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    “Are you enjoying the show, little ones? Good! That’s what I like to hear! I know the judge bois had the time of their lives when I showed them last night! But I think what I did to them afterward they might have found a little more exciting! I had all three of them fuckin screaming all night long! Isn’t that right, bois? Aw, look they’re embarrassed! Don’t worry, bois, we all know there isn’t a soul in this room who wouldn’t give anything to be in your places! Hahaha!!”

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    A lot of my drawings start out by just doing exercises, and then getting carried away. I wanted to practice doing expressions, and I thought I’d might as well use Zuko from Avatar. Then I started wondering if I could tell a story with expressions, and decided to illustrate his character development throughout the series - from rage, to regret, to redemption. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and I particularly enjoyed doing the hands, his burn-marks and geometrical designs, even if the latter are pretty simple and rough. This was also fun, because it flowed naturally and sort of created itself, compared to my last post that I’d been stuck on for a while and beating myself up over.

    The quote is from Iroh, and it’s something I really love. I think you could exchange pride for a lot of more «modern issues» such as self-confidence and self-esteem - things we believe other people have tons of and that we feel we need to become decent or effective human beings. Exchanging so called self-confidence with compassion, humility and acceptance - towards others and one self - isn’t that a wonderful idea? For sure there are upsides towards chasing feelings of confidence and pride, such as pushing one’s skills and craft even further, but to paraphrase the therapist Sheldon Kopp: «It’s a relief to see myself maybe not just as I had desired, but - after all - just the way I am»

    Also, here’s the process ☺️

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    The Dragon Ball Physique

    So here we go it’s time to get in Dragon Ball shape.

    Now all the characters in Dragon Ball are muscular as hell but best thing about the Dragon Ball Physique is no matter what size you are the more ripped you get the more you will resemble the Dragon Ball physique.

    This program will be broken up into different workouts so we can hit the muscles from different angles with different reps, some will focus on strength and others on sculpting to really achieve that superhero look.

    Phase 1

    Day 1:

    Bench press 10,8,6,5,3,3

    Here we start with a upper body and lower body split.

    Weighted pull-ups 5xamrap

    Incline dumbbell press 4x6

    T-bar rows 4x8

    Shoulder press 6x8

    Bar shrugs 5x10

    Bar curls 5x8

    Tricep press down 5x10

    Day 2:

    Squats 10,8,8,5,5,3

    Leg press 5x10

    Lunges 4x10

    Leg extension 3x12

    Farmers carry 4 laps

    Calf raises 6x 10-20

    Day 3:

    Dumbbell bench press 4x10

    Seated rows 4x8


    Incline bar press 3x10

    Dumbbell bent over row 3x10

    Lat raise 3x12

    Front raise 3x12

    Rear flyes 3x12

    Dumbbell curls 4x12

    Hammer curls 3x15

    Tricep pushdown 4x15

    Tricep one arm extension 3x12

    Day 4:

    Hack squats 4x20

    Goblet squats 3x20

    Leg extension 5x20

    Leg curls 5x20

    Calf raise 4x20

    Single leg calf raise 5x10-20

    Phase 2

    Day 1:

    Bench press 5x5

    Incline bar press 5x5

    Dumbbell flyes 5x6-10

    Dumbbell pullovers 4x6-12

    Cable flyes 3x10

    Tricep pushdowns 5x10-15

    Dips 5xamrap

    Day 2:

    Rack pull 5x5

    Pull-ups 4xamrap

    Power shrugs 5x5-15

    Seated rows 5x8-15

    T-bar rows 5x6-15

    Pulldowns 2x10

    Bar curls 5x8-12

    Con curls 5x6-10

    Day 3:

    Overhead press 5x5

    Shoulder press 4x20

    Upright rows 5x8-12

    Lat raises 4x10

    Front raise 4x10

    Rear flyes 5x10

    Low pulley raises 3x6

    Ab crunches 3xamrap

    Twist crunches 3xamrap

    Day 4:

    Squats 5x5

    Leg extension 5x15-20

    Leg curls 5x15-20

    Calf raises 5x10-20

    Leg press 3x20

    Leg raises 3xamrap

    Phase 3

    Day 1:

    Squats 5x5

    Bench press 5x5

    Incline bar bench 4x8-12

    Dumbbell flyes 5x5-10

    Pullovers 4x6-8

    Tri pushdowns 5x6-12

    Tricep overhead extension 4x8

    Dips 5xamrap

    Day 2:

    Deadlifts 5x5

    Pull-ups 4xamrap

    Seated rows 6x6-10

    Bar shrugs 5x6-15

    T-bar rows 5x6-8

    Bar curls 6x8-10

    Preacher curls 6x6-8


    Sit-ups 5xamrap

    Day 3:

    Clean & press 5x5

    Overhead press 5x5

    Upright rows 5-6x8-10

    Lat raises 4x8-10

    Rear flyes 5x6-10

    Low pulley raise 4x6

    Day 4:

    Bench press 5x5

    Squats 5x5

    Leg extension 5x6-15

    Leg curls 5x6-15

    Calf raises 6x10

    Leg press 3-4x20

    Phase 4

    Day 1:

    Dumbbell bench 4x10-12

    Incline bench drop 4x10

    Cable flyes 3x15

    Bar pullovers 4x12

    Dips 3x10

    Twist sit-ups 5xamrap

    Day 2:

    Pulldowns 4x15

    Close grip pulldowns 4x10

    Dumbbell bent over rows 3x10

    One arm rows 3x12

    Pull-ups 3xamrap

    Reverse sit-ups 5xamrap

    Day 3:

    Dumbbell shoulder press 5x12

    Rear flyes 4x15

    Lat raise 4x12

    Front bar raise 4x15

    Trap rows 5x10

    Hanging leg raises 5xamrap

    Day 4:

    Hack squats 4x20

    Dumbbell lunges 3x20

    Goblet squats 4x20

    Dumbbell step ups 4x12

    Calf raises 4x20

    Plank 4x 1 minute

    Day 5:

    Bar curls 3x15

    Tricep rope pushdowns 3x15

    Hammer curls 3x12

    Tricep two-handed DB extension 3x12

    Preacher curls 3x10

    Tricep dips 3x10

    Phase 1: 4-8 weeks

    Phase 2: 8 weeks

    Phase 3: 4 weeks

    So there you have it a killer Dragon Ball physique workout, phase 1: hits every muscle twice a week with one heavy set and one hypertrophy set a week,

    Phase 2: is all about heavy lifts trying to get some good strength gains and mass.

    Phase 3: has squats and bench twice a week and the idea to try to add extra weight each session only 1kg or 2kg and this should help push the weight up on your other heavy lifts and also build a big strong powerful look.

    Phase 4: 2 weeks

    Phase 4: this is a deload phase after all your heavy training to give your muscles a chance to fully recover.

    Now for the rest of this killer workout to help build your cardiovascular system and burn fat here is an awesome HIIT and HIIT fat burning system put together by Matthew7wilkes and topped off with an additional calisthenics challenge for those who want to go full super Saiyan on this transformation.

    HIIT Essentials:

    10 sec S-Run

    10 sec Shuffles

    10 sec Ladder drill

    10 sec Cone Z drill

    10 sec Backwards run

    60 sec Rest

    – 5 to 10 rounds, rest 2 minute between rounds.

    + For the Essentials you need to go at your full speed be quick be light and move your ass. The ladder drill would be a in step out step quick feet movement with an agility ladder for the set time. The Cone Z drill is just as it sounds sprint to each cone in a Z zigzag like formation back and forth.

    Fat Burn HIIT:

    10 Jump Squats

    10 Push Ups

    10 Burpees

    10 Jump Lunges

    1 Minute Sprint

    50 Jumping Jacks

    – Complete 4 to 10 Rounds, rest 1 minute after each round.

    + For the Fat burning you’ll need to push yourself for this one but not too hard to the point where your passing out just know your limits and try to break them and be prepared to sweat for this one.


    Push Ups


    Handstand Push Ups

    Pull Ups


    Calf Raises



    Knee raises

    Jumping jacks

    – Complete as many Reps of each workout as you can. Can add Variations like Pylometrics or Isometric holds or Single Limbs for strength, etc.

    + For the Calisthenics Super Saiyan Workout we going for high high reps

    ’ watch out it’s over ONE THOUSAND!’

    1,000 reps is your goal but you can break it up in to however many sets and reps as you like as long as it equals 1,000.

    Now get out there and train insaiyan and earn yourself that Dragon Ball physique 💪

    So a massive shout out to Matthew7wilkes for all the hard work he put into this, well done buddy 💪

    Get out there and train Insayian and earn that Dragon Ball physique 💪

    “Come on, bitch boi, I’m about to make you the happiest little slut in the world! I’m gonna take you back to my dorm and let you worship this big sexy bod all night! But you’re not gonna get away without making your Muscle God feels good! I made sure to stock up on lube so I could use you however I want all night! Doesn’t that sound good, baby? Hahaha!!”