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    The Five Signs That Tell You She’s Into Crossdressing.

    This is an extract of some of the content of my Premium Crossdressing Program. You can sign up for the program (and months of useful exercises, hypnosis, tips and tricks) here: http://fionadobson.com/premium-program/

    Many crossdressers long to enjoy their dressing with a girlfriend, or a woman who will participate in the process. Of course, there’s a sexual element to this. However, in many cases a woman finds it exciting to be part of this very intimate process. For some women this is a powerful turn on, and something they’d love to do.

    So, we have a need on both sides of this delicate equation — but how can you ever connect those two dots? Well, here’s five simple indicators that you’re going to make it work.

    As with most of the process in which you engage in, during this program, you will need to pick your moment very carefully, and approach the subject with subtlety and tact. I suggest that when you have identified someone you feel comfortable doing this exercise with, make a note of it, and then take plenty of time to let them feel comfortable with you long before you make any suggestions, or really engage in the active part of this exercise.

    Once you know they feel fairly comfortable with you, and that you can speak to the confidentially, without fear that they’ll be offended or unkind about it should the wheels come off — then you are more or less ready.

    I’m assuming that you don’t want to confront this subject head on. You’re looking for a way to introduce the subject to see if they’re receptive to the idea. Yet, you wish to do so in a way that does not leave you too exposed.

    Your objective is to mention that you’d heard that some men love to crossdress. That’s all. You are then going to ask ‘what do you think of that?’ or ‘have you ever known anyone who’d be into that?’

    Now, in introducing the subject there are going to be a number of indicators that your friend is likely to exhibit. You are going to look closely at them to see if they show any of these indicators. We’ll get to what you can do with that in the next part of the program.

    You’re going to watch the body language of the person you’re with, and let that tell you all you need to know.

    So, here’s what you are looking for:

    1. Physical direction. After asking ‘What do you think about…’ you’re going to watch for body movement. You’re likely going to see they either turn their torso toward you, or away from you. That re-orientation is a silent assent or dismissal, of the information you just tossed out there. The move may be subtle, but it will be very telling.

    2. If, after you introduce the subject, your friend looks at you directly, they are interested. Be sure about it. Humans are subject to reflexes, and can’t really override their response. Things that interest us draw our attention visually powerfully. You’ve heard the expression “I couldn’t look away’ — well that’s quite literal.

    3. Watch your friends’ pupils. If they dilate, they’re excited and it’s something that they’re feeling interested in. If their pupils reduce in size, they’re not on board.

    4. While watching the other persons’ face, be aware of where they are looking. It’s quite normal in such a situation for the subject to unconsciously check out your body. They’re doing two things. The first is that they wonder how you’d look. The second is they’re sizing you up as a sex partner.

    5. As you talk, for the next couple of minutes, check to see if she’s moved a little closer. If she does, and particularly if her voice lowers, she’s not only on board, she’s looking for ways to make this happen.

    So, if you’re getting a positive response, you’re now in an enviable position, and you are talking to someone who’d likely respond positively to your suggestions. In my next section I’ll be looking at exactly how you make that suggestion.

    You can join my Premium Crossdressing Program here: http://fionadobson.com/premium-program/



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