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    Imagine V telling you the truth of his origins and after, you, his s/o, revealed to him that you are pregnant.

    A/N: This is a V x Fem!Reader fic based on these asks:

    Hope you like it anon and @krazy06 ^^ Thank you always for your love and support.




    You could not believe what you were hearing.

    You: “Is…Is this a joke, V?”

    He shakes his head.

    V: “I wish it were so. But it is true. Urizen is my devil half. We are two parts of a whole, ripped apart in our original persona’s pursuit of power. All of the death and loss you have suffered was wrought by the hands of my former self. By my hands.”

    This was too much to take in, it gripped your heart.

    You: “And this whole time, you have been fighting to return yourself to this…Vergil.”

    He nods.

    V: “It is difficult to grasp, I understand.”

    You: “…And what happens if you don’t merge back wth Urizen?”

    He exemplifies your already growing worry with a long grimace and gently takes a hold of your shaky hand. V squeezes carefully and caresses the skin of the back of your hand in smooth strokes. You know he does this to comfort you. Any other moment, it would do exactly that. Not this time.

    V: “If I do not revive back into Vergil… this form you see before you will crumble and fade into dust.”

    you were shocked at these words, you tried to wrench your hand away but V tightens his hold. There is a look of unmistakable pain and fear in his usually collected eyes and you knew that yours reflected the same dismay.

    You: “Are you saying that you’re going to die, V?”

    He sighs, a sound of a soul with a heavy weight upon it. It felt like he was burdened with this fate for quite some time and that alone made you angrier and sadder.

    V: “My love…”

    He pauses thoughtfully, stealing this dismal moment to grasp your cheek, his thumb lightly padding along the corner of your lips. You can feel the inner turmoil he suffered in his shaky hold.

    V: “I am already dying. I have been since the day I was ripped from Vergil. These markings…”

    He offers one of his arms to you and you instinctively reach out to skin your fingertips across the patterns on his smooth skin. You remember admiring these tattoos closely. Intimately. Back then V took notice of your fixated gaze and seized the opportunity to play on your attraction to him as he himself was quite drawn to you as well. It worked. V proved to be as charming, as seductive, as confident as you imagined him to be. A perfect gentleman with an almost domineering side that made you ache with need throughout the night. That night

    V: “These markings are the source of what little demonic power I have left. The nightmares Vergil wished to expel along with his humanity. You know them as my companions.”

    You could never forget the three creatures that come at V’s beck and call. They are nightmares? The demon bird Griffon may have a mouth but he along with Shadow and Nightmare seemed devoted and loyal to V. And by extension, you. It felt like just yesterday that you were lying with Shadow curled up around you, nudging you to use him as your headrest. Or when Nightmare would allow you to ride on its back whilst you were walking around the city. Or when Griffon decided to perch himself on your shoulder because he felt you were entertaining to have a conversation with compared to his master. V, blatantly ignoring Griffon’s off-handed commentary, pointed out that his familiars have never acted so comfortably with anyone else other than himself and admitted to feel a great ease that they act as so with you. For some reason when he told you this, it made your heart skip a beat as it felt like it drew you closer to V.

    You: “So this…they…are what’s been keeping you alive all this time?”

    He nods.

    V: “And I them. But our strength is fading. I can feel it. I do not have much longer…”

    You: “So then…”

    You felt angry tears begin to prick at the corners of your eyes.

    You: “Why are you telling me this now?”

    V looks down at the ground. His expression suggests that he anticipated this question, his hooded eyes cloaking the heartache he disparages his answers would evoke. His hand that still held you gently squeezes you once more.

    V: “Because these may very well be our last moments together.”

    He brings your hand to his chest where you can feel the rhythm of his beating heart. It is rapid yet his face looks painfully calm. Yet you could tell by his glistening green eyes and the heaviness in his silken voice that he was in despair and it struck a cord inside you.

    V: “My heart is yours, do not doubt this. But I have a duty to defeat Urizen and restore Vergil. He alone has the power to close the portal that welcomed the hellspawn to this world. Only by his return will you know peace.”

    V: “Once I become one once again, I will be a different man. And because of that I…”

    He looks deep into your eyes.

    V: “I do not know if he will act upon my fondness for you should you two meet. He is rather…stubborn that way.”

    You: “Guess that part of his personality came from you.”

    The man chuckles, though it came out half-heartedly. The tension between you two was growing ever more heavy as the realization of the inevitable sinks in.

    You: “So what you’re saying is… you’re leaving me.”

    V: “Not because I wish it. I do not. Given the choice, I would remain by your side forever.”

    You: “Telling me that doesn’t make it better, V! Isn’t there any other way? Maybe Dante or Trish knows what we could-”

    V: “It does not work like that, Little Wanderer…”

    You were grasping, you both know it and that’s why V shushed you quietly, cradling your face in his hands. It was all so overwhelming that tears began to pool from your eyes. The man you love pulls you into his arms immediately at the sight, rocking you in his embrace. You feel his soft lips kissing away the sadness pouring down your cheeks.

    If only he knew how much this truly affected you, it wasn’t just the pain of losing the man you have grown to love and care for deeply but…

    You: “You can’t leave us, V.”

    V: “I’ve already told you that I must. You and I, I will never forget us. It was the best dream I have ever had.”

    As much as his words moved you as they always had, you knew you could not let him go on without knowing what you truly meant.

    You: “Not us” as in just “you and I”, V.”

    This piqued the tattooed man’s curiosity. He tilts his head. To clarify, you summoned the courage that was weighing heavily at your heart and took his hand, guiding him to your stomach.

    You: I’m pregnant, V.“

    It felt as if your heart stopped beating completely at the look of shock and realization settled on his face in an instant. His eyes were zooming back and forth between your face and your stomach which you made him touch. A long, excruciating silence passes between you two. Before long, you took in a gulp of air, not realizing hat you had stopped breathing when you told him this news and that seemed to snap him back into reality. He quickly withdraws his hand from your stomach, the action making your heart drop completely.

    V: “That…That’s not possible.”

    You: “Don’t you fucking say that. Please, don’t do this. Not now. It’s true, V. And it’s yours. I’m having our baby!”

    You knew you were pleading now, angry and desperate, and all V did was just stand there in front of you, his mouth set to a thin line, his eyes furrowed harshly. There is an unreadable expression on his face and you did not like it one instant. Finally, he tears his eyes away from your glare, looking down upon the ground between you two before turning his body until his back was towards you.

    V: “I…”

    He stops before he can say more and does what you had dreaded he would do.

    V walked away.

    With his long legs, he took great, determined strides away from you. And you, in your heartache and shock, were frozen in place. You wanted to follow him, to scream and call in a coward, but you couldn’t find the voice to do exactly that. When the weight of it all came crashing down on you, you fell to your knees and sobbed. Your cries carried across the air around you and even as he walked further and further away, V could hear it as clear as if he were next to you still and it shattered his heart to pieces.

    Once out of sight, Griffon appeared from V’s tattoos.

    Griffon: “V, what the hell, man?! Are you just going to leave her like that?!”

    V: “…If Vergil returns, she and the baby would have a better chance at a peaceful life. To start anew.”

    Griffon: “Huh? That’s what’s bugging you? Then why don’t you just tell her that! She’ll be mad as all hell but she’d understand.”

    V: “No, my friend. You do not understand.”

    Griffon: “Huh?”

    The demon bird looks at his master as he flies next to him, picking up the serious glare in V’s green eyes.

    V: “I…do not want to return to Vergil. Urizen and I, we may be two halves of one man. But that child, that life that my Wanderer carries with her right now…”

    V clutches at his chest, feeling the pounding heart within.

    V: …is mine. Born from our shared love. For once in my life, there is something that I wish to protect and love. Now I have two. That duty falls to no one else but me. Not Vergil.”

    His heart. It was practically beating to his newfound resolve.

    Griffon: “Are you listening to yourself?! If we don’t get you back into Vergil, your skinny ass is gonna die. Dust to the wind. POOF! And on top of this, me, the kitty, and the rock monster? Yeah, we’d disappear with ya!”

    The man shakes his head.

    V: “There must be another way.”

    Griffon: “You just told your lady that there is no other way!”

    V: “That was before I thought I had no other option. But the child, my child, made me realize something.”

    Griffon: “What the hell is your crazy ass going on about?!”

    V: “That boy, Nero. Much of his demonic strength was born from the Yamato. He who has demon blood running in his veins yet is undoubtedly human. If he was able to gain his power from the blade…”

    The two stop at an overlook, where V’s devil senses have guided him.

    V: “Then there should be no reason for me to draw power from the Devil Sword Sparda.”

    Griffon: “You don’t mean-”

    He points his cane towards the familiar who almost flinched at the swift movement. V’s stare intense with fiery determination.

    V: “I do. I sense Sparda. And I want you to investigate. Pinpoint its location. That is an order.”

    Without hesitation, Griffon flies off in the distance at his command. V lowers his cane, following his familiar’s path, but his thoughts took him elsewhere.

    To you. And the baby. With how he left, he knew you would be angry with him. Hate him, even. He wouldn’t blame you. But V is driven by the hope of this new life you two have created. To hell with Urizen. To hell with Vergil. He would set things right, but he would do it as himself as he is now. He would do it as V. And he would rise as V.

    V: “Wait for me, Little Wanderer. I shall return home soon.”