye and smiled. "What flavor should we get?"

    "Chocolate with peanut butter! And can we watch a movie?"

    "I love that idea," he said. "So do you want to get into your nighttime diaper now or when we come back?"

    She responded definitively. "After." Just the the thought of going to their neighborhood grocery store in her thick overnight diaper gave her a sharp pang of embarrassment. They've been shopping there for years and most of the employees know her by name. She didn't want her new name to be Ice Cream Diaper Girl.


    The store was a short walk from their apartment. As they waited at the crosswalk, he noticed her getting fidgety.

    "Everything okay over there, kiddo?" he asked.

    "Fine," she replied abruptly. And the light turned green.

    They had to pick up ingredients for tomorrow morning's omelettes and agreed to grab the ice cream last so it wouldn't melt. Walking down the toiletries aisle, he grabbed a box of baby wipes. "Sweetie, do we need more diaper wipes?" he asked at a higher volume than was necessary.

    She gave him a look and replied as casually as she could manage. "No, I think we're okay." He shot back his own mischievous grin.

    Their list of breakfast ingredients all crossed off, they headed towards the ice cream freezer and he noticed that she was getting more fidgety, dancing around shifting her weight from foot to foot. He knew this little dance well but he pretended not to notice and said nothing.

    In the ice cream aisle, she made a bee line for the Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter. "All set!" she chirped as she tossed it in the basket.

    But he wasn't ready to let her go home yet. "Hmmm... I might want to get another flavor too," he pondered, taking his time as he spoke.

    "Okay! What are you in the mood for?" she asked, bouncing in place.

    "I'm not sure. It's been a while since I browsed their selection. I wonder if they have anything new."

    "Okay, but can you decide quick cause I have to go a little bit."

    "Ohhhhh," he said, feigning ignorance, "is that why you've been bopping around? Yeah, we'll be out of here soon. Just give me a minute." He then opened the freezer and began reading the ingredients on the back of a pint of pistachio. She sighed.

    "What's guar gum?" he pondered aloud to nobody in particular.

    "I don't know but let's look it up when we get home!" she urged, pressing her knees together and rocking back and forth.

    "Hold on. I've always been curious. I wonder if it's unhealthy." He took out his phone and found his way to the Wikipedia page, which he then read slowly and intensely, like he was studying for his PhD in ice cream additives.

    Finally, he spoke. "Says it's a natural food thickener. Doesn't sound like it's too bad for you." He looked up from his phone and smiled at her. But after a short moment, he noticed that she wasn't fidgeting anymore. His smile fell and his eyes narrowed.

    "Baby, did you wet your pants?" he asked. They were the only ones in the aisle but his voice was a little louder than she would have liked.

    She looked down. He grabbed her wrist, pulling her in towards him. "Answer me. Did you have an accident just now?" Before she could respond, his fingers were on the back of her jeans, pressing into her pull-up, which she had filled to nearly its limit.

    "What did I tell you about your pull-ups? Do you remember?"

    "Can we please go home and not do this here?" she pleaded.

    "We can go home. But answer my question. What did I tell you about your pull-ups?"

    "You told me they were for just in case and that I should keep them dry."

    "That's right. And what else?"

    She sighed. He raised an eyebrow.

    "And that I should tell you if I was worried about having an accident so that you could put me in a diaper."

    "And what did I ask you right before we left the house?"

    "You asked me if I wanted to put on a diaper before we left."

    "That's exactly right. Now let's get you home before you make a puddle in the store."


    The front door closed behind them and he set the grocery bags on the kitchen floor. "Wait for me in the living room. Pants off. I'm going to put the groceries away."

    She sat on the couch pantsless, looking down at the white stars on her soggy purple pull-ups, and listened to him in the kitchen. She hated being spanked in the living room. It wasn't actually any less private than the bedroom, but the bedroom felt more private. At least it had a door. The living room was where she did video calls for work, where they played Scrabble with their friends.

    He came into the room with his sweater sleeves already pushed up and stood in front of her, looking down at her in her swollen training pants, like a helpless child.

    "Am I getting a spanking?"

    "Yes, baby. Now stand up," he ordered.

    She stood and he took her place on the couch, his eyes now level with her damp transgression. He gripped her by the waist, guiding her down over his lap and pulled her heavy pull-up down to her knees.

    "Do you know why you're being punished?" he asked.

    "Yes, Daddy."


    This is the part that made her feel smallest, being made to say it out loudagain.

    "Because I didn't want to wear a diaper and I wet myself in the store."

    "And what should you do next time?"

    She just wanted the spanking already. "Hold it until I got home."

    "Well we both know that you can't always hold it. So what else?

    Her voice got tiny. "Ask you to diaper me."

    "That's right. Now be a good girl and hold still for me."

    He began spanking her. A few warm-up swats and then he found his way into a steady rhythm. He continued to scold her as he administered her punishment. "Why are you getting this spanking?" "Because I wet myself." "Do you think you're a big girl?" "No, I'm a little girl." "Do you still need diapers?" "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes, Daddy."

    She cried and he continued spanking her until all she could manage to say was "I'm sorry" between teary gasps. He could tell she'd had enough and he wrapped up with a few final smacks.

    He rubbed her red bottom gently as she caught her breath.

    "You took your spanking so well, sweetie. I'm very proud of my little girl."

    Those were some of her favorite words. "Thank you, Daddy."

    He stood her up and brought her pull-up back to her waist, its wetness now cold on her burning cheeks. He pulled her onto his lap and cradled her in his arms. He looked down at her, her face red and wet with tears. "Such a good girl."

    Those were some of her other favorite words. "Thank you, Daddy."

    He pulled her close and she nuzzled her face in his chest.

    "Will you do something for me, baby?" he asked.

    "Mmhmm," she hummed into his sweater.

    "Go grab a diaper and the ice cream. Let's find a movie to watch."


    Little Miss Learned Her Lesson...
    ly 🍑


    Lttle Miss knows she needs help going potty. But instead of waiting for her daddy to come help her go potty, she decided to go on her own.

    As she was closing the door to go potty, her daddy stopped the door, grabbed her wrist, and led her to her room. He ignored her pleading to let her go potty before her punishment and pulled her across his lap for her spanking. It didn’t take long for the tears to start falling and her bladder to start leaking.

    After a few minutes the squirts of pee with every stroke of his hand stopped and she was sent to get her hairbrush. She was then put back across his lap for the rest of her spanking. It only took a few swats for her to start promising to be a good girl and ask for help on the potty.

    5 minutes after that she was given a hug and laid on her bed while her daddy went to get her new underwear. She was expecting another pull-up, instead she will be going back to diapers full time for the next 3 months and then she can try potty training again.

    force breeding is so hot! begging him not to cum inside you but he just smirks and says “you’ll like it.” trying to push him away but he pins your hands above your head and starts thrusting faster. brushing away your tears and soothing you as he starts to cum inside you. watching his cum slowly leak out of your cunt and saying “your cunt looks so pretty with my cum in it.” 


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