ATTENTION ANYONE WHO WEARS DIAPERS‼️ (Diaper fluffing tutorial)

    It seems like a lot of people in the abdl community don’t know about diaper fluffing, so I thought I’d make a quick tutorial! If you’re not sure what diaper fluffing is, it’s basically breaking up the fibers in your diaper to let air in, and make them thicker and more comfortable! Diapers are packed SUUUPER tight to make shipping cheaper, so your diapers won’t come out of the package as fluffy as they should be! Here’s how you do it

    Step 1: Unfold your diaper all the way (pretty easy)

    Step 2: Fold your diaper in half hotdog style, then gently pull your hands in opposite directions up and down the fold you made. You should feel the material giving a little as you do this. BE CAREFUL AND DON’T RIP THE DIAPER

    Step 3: Unfold your diaper, and do the same thing to the inside, gently pulling your hands apart

    Step 4: Voilà! Fluffed and ready to go!

    Here’s a picture of the diaper I fluffed next to one right out of the package

    The difference is really amazing! Hope this helps you guys! Stay dry 💖

    Edit: Send me a message if you had a problem or something. I tried to make the directions as clear as possible but I’m always here to help!


    Also here’s this for anyone who hasn’t seen it! Diaper fluffing is super cool if you haven’t tried it


    That makes such a difference!!!

    This shouldn't have to be said, but it needs to be said...

    I know I write a lot about public humiliation and some very non-consensual themes. But please understand that this is all just fictional. I do NOT condone people going out in public and forcing their fetish upon unconsenting individuals. What you do in your own home is up to you, but please don't ever go out wearing dresses and diapers and 'humiliating' yourself in front of people that don't want to see it. (If you live in the Southern U.S. this could outright get you killed with everything going on right now.)

    It does nothing but give our fetish a bad name, and we're already frowned upon by so many people anyway. I am all for you expressing yourself, but it can't come at the expense of others that don't want to be involved.

    A lot of the subs that I write are forced to wear diapers and do other acts that they don't consent to. Again, this is fiction. You should only do things in real life that both parties agree to. This is not negotiable. Don't put people in a position they don't want to be in.

    Enough said.

    Love you all. Stay safe.


    Think I need a change… or a booster🫣


    I laughed. Hard. I mean like, there's really no other way to respond to something so... I don't know. Bizzare? Pathetic? Hilarious?

    "Jesus, Sammy. You were always such a fucking baby at work but this is just too perfect."

    The other girl recovered from her shock and buried her red cheeks in her hands.

    "Aww, why so shy, princess? Did you have a little accident while Mommy and Daddy were playing wrestle?" It was absolutely pathetic. I only made her stay in the guest room for a few hours so I could enjoy a good fucking from her BF without listening to her subby moans.

    She didn't answer, too busy squirming and crinkling in a world of humiliation.

    Not that I really needed an answer of course. It was pretty obvious the little masochist had pissed cucky pamps listening to a real woman with her man. It was just so damn fun to tease her. Weirdly, it was making me want to go back for round five...

    I leaned forward and pulled her hands away from her blushing face. It was so easy to overpower her I almost felt bad. Almost.

    "Aren't you glad I bought you those pretty pink pampies," I cooed. I bought them as a joke after she pissed herself over my knee a few days ago. Definitely worth the purchase.

    She refused to look me in the eye, lips screwed up tight, trembling.

    I grinned. I knew exactly what was going on in that little subby brain. "Do you like Mommy's boobies?" I asked sweetly. I saw her eyes flicker over my larger, fuller breasts, confirming my suspicion. "You do, huh?"

    More pitiful mewling.

    There was something deeply satisfying about making Sammy so embarrassed she couldn't speak. I laughed, letting her go. I pulled out my phone, snapping off messages to her.. my, boyfriend. I'm hungry. Lets go get something to eat, just the two of us.

    What about Sam? he responded.

    I looked down at her again. She was trying to be sneaky about it, but I could tell she was gently rocking back and forth on the mattress, lightly rubbing her cucky clit against the swollen front of the diaper. It was kind of adorable, like in a desperate, sad kind of way, trying to get off in front of her boyfriend's new lover.

    Don't worry about her, babe. I replied, surreptitiously snapping a few pictures. Poor thing is taking a nap. It's actually pretty cute. We should probably get some more diapers while we're out though, I think she peed in her sleep.

    The girl on the bed had her eyes closed now, cheeks flushed in that familiar way, softly moaning.

    My phone buzzed. Lol. Sounds good. I'll go start the car.

    I smiled and pocketed my phone. "Okay, Sammy. Mommy and Daddy are gonna go out for some grown-up time. That means little baby has to stay here and be a good girl, got it?"

    Her mouth opened to finally protest but I cut it off by tossing a familiar, worn pillow into her lap. Her face went fire-truck red as she recognized it.

    "Here, hon. You can play with your princess pillow while we're gone." I turned and walked to the door, hesitating in the frame. "Oh, and Sammy?"

    She finally peeped up in a small, tremulous voice. "Yes, Mommy?"

    I smiled softly, strangely warmed by the shameful obeisance. "Try not to leak too much, or next time I take Daddy out little Sammy is getting a sitter. Have fun, Soggypuss!"

    I shut the door and stood there, waiting expectantly. Not 5 seconds had gone by before the mattress started creaking and excited, frantic crinkling noises drifted through the door. I chuckled quietly. She was definitely going to need that sitter.

    Security Check (And Some Shopping!) Pt.04 - NSFW 18+

    Disclaimer: All people depicted in the following story are consenting adults over the age of 18.

    Author's note: The long awaited Security Check part 4. OH MY GOD THIS ENDED UP BEING SO MUCH LONGER THAN I INTENDED.

    *exhausted sigh* Ok well, enjoy, ya lil perverts.

    Here's the links to the previous installments if you haven't read them yet.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Alyss’s fingers danced down his sides. Casey shivered and moaned into his gag as she caressed the taut, quivering skin. Blindfolded, arms and legs spread eagled and securely tied to each bedpost, he couldn’t do much else. His tiny penis trembled and bobbed with her ministrations, coaxing more and more glistening sweetness to the tip, a beacon to unrequited need.

    She sat by his side, smiling down at her prey. “Don’t cry, sweetie,” she murmured, softly tracing circles around his nipple. He whimpered as she leaned in close, hot breath kissing the nape of his neck. “It just makes me want to do more terrible things to you.”

    Like most mornings over the past week, the throbbing was what woke him. He squinted in the wan morning sunlight rudely intruding through his bedroom window. With a mumbled groan, Casey pulled the blankets over his head. He winced and gripped Freya tighter as his penis futilely struggled to harden. The heft of the stuffed dragon helped take his mind off the discomfort. Which was ironic considering the woman who’d won him the toy was also the sole reason behind said discomfort. Alyss had kept him and his tiny cock firmly under lock and key since their date last weekend. Remembering that night raised the pressure in his chastity to carbon-crushing, diamond-producing levels. He moaned like he’d done in her arms, squirming against her while he suckled on her engorged, tender nipples. It was a memory of addictive torment, being utterly unable to move while she used her fingers to please her aching snatch to several toe-curling orgasms. Casey remained trapped in her arms all the while, providing additional stimulation with his suckling and, when her sensitive nipples became sore, filling the air with lustful whimpers and the sinfully gentle sound of crinkling.

    She’d fallen into satisfied sleep soon after her last orgasm, leaving Casey to battle against his own raging libido before eventually falling into a troubled, breast-filled sleep of his own. He considered it the best night of his life.

    Casey sighed with relief as he finally went flaccid and swung his legs over the bedside. Letting out a yawn, he adjusted his overnight diaper and picked up his phone. He smiled. Alyss had messaged him several times earlier that morning.

    Mornin, noodle-pants! Did you sleep like a baby? LOL. Jk, you always do. =P

    Casey’s smile widened.

    Are you wet? Send pics! *water emoji*

    No Mommy He texted back. Casey’s phone clicked as he took the pictures and sent proof. He set the phone down and looked at himself in the mirror. Weak chin, soft, ill-defined features. He looked like a picture of something that could be found in the dictionary next to ‘effeminate’.  He sighed. He didn’t even have a body to put lie to his boyish features, standing only 5 ‘3’ and a measly 110 pounds. Jello had more definition than him.

    His lamentations on his boyish physique were broken while he spat the last bit of rinse into the sink. His phone was buzzing. Casey smiled involuntarily.

    “Good morning,” he said.

    “Good morning!” Alyss responded. “Looks like my widdle super soaker managed to stay dry all night again. What a good boy! Maybe we can start training you to use the potty like a big boy,” she teased.

    As usual, Casey was immediately flustered. His newfound… girlfriend? Lover? Mommy? Shrug had a potent combination of sharp wit and sadism that seemed to always have him reeling on his back foot. Not having the foggiest idea of what to respond with, he decided on tried and true, “Uhhmm…”

    Alyss giggled cheerily and leaned into the opening. “Uhhmm? Does that mean you don’t want to be potty trained? Why not? Is it because you like using your diapers? Does baby like making wetsies?”

    Casey stuttered and stammered. “Uh, no, I mean, uh, I just said good morning and, uh-“

    “Calm down, Crinkles,” she chuckled. “I’m just messing with you. I already know just how much you love being a little pee-pee boy.”

    Casey blushed hotly.

    “Speaking of,” she continued. “Let’s face-time. Turn on your camera, kiddo.”

    “What?” Casey replied, caught off guard. Why would she want him to turn on the camera?

    “Come on,” she coaxed, “pretty please. For me?”

    Casey swore he could see her pouting lips through the phone. “Um, ok I guess.” He tapped his phone. Alyss’s smiling face and part of her torso lit up the screen. She wasn’t wearing any make-up. Her features were a little less pronounced, her red hair was a snake’s nest of bed-head, and she was wearing what looked like an old oversized t-shirt. She was still the most attractive person he’d ever seen. Not fair, he thought, wishing he had even half of her looks.

    “Uh-oh.” Alyss said suddenly, tutting. Her lips flattened into severity. 

    “What? What is it?” Casey asked confusedly.

    “Don’t you know that’s illegal?”

    Casey was extra confused now, and more than a little worried. “Did.. did I do something?”

    Alyss nodded gravely. “I’m afraid so. You’re too cute. Probably usin’ up all the cute molecules in the world. There won’t be enough to go around for anyone else.”

    Casey was so flustered he didn’t know what to say. She did it again! “Oh… I see. I’ll… try.” He finally responded.

    She giggled. “Good. ‘Cause if you’re too cute I’ll have to squish you up. You don’t want that now, do you?”

    Casey couldn’t look her in the eye, even through the screen. “I mean… I guess? I dunno…”

    “Aww, did I make the widdle baby all blush—Oh right!” She said suddenly. “I was having too much fun, n’ forgot why I wanted to see you.”

    That was surprising. He’d been certain she’d only wanted the camera on so she could see him squirm.

    Not waiting for a response, she continued on. “Speaking of squishing and squishy things. You said you woke up dry, right?”

    “Yeah.” Casey nodded.

    Alyss’s lips curved into an impish smirk. “Good. I want you to wet yourself for me.”

    “W-what? Wait like, right, right now?” He stammered.

    “Yep,” she said cheerily. “And I want you to show me with your phone while you do it. Gotta make sure a certain itty bitty widdle guy doesn’t get any ideas about trying to use the potty without supervision. What if you fell in and I wasn’t there to fish you out?”

    Casey laughed despite his embarrassment. “I don’t know,” he replied shyly. “It’s kinda hard for me to just like… go on the spot like that.” Especially with the shame-fueled erection striving to bend the stainless-steel slits of his cage.

    “Aww, come on.” Alyss pouted and fluttered her eyelashes.

    Casey’s heart fluttered too.

    “Please? Pretty please?” she continued, weaving more and more sensuality into every word. “Can you be a good boy and make wetsies for Mommy, Casey?”

    He swallowed loudly.

    The view from her phone jumped wildly as she moved it. The camera blurred for a moment as it adjusted, clearing to reveal a thin pair of black lace panties and the plump pair of lightly tanned thighs framing them.

    “Look, Casey,” Alyss purred off screen. She reached down and pulled her panties taut against her hairless crotch. A thin strip of slightly darker fabric showed where her sordid excitement had drooled through the thin material. “Mommy wet herself too… I’m embarrassed. Can you be a big boy and make potties to make me feel better?” Her hand disappeared and came back. A small, instantly recognizable brass key dangled delicately between her fingers and kissed the damp fabric between her legs.

    Casey wished he was that key. He knew what she wanted. He wanted to do what she wanted. “Yes, Mommy,” he gasped desperately.  Casey’s tiny cock throbbed pathetically as he tried to focus on pissing himself.

    Alyss began to gently pet her soft mound. “Don’t forget about the camera, hun. I want to watch you being good.”

    Casey fumbled for the phone and after some shaking managed to get it pointed at his padded crotch. He was still having difficulty though. Urinating with an erection wasn’t exactly anatomically viable, and Mommy Alyss wasn’t doing anything to help him on that front. He whimpered and used his meek abdominals to put pressure on his bladder. Only a small trickle rewarded his efforts.

    Alyss seemed to notice the stress in his voice. “What’s the matter, Casey?”

    “I-I’m trying,” he squeaked out. “But it’s hard to go when I’m… hard.”

    “Oh!” she giggled. “Well, keep trying, sport. Your little acorn just needs to figure out it should be making little messes, not big boy ones.”

     Casey let the tease slip by, too concentrated on earning his reward. Another jolt of urine splashed into the seat of his diaper. Come on… come on… he thought. After a week of no release and relentless teasing he really, really wanted her to use that key. Finally, his eyes closed and he let out long, relieved sigh. 

    “Good boy!” Alyss exclaimed.

    A dark wet spot appeared, and his diaper slowly expanded as more and more piss dribbled from his rapidly deflating boyhood.

    “You’re such a naughty, dirty baby, just peeing yourself like that,” Alyss purred.

    “But you told me to!” Casey whined back. 

    The tantalizing site of thinly veiled wetness disappeared as the camera moved back to her face.

    “Mmm, yeah but would a big boy just pee themselves whenever someone said so?” She grinned wickedly. “I think we both know the answer, squirt.”

    He sighed, defeated. “No, Mommy.”

    “That’s what I thought,” she smirked triumphantly. “Now go get cleaned up, squishy-bottom. I don’t want you smelling like pee-pee when we’re out later. See you soon, Crinkles.” Before Casey could draw breath to respond Alyss gave him a loud air smooch and hung up.

    He sat there, dumbstruck, exasperated, red in the face, and more than a bit aroused. It seemed like he’d been experiencing that particular cocktail of emotions every time he’d been in contact with the thunderbolt named Alyss. With nothing left to do and a smile subconsciously creeping across his face, he let the now sopping wet diaper thump to the floor and started the shower.

                    Casey fiddled with his hair for what felt like the thousandth time that morning and checked his phone. 9:14 AM, barely a minute since he’d last checked. He was standing outside his apartment building, waiting for Alyss to pull up. He would have driven himself, but she’d insisted, stating “Uh, little boys can’t drive, powder-pants.” Casey had been looking forward to this day all week. 5 days of nervous crush-energy mixed with a not so small dose of sexual frustration from the tiny metal prison between his legs had wreaked havoc on his patience. But now the wait was over, and they were going out again, for an entire day this time!

    After showering himself off and tidying up for their day out together, he’d eaten a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and orange juice to fuel his anxious waiting. He’d agonized trying to choose an outfit for their day together, trying to keep his clothing relatively casual, but not like too casual so as to appear slovenly or embarrass her with his appearance. He’d finally decided on a dark sea-green cardigan with a light grey undershirt and black jeans. Underneath his more… mature clothing, the coup de grace of his outfit was a thick white diaper with dinosaur print and blue trim. The thickness wasn’t ideal for discretion but after checking in the mirror a few hundred times he decided it was probably fine. He didn’t want any leaking issues like last time… and it would probably make Alyss happy, or at least keep her amused.

    His phone buzzed. He fumbled to answer it. “Hello?” he said, cringing at the excited crack in his voice.

    Alyss’s voice came through. “Hey, sport, I think I’m almost the—oh, I see you!” She hung up the next instant, leaving Casey startled and looking around expectantly. Sure enough, he saw the dark blue of her SUV pulling around a line of parked cars. Alyss stopped at the edge of the curb and immediately got out to tower over him. “Oh my gosh you look so cute!” she gushed, giving him a quick hug and ruffling his hair. “Look at you, Mr. Fancy-pants. Such a big boy, putting on his own clothes… but…” before Casey could move, she was lifting his shirt and pulling back his pant waist. “Good,” she said satisfactorily, stepping back to let Casey cover back up. “Had to make sure you didn’t get any ideas about being an actual big boy.”

    Practically on fire with shame… and a certain other sensation centered around his lower waist, Casey prayed to whatever voyeuristic deity was watching that no one had seen his brief exposure. He found himself subconsciously leaning into Alyss’s embrace, finding security in her arms.

    “Th-thank you,” he mumbled back.

    She laughed. “For what? Telling you you’re cute? You don’t have to thank me for that, silly. It’s true.”

    Casey felt his gut tingle and grinned uncontrollably. “Um, y-you look pretty too.” It was true. She was wearing a slim, plain red tank top under a stylish leather jacket that accented the loose, fiery curls of her hair and gave him an achingly wonderful view of the dip between her plentiful breasts. Navy blue jeans defined the wide curve of her ass, and a pair of high-heeled black boots accentuated her long legs. Casey especially appreciated the latter item. The boots gave Alyss a good 2 inches of extra height. With her normally at 5 ’11” compared to his own meagre 5‘3”, she loomed over him at the best of times. Now, she was a great goddess of towering proportions.

    She looked down at him, having to look past her substantial bust to make eye contact. She giggled at the sight and patted his head. “Why, thank you, sir.”

    Casey was about to melt into the pavement when a pair of older women walked by with their dogs. 

    “Awww, how sweet,” they tittered as they passed.

    Blushing brightly, Casey suddenly remembered they were standing in a public parking lot and reluctantly pulled away. “Ahem,” he cleared his throat awkwardly, “We should probably get going.”

    “Ah- well, ok then.” Alyss whirled around and quickly walked back to her car, hoping Casey hadn’t seen the tinge of red in her face. “Hop in the back, kiddo. No crinkles in the front seat.”

                    “Ok, that should about do it.” Casey said, putting a bottle of powdered cumin in the basket.

    Alyss stood at his side, perusing the rest of the stock. She glanced at him, mischief twinkling in her eyes. “Are you sure? Maybe you should get some for yourself too. You know, since you have Mommy here to reach the top shelf.”

    Casey’s eyes flitted around, hoping for the dozenth time that no one had heard one of the many gentle jabs she’d made while they were here. They’d only been at the grocery store for half an hour and Casey felt like he’d never be able to show his face here again. “No,” he responded, not making eye contact. “That’s fine, I have plenty.”  

    “Mmmm, if you say so,” Alyss teased, relenting with an innocent shrug.

    Casey started to push the cart towards the register when a firm grip on his ass made him jump in surprise.

    “Wait,” Alyss said flatly. She squeezed him a few more times, making the padding crinkle loudly. “I forgot something.”

    Flustered and a little curious, Casey followed along as she set off. He stopped a short distance away when Alyss started talking with a store employee.

    “Excuse me, ma’am,” she said, smiling warmly.

    The worker, an older woman probably in her early 40s, looked away from her work. “How can I help you?” 

    “Well,” Alyss started, looking troubled. “I started taking care of a baby recently.”

    Casey’s stomach dropped. No. She couldn’t be.

    “And he’s still in diapers,” Alyss continued, “but I realized when he was over that I didn’t have like, anything at my place that babies need and have like, no clue where to start.”

    Huh? Didn’t she say she babysat in high school?

    The woman nodded understandingly and smiled back. “Say no more, hun. Follow me and I’ll give you a little run down of our baby aisle.”

    “Thank you so much. You’re a life saver.”

    The older woman gave a small chuckle. “Don’t worry about it. I remember how crazy everything was when I had my kids.”

    Casey followed far behind them, shellshocked and suddenly grateful that the cage limited stimulation so he didn’t do something else to make the situation even more dire.

    “He’s not mine.” Alyss gently corrected her. “I don’t see the lil’ guy very often, but I get the feeling that’s going to change pretty soon here.”

    Casey swallowed loudly.

    “Oh, I see. My mistake. How old is he?” The other woman asked.

    Alyss looked back at Casey and flashed him a sly grin before looking back ahead. “Between you and me,” she said, making no effort to keep the supposed secret, “he’s a little too old to still be in diapers.” She chuckled.

    The woman shared the laugh and gave a helpless shrug. “Oh dear. Maybe he’s just a late bloomer?”

    “Mmm,” Alyss thought out loud. “He’s kind of a momma’s boy. Maybe that has something to do with it.”

    Casey was sure he was dying. He was meekly following along while his new girlfriend might as well have just outed him to a complete stranger, and all he could think about was how much he wanted to run into Mommy Alyss’s arms and beg her to unlock his aching boyhood. He was dying. That was it. And this insane, sordid heaven was slowly descending to take him.

    “Here we are,” the worker woman said, stopping before a row of miscellaneous baby supplies. She selected a few off the shelf to show Alyss. “Lotion and powder are definitely essentials for little ones. It helps keep their skin soft for one. Dry skin cracks and can cause an infection if you’re not careful.”

    Alyss looked on with interest. “Mm.. I see. Better get lots then…” She turned to put the items in the cart while Casey looked on, flabbergasted.

     “Another benefit is the smell.” The worker smiled sheepishly. “Helps keep some of that dirty diaper smell away. If he still uses them for that.”

    Alyss laughed gaily. “I mean, he might. He hasn’t done uh, that when I’m around.” She paused. “Yet.”

    Casey felt a trickle of pee escape.

    The woman continued on, ignorant of Casey’s excruciations. “Some other essentials are baby wipes, changing pad, diaper pail…” She trailed off, thoughtful. “What size diaper does he wear? I can give you some quality brands.”

    Oh, hello, God. It’s me, Casey. How’s your day going, oh and could you hurry up the whole pearly gates orientation before I do something that gets me blacklisted? Thanks.

    Alyss made a show of inspecting the packages. “You know, I don’t really know. I think the ones he wears now are bulk ordered by mail or something? He goes through a lot. Kiddo’s a little fire hydrant to be honest.”

    The woman chuckled. “I see. Well, I’d say that’s about it for diaper stuff. Some other things I’d recommend are food and feeding supplies. Sippy cups or bottles depending on how developed he is, maybe some baby foods… Stuff like that. Toys are also good to have around if you expect to have him over often. I can’t really recommend anything in that regard without knowing what he likes, but let me just say a busy boy is a good boy. ‘Cause they don’t have the energy to do anything else.” She tittered gave a “boys will be boys” shrug.

    Alyss laughed with her while Casey’s soul fizzled out behind them. “Thanks for all the advice, Miss. I’ll look into that. I hope you have a great day!” She turned back to Casey and pried the cart from his petrified fingers. “Come on, squirt,” she said, emphasizing it with a dull-sounding smack to his padded rear.

    Never mind… uh, cancel my reservation. Finally, mercifully they were leaving, and another scandalously curvy kind of paradise was calling his name… Or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof.

    Casey loudly cleared his throat. “Uh, Alyss? Do… uh, do you think we could swing back by my place? Just for a minute.”

    Alyss’s inquisitive eyes met his in the rearview mirror. “Sure, I guess? Did you forget something?”

    Yes. He had forgotten something, and the spongy padding between his legs was making the absence more obvious by the minute. Powder, lotion, cream, wipes, even some shameful dozens of cans of baby food, and he was missing the most important thing. How could he have forgotten to pack extra diapers!? He was certain he’d prepared everything for today. Anxiety was not a good memory aid. True, his diaper was thicker than normal and could hold up for at least another hour… but he hadn’t realized how much he’d drunk nervously waiting for Alyss. On top of the shame trickle at the store, he’d wet himself another two times on the drive home and while taking in the groceries. And… damn it, he’d had another glass of water at her place. A new pang in his bladder made him shift and look away. “Just, uhh, a book I’ve been reading, heh. I bought it two weeks ago and like to read before bed. It’s a fantasy book,” he added unnecessarily.

    Alyss raised a delicate eyebrow. “Hey, Crinkles…” She twisted back to smirk at him. “Has anyone told you that you suck at lying?”

    Casey swallowed. “Yes…” he said quietly.

    She let out an undignified snort of amusement. “Of course they have. Good thing you’re pretty good at actually sucking.” She gave him a raunchy air smooch and winked.

    He blushed hotly.

    “Well, go on then,” she prompted. “Tell Mommy the truth.”

    “I.. I peed.”

    “So?” She snickered. “Isn’t that kind of your thing?”

    Full of dread at what he was about to unleash, Casey answered. “And… and I forgot to bring extra… uh, changes.”

    Alyss’s return smile relieved the discomfort in his bladder as the building stream released all at once. “I see…” she mused.


    The silence stretched.

    Finally, Alyss shrugged, put the car in reverse, and began backing out.

    “Soo, was that a yes?” Casey asked hesitantly.

    “Of course,” Alyss assured him.

    Casey let out a relieved sigh.

    “Right after we make a quick trip to this shop I’ve been wanting to check out.”

    Casey’s relief forced its back way in to nest in the pit of his gut. “H-how long will that be?” With the fearful flood he’d just released, a leak was looming just around the corner.

    “Ohh, I don’t know,” Alyss mused as she pulled into traffic. “Probably an hour or two? I’m sure you’ll be fine, kiddo.”

    He was sure he wouldn’t be fine. “Alyss, plea—"

    “Hush,” she ordered, sparing him a brief but stern look. “No more of that. Silly little boys who can’t even remember to pack pampers other than the one they’re wearing don’t get to use adult names. You know what to call me.”

    “Mommy…” Casey whispered hoarsely.

    “Good boy.” She praised him. “Now no more using my name for the rest of the day and certainly no asking for changes. In fact, I don’t want to hear a peep out of you until I say you have permission. If you understand, put your thumb in your mouth and keep it there while you sit in your potty and think about what a big baby you are.”

    Casey was fearfully sucking his thumb before she finished, not wanting to dig a bigger hole than he already had. He wasn’t sure how long he sat like that, sucking on his thumb in his nearly sopping diaper. It felt like at least half an hour had gone by, during which time his need to wet had started to tickle at his insides once again. I really shouldn’t have had that water… He let out a resigned sigh and gave this thumb another sullen suck. It had started to get wrinkled and sore minutes after Aly- err, Mommy, had ordered him, but he was too terrified to stop. Plus, he was still banking on the hope that his good behavior today would earn little-er Casey his freedom.

    “Here we go,” Alyss finally said.

    Dipping down to hide most of his face (and the thumb stuck inside it), Casey leaned against the window and looked out to scrutinize their mystery destination. They were in a small parking lot, ringed by a semicircle of your run-of-the mill local businesses he’d never seen before. With some consternation, he realized he’d been so wrapped up in his anti-leaking war that he hadn’t paid any attention to where they were going or more importantly, how they’d gotten there. It looked like they were some ways away from the city, though in which direction he hadn’t the slightest idea. At least there were way less people here. Less witnesses. He fell forward as Alyss opened the door.

    “Whoa there,” she said. “Looks like someone’s feeling brave. Are you sure you want to do that? Right here?”

    Do what? Huh? Awareness returning after the fall’s shock, Casey looked up. There were two things that got his immediate interest. One was that his thumb, bizarrely, was still loosely lodged between his lips. Apparently, the prospect of landing flat on his face was less intimidating than disappointing his Mommy. The second, and far more critical development, was that his free hand had reflexively shot out to cushion his fall… and landed squarely on one of Alyss’s substantial breasts.

    She giggled loudly as she carefully reached around his small frame to unbuckle him. “You should see your face right now, Crinkles. Whassa matter? Lil’ boy feeling frisky? Or maybe he’s just hungry, hm?”

    Casey’s hand shot back to his chest and his cheeks radiated heat. Still under gag-order, he shook his head.

    “Oh right.” She commented. “You can take your thumb out now, kiddo.”

    Casey hesitated, afraid she would take it back just to mess with him. She gestured reassuringly and he let his hand fall.

    “Relax, bud. You can have your talking privileges back. As long as you’ve learned your lesson,” she added playfully. Her voice took on a hint of iron. “You still have to call me Mommy, though.”

    Casey nodded vigorously. He could talk now. He knew that. But… but it was probably better to play it safe.

    “Come on then,” she said, taking his small hand in her own.

    Were her hands always so much bigger than mine? He felt so miniscule, being dragged along by her, thick soppy padding squishing wetly between his legs.

    Alyss looked down at him. “That’s quite the waddle there, lil guy. Want me to carry you again?”


    Casey shook his head. “No, I’m ok. Just… just please hurry… Mommy.”

    The store they entered was topped by a plain rectangular sign with an elegant blue script that read, Little Pleasures.

    “Surprise!” Alyss chirped, bending her knees to get eye level with Casey and ruffling his hair. “You’ve been such a good boy all week, so Mommy decided baby Casey deserved a trip to the toy store!”

    Casey looked at her. Then looked at the store’s interior. Then looked back at her again, dumbfounded. It was a full-blown sex shop! Paintings and photos of models in various states of nudity were tastefully scattered throughout the store, accentuating feminine mannequins clothed in scandalous lingerie, latex, harnesses, collars…

    “Well, go on then.” Alyss urged him, giving his ass a playful smack.

    Casey just stared back at her, gaping.

    Alyss laughed. “God, you’re so fun to play with.”

    “Hey! Welcome to Little Pleasures, are you finding everything ok?” said a voice.

    Casey and Alyss turned towards the sound. A girl about his age walked in from a side room and set down the stack of boxes she’d been carrying. She took a moment to brush the hair from her face before walking over.

    He flushed. Like Aly—Mommy--, this girl was objectively gorgeous. She was shorter than Alyss, but still a good few inches above Casey’s own meagre 5’3”. She had dark purple lipstick and her hair was a lustrous wavy black accented by blue highlights. He could see tasteful, intricate tattoo work here and there on her arms. A pair of skin-tight black shorts barely held in her curvy rear and overlaid fishnet stockings that ended in a pair of retro-looking sneakers. Casey edged closer to Alyss. He was already a guppy out of water in this temple of sin. Now there was a (really fucking hot) audience to watch him flounder.

    Alyss stepped forward to greet her, completely at ease. “Hiya! Actually, we’re feeling a little rattled. Could we take a look at your changing rooms?”

    “Sure,” the girl replied cheerfully. “Would you like to see them now, or do some shopping first?”

    What? Casey blinked, confused both by his Mommy’s remark and the immediate answer. 

    “What time is it?” Alyss asked before he could pipe up.

    “Mmm,” the girl pulled out her phone, “just a little past one.”

    Alyss looked sideways at Casey. “We’ll do a bit of shopping first. This little guy has been bugging me all day to take him to the toy store. I should probably let him get something before he throws a tantrum.”

    Casey looked down and away, too shy and embarrassed to refute the demeaning lie.

    The girl giggled. “Does he throw tantrums a lot?”

    “Not really,” Alyss shook her head. “He’s usually well-behaved but he’s been grounded from playtime for the past week so it’s a possibility.”

    The girl laughed again. “I see.”

    Casey felt himself wilt as her eyes focused on him. “Will you be needing any outfits today?” she asked, running her eyes up and down his body. 

    Alyss nodded. “Just for him,” she said.

    Casey gasped as a hand at his back gave him a gentle shove. He stumbled between the two women and froze, a deer in the headlights. “Wait, wait hang on a second,” he protested, feeling like the butt end of a joke he didn’t understand. “I don’t need any, uh, clothes or anything, really.” His eyes flicked back and forth between the two taller women. He felt his penis throb slightly even as he shrunk into himself under their scrutiny. What he really needed was a new diaper, not that he’d admit it in front of this gothic nymph. 

    The girl put on a secretive smile and leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “I’d take the change, dude. That’s an awfully big bulge for such a little boy.”

    Casey gaped in shock. How the-why th- Fuck!? Was it that obvious? He looked over to Alyss, close to tears from the terrifying exposure. “Mommy?” His plea ended in a high note of panic.

    Alyss drew him back in began to gently pet his hair. “Shh, its ok, Casey. Don’t cry, honey. Miss…” She paused, glancing a question at the girl.

    “Brianna,” she cut in brightly.

    “Right. I’m sure Miss Brianna here is very discrete. Isn’t that right?”

    Brianna giggled and mimed zipping her lips. “Just Bri is fine, and yep, that’s right! Dildos and discreteness are what we’re known for.”

    Casey didn’t feel like laughing along with the chuckling women. Even if Alyss seemed to, he couldn’t just trust someone he’d just met. Like, was she sarcastic or earnest in her assurances? Unnerving possibilities and scenarios flashed through his mind until he felt Alyss’s strong hand wrap his own and give a comforting squeeze. He buried his face in her shirt and breathed deeply. That was right. He had Mommy here. If she said everything was fine, then it was.

    Brianna seemed to notice his distress and her eyes softened. She coughed apologetically. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. We just got like a shit load of inventory in, and this girl gets to organize all of it. If you need anything just holler.” She gave them a cheery wave and bounced off, humming softly.

    “What a nice girl,” Alyss commented offhandedly.

    Casey sniffled. “Yeah, I gue- hey” he yelped. Alyss’s hands had slipped around his waist while he’d been distracted and were now working to undo the top-button of his jeans.

    “Oh hush,” Alyss chided. “We both know what happens when you get scared, and I want to make sure the Diaper Dam isn’t going to break all over this floor.”

    Casey stammered to reply. “But, but what if someone sees?” He kept his voice low, irrationally worried Brianna might hear.

    Alyss merely shrugged as she unclasped the button and shimmied the fabric down his legs. “Who’s going to see? The cashier? Why are you worried about that, silly? She clearly already knows you’re just a little pee pants.” She began to poke and prod his diaper, inspecting the waistbands and giving experimental tugs and squeezes that sent thrills through his groin. “I don’t think this thing can handle much more, bud. Think you can hold it for a little longer?”

    It was true. Without the support of his jeans, the padding was once again prey to gravity and fell limp between his thighs. The formerly snow-white plastic was now the characteristic splotchy bright yellow of oversaturated stuffing.

    “Y-yes, Mommy,” he lied, hoping to just get this experience over with. 

    Alyss raised an eyebrow. “Hmmm… We’ll see about that. I’ll just hang onto these in the meantime.” In one smooth motion she lifted him with one arm while using a leg to pull his jeans the rest of the way off. Then she kicked them into the air to catch them in her free hand. 

    “What are you doing?” Casey struggled futilely and cried out in dismay.

    “Making sure Sir Leaksalot doesn’t ruin another pair of pants,” she answered calmly.  She neatly folded his jeans and tucked them into her purse. 

    Casey’s hands flashed from place to place, struggling and utterly failing to hide his pathetic state. “But-but what if more customers come?” His now bare legs trembled at the thought.

    “Well, then I’m sure they’ll take one look at you and this here,” she responded serenely, giving his soaked backside a firm pat, “and understand why you need them.”

    Casey’s mouth shut and he looked down, equal parts ashamed and viciously horny. This has been the most embarrassing day of my life… I love her.

    “Let’s go look around,” Alyss said. She grabbed his hand and pulled him along behind her. The wet diaper crinkled dully as he waddled to keep up.

    “M-Mommy, hold on,” he said.

    She stopped and looked down at him. “What’s wrong?”

    Casey hesitated to answer. The truth was that he already had a pretty substantial collection of… uhh, adult entertainment devices at home, though he’d never set foot in an actual kink shop before. The internet had spared him that part. “I… uh,” he paused, not wanting to offend her or break the spell. “I already have some, err, uh, toys at home,” he admitted.

    Amusement glimmered in her eyes. “Oh, do you now? That’s good to know,” she purred. “Baby Casey can tell Mommy allll about his slutty boy toys later, but that isn’t exactly what I had in mind…”

    “Did you find everything all right?” Brianna said as they approached the register.

    Casey tried to suppress trepidation and placed the box on the counter. Just get it over with. Remember what you’re doing this for. Alyss was standing just behind him. He glanced back and she gave him a playful wink.

    The box on the counter contained a realistic looking bright-blue dildo. The toy was 7 inches long and slightly curved. Casey swallowed hard and avoided eye contact. “Umm, no ma’am,” he finally responded. Even with the tantalizing image of Alyss spreading her legs this was rough. He was still half-naked. Sneakers, short socks, and a very full diaper were his only clothing below the belt. The skin on his legs was tingling with goosebumps and his yellowed diaper hung limply between his slender thighs.

    Brianna frowned slightly. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Is there any way I can help?”

    Casey shut his eyes tightly. Here we go. “I want to wear my toy so can pretend to be a big boy please help me!” The rapid-fire delivery left him slightly breathless, and he covered his fire-truck red face.

     The reply wasn’t what he expected.

    “Aww! That’s so sweet!”

    What the hell? He opened his eyes to see the ebon-haired beauty smiling affectionately, one small hand to her chest.

     “Lots of guys aren’t secure enough to admit their own… ehh shortcomings.” She tittered to herself. “I just think its super cool and sweet that you’re so considerate of your girlfriend’s needs. Ugh, I wish there were more guys like you out there. Like, there’s so many jerks that just only think about themselves and then like a lot of the “nice guys” aren’t even really that nice an--“

    Casey looked on dumbly as the girl continued to ramble on. He glanced back at Alyss. Their eyes met, and she gave a slight shrug. Clearly, he wasn’t the only one surprised by this turn of events.

    “-lus like even with girls there’s a whole new set of crap to worry about, and li- oh!” Brianna’s self-awareness seemed to kick back in. “Haha, sorry about that, got distracted. Dating is suuuuch a headache. Anyway, where was I?”

    Casey opened his mouth to speak. “I-“

    “Oh, right! Yeah of course I’ll help you find something. You just want like a strap-on harness or something, right? Easy peezy. We’ve got lots of those. I’ll just need to get your measur-.” She paused, thinking, then looked at Alyss. “Will he be wearing it over his diapers?”

    “Definitely,” Alyss answered smoothly. “At least for the foreseeable future. Lil-guy is kinda “accident” prone, if you get me, and I don’t want him to have to worry about it.” She slapped Casey’s rear with a dull thump. “Plus, I think it’d be really cute,” she laughed.

    Brianna giggled along. “Oh definitely. I bet he’ll be down-right adorable.” The pretty girl gave Casey an eyelash flutter that made his stomach leap. “Speaking of accidents,” she added, eyeing his overly swollen crotch. “Would you like me to show you to guys your changing room and just bring your ‘big boy’ stuff later? Your little one’s diaper looks like it’s about to pop, and from my experience with that brand you can only get like 3 or 4 good wettings before you need to change more than just the diaper.”

    There it was again, the mysterious “changing room” they’d talked about before. It seemed like it was some kind of code with the way they talked about it. Possibilities zipped through Casey’s brain.

    Alyss seemed to consider for a moment, tapping a nail to her lips. She nodded. “That sounds like a good idea.”

    “Great! Just one moment please.” Brianna skipped over to the front door and flipped the open sign to closed. “Okey-dokey,” she said, when she got back to them. She bent over slightly to address Casey. “We’re gonna play a game of follow the leader now, little Casey. I’m the leader. Can you be a good boy and follow me?”

    “Yes miss,” Casey’s submissive brain answered automatically. Her tone was high pitched and syrupy sweet, like she was talking to a toddler. It made him suddenly glad his boyhood was behind bars. Without it, he was certain the two women would immediately notice the extra bump in the yellow padding. He caught Alyss smirking at him.

    “Good boy.” Brianna beamed at him and set off.

    Alyss took his hand and followed. Casey waddled along behind them, struggling to keep up with the two taller women.

    They suddenly stopped and he was amazed to see a section of the wall just slide back to reveal a small rectangular space. It was an elevator! A very expensive elevator too, judging by the lack of noise and inertia, as Brianna hit one of the three buttons on a panel, and they began to descend. “What is this place?” he asked in wonderment.

    “You’ll see,” was all they said.

    The doors slid open, and it was then that Casey was certain he’d died back at the grocery store. It was heaven. Or, at least, a hyper-kinky version of it made for ABDLs. The hidden paradise was a pastel colored, bunny-soft reflection of the store above. An exact replica of the register counter upstairs stood in the center. Instead of tasteful nudes, the walls were painted with animals and colorful, blocky letters. There were still mannequins in the typical sort of lingerie and bondage gear, but they were now joined by others wearing frilly dresses, overalls, childish t-shirts and others of the like sized for adults. Pacifiers, alphabet blocks, teething rings, and other infantile paraphernalia sized for adults packed the shelves alongside dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, and more. He saw shelves stacked with more adult diapers than he’d ever seen, neatly arranged in packs by size and color with individual pairs arranged in painted plastic bins beneath each bulk item. The smell was what got to him most. Every breath was baby powder, lotion, and tantalizing scent of fresh, clean diapers.

    “Holy shit,” he murmured. 

    Brianna laughed. “I know, right? Lots of our ‘surprise’ clients have that reaction.”

    Casey once again found himself deep in his Mommy’s substantial cleavage as she pulled him into a hug. “Surprise, baby.” She began to pet his hair.

    A simple “How?” was all Casey could whisper out.

    Alyss actually blushed a little and let out a self-deprecating laugh. “I was really excited to see you again and did some… mmm, private investigation into stuff you like. I got kind of carried away and well… one link led to another…” She shrugged. “Anywho, it’s like a sex club / shop that caters to big babies like you. Took me the better part of a day to track down a contact and figure out how to get an appointment.”

    “We take our clients’ privacy very seriously here. You won’t find us unless you’re really looking,” Brianna chimed in.

    Casey was floored. This nirvana had existed here, practically right in his backyard, probably for years, and he hadn’t known about it!?

     “Do- do you like it?” Alyss asked hesitantly, suddenly shy.

    He looked up to meet her deep green eyes. God, yes. Of course he liked it. He fucking loved it! He wanted to say it out loud. To shout out his appreciation and overwhelming excitement. But there weren’t words sufficient to express what he was feeling right then. He decided to show her instead.

    “Mommy,” Casey whimpered out. He wrapped his thin arms around her and squeezed as hard as he could. The events of the day came to a head. Specifically, the glistening wet head of his diminutive cock. He started grinding against her leg like back at the county fair. “I love you, Mommy, I love -oo, thank you Mommy. Momy. Mmmy, mm, mmmmm.” His words quickly devolved into random, nonsensical babble as he gave his raging libido full control and buried his face between her tits.

    Alyss just stood there for a moment, frozen and looking down at her writhing boy before smiling softly. “I love you too, Crinkles.”

    Casey moaned in response. His diaper was so wet. She smelled so good. I want to cum. His cage felt so tight, but it felt good sliding the swollen head of his tiny penis against the pissy padding. Rubbing against her leg felt good. More, I want more. He wanted to cum so bad. Maybe if he kept going, he would. Cum. Cum. Cum. I want to cum

    Alyss looked up and saw Brianna staring at them with glazed eyes, gently biting her lip. “Ahem,” she coughed, startling the girl. “Could we see our room now?”

    Brianna’s eyes focused and she blushed hotly. “Oh, er, uh, haha. Sorry, right over here.”

    Casey let out a pitiful mewl as Alyss scooped him up. Nononono, no, stop. I need it, please! He started to struggle but was held fast.

    “Soon, sweetie, soon,” Alyss cooed.

    He found himself swiftly carried into an adjoining room separated from the main shop by a plain white door with a large 1 stamped on it. There were all kinds of adult-sized nursery themed items inside. Alphabet blocks, ring-toys, one of those fake lawnmowers with the colored balls inside. There was even a small crib in one corner next to a plain wood rocking chair. But what drew the bulk of Casey’s attention was the large, about Alyss-waist height changing table. There were fluffy white cuffs innocently dangling from the corners. Another glob of precum joined the soppy mess in his diaper.

    “Well, here you are.” Brianna said. She handed Alyss a large golden key. “I… uhh. I guess I’ll just leave you to it,” she said. She lingered in the doorframe for a few moments, looking like she wanted to say more, before hesitantly stepping out and shutting the door behind her.

    Alyss set him down on the plush floor. “Strip,” she said simply.

    “Yes, Mommy,” Casey replied meekly. He did as she asked, removing everything except the diaper.

    She graced him with another smile and an affirming nod. “Good boy. Now strip Mommy. Start with my jacket.” She turned around and held her arms to her sides.

    Casey’s eyes went wide. His penis gave another painful twinge, screaming in captivity. He slid the jacket over her smooth, muscled shoulders. I want to cum…

    “Now my shirt,” she commanded, lifting her arms above her head.

    “Yes, Mommy.” He tugged at the hem of her tank top. He got the fabric up above her shoulders before he realized he wasn’t tall enough to finish the job. Maybe if I… he tried jumping and pulling at the same time. The attempt was pitiful at best and made his heavy diaper pull dangerously at his hips. “Uhm.. Mommy,” he peeped out.

    “What’s wrong, kiddo?”

    “Can you, uh, bend down a little, please.” He blushed so hard his cheeks tingled. Not being able to undress the woman of his dreams was somehow more embarrassing than having his piss-filled diaper exposed upstairs.

    “D’aww,” Alyss cooed condescendingly. “Are you too teeny tiny to get Mommy’s shirt off? Poor baby. I was hoping you’d take my clothes off like a big, strong man, but I guess I expected too much from my little guy. Here you go, honey.”

    Casey couldn’t reply past the knot of shame in his throat and completed the task.

    “Good boy,” she purred, and turned around.

    The luscious round curves of her breasts stuck out proudly, barely held in check by a lacey black bra. Casey’s mouth watered as he noticed the hard, engorged nipples taunting him through the whisper thin material. She backed towards the changing table, leaned on it, and stuck one long leg out. “Boots. Now.”

     He was so excited he had to consciously work to keep his hands from trembling throughout the process. Stray whisps of hot pheromones kept drifting off Alyss’s exposed skin. His diaper kept squishing against the bits of his cock-head that weren’t covered by the cage bars. Fuck. Fuck Fuck. I want to cum.

    Alyss let out a low moan and stood up as he reverently removed her second boot. “I love what an obedient little boy you are. My pretty padded pet, here to do whatever I want…” Her fingers hovered over one breast, flexing and clenching as if resisting the urge to tug on the engorged areola. She took a deep breath to calm herself and stood back up. “Ok. I’m done,” she said flatly.

    Casey blinked, not understanding. Done? What did that mean? Had he done something wrong? That was it. She was done putting up with him and his weird fetish and no-

    She pounced on him, smothering, biting, growling, clawing.

    “I can’t take it anymore.” She was in his ear, voice husky and rumbling.  “I thought the stripping thing would be hot but I’m tired of waiting.”

    Fingers around his neck. Hot breath rasping against his nerves. Pushing, pulling. Whimpering, growling, pawing, burning red lines raking over tender skin, spine arching. Teeth at his neck, on his nipples, hot wet tongue sliding down hairless skin. The back of his head bumped against the changing mat and she easily heaved him onto the table.

    Pitiful, breathless mewls and primal growls. He pawed back at her, hands on supple skin, taut muscle, flaming hair between his fingers. A hand on his crotch, kneading, pulling. Tiny cock throbbing, crying, precum coating his hairless genitals.

    She climbed on top of him. She’d taken her pants off at some point. Racy black panties just barely concealed the slit beneath, waistband riding high on her sculpted hips. The patch just over her mound was stained dark with her juices. Trails of it glistened on her thighs. His mouth watered uncontrollably, remembering the taste of her cunt-slicked fingers. Casey cried out and grabbed her hips. His present for being good was right there, ready to be unwrapped.

    “You dirty little fucking boy.”

    Her hands worked at his wrists, then his ankles, restraining each of his limbs in the fluffy white cuffs. She was so much stronger than him. He let a cry of frustration, bucking his hips against her.

    “Stay still you little slut,” she growled savagely. She reached down to his side.

    Something firm and soft pulled across his quivering stomach. “Noooo,” Casey groaned in despair. He thrashed in vain against his restraints as Alyss fastened the safety strap tight against him.

    “Yeeeeees,” she cooed back at him. She sat up, looking down at him, fond smile contrasting starkly with the wicked gleam in her eyes.

     Tears started to pool in the corners of his eyes. He wanted to cum so bad. Why wouldn’t she just let him cum. He needed it! His poor balls throbbed painfully. Another discomfort quickly surfaced as he thrashed in his bonds. The strap across his waist was fastened firmly against him, putting pressure on his struggling bladder. The cracks widened and the dam broke. He gasped.

    “I know that look,” Alyss chuckled darkly. Her hand cupped his oversaturated diaper. “Baby Casey had another accident, didn’t he?”

    Casey whimpered helplessly. A hot torrent shot through the bars of his cage. He tried to clench his overtaxed sphincter muscles to no avail. It was too late now, the flood just kept coming and coming. The wave simply splashed against the oversaturated padding and spread out. A pool started spreading under the small of his back. He winced and tried to flinch away from the unpleasant wetness, only to be stopped by the damned strap across his stomach. 

    “I thought you said you could hold it like a big boy,” she taunted.

    Casey groaned. “But, but, I asked you to take me home and then you took me here and the strap-- glrgh!” His protests ended in gagging as Alyss’s fingers thrust between his lips.

    “Shhhhhh. No excuses. This wouldn’t have even been a problem if baby brought extra didees like he was supposed to.” She started finger fucking his mouth. Disgusting slopping noises replaced his pitiful whines. “I guess that’s why you need a Mommy, huh, kiddo? Is that it? Be a good boy and tell me.”

    Her fingers slurped out of his mouth. Casey squirmed a bit, wincing every time a new part of his skin touched the puddle of piss beneath him. “I-I need you, Mommy.”

    She slapped the crotch of his diaper. More pee leaked out with the blow. “Tell me why.”

    “Because I forgot my diapers.”

    “Do you need your diapers?”

    Casey gulped. She was being so aggressive. He felt mortified but sticky gobs of precum were still dripping out. “Y-yes, Mommy.”  

    “Then why did you forget them?” She slapped his crotch again. She was starting to pant, juices flowed freely down her long legs.

    “B-because I’m a dumb baby?”

    She laughed and planted a kiss on his cheek. “That’s right! Now say it again.” Her fingers squished his cheeks together and she forced him to look at her.

    Casey blushed hotly and tried to avoid looking directly at her. “I need my diapers because I’m a dumb baby…”

    She flicked his nipple with her other hand. “Louder,” she demanded fiercely.

    He screwed his eyes shut. “I need my diaper because I’m a dumb baby,” he shouted.

    “That’s right,” she purred.

    Her tongue was in his mouth a moment later, the breathtaking reward for his pitiful subservience. She pulled back, leaving him gasping.

    “Just a dumb, widdle baby who needs his Mommy.” Alyss undid the tapes on his diaper. The front flopped down with a limp splat. “A dumb baby boy who needs Mommy to carry him, and hold his hand, and feed him his milkies. And most importantly…” she idly reached down to fondle Casey’s throbbing cocklette. “To make sure little baby Casey and his even littler baby dicky have looooots and lots of thick didees to catch all his uh-oh’s. Right, baby?”

    Breath sawed in and out of his lungs. His ears and face were tingling with the rush of blood from embarrassment and excitement.  Alyss had a dainty fingertip on his penis head, idly rubbing around the copious amount of precum running from the tip. His cock was so sensitive it was almost painful. His back arched as far as the strap allowed and moaned.

    “Come on, baby,” Alyss taunted. She roughly pinched his cheek, clearly enjoying the pained whimpering it caused. “Be honest and tell Mommy what you need and maybe you’ll get a reward. Good boys get rewards, right?” She leaned forward over him, dangling the key to his chastity between her pillowy breasts.

    Casey couldn’t think. His brain was boiling bubblegum and clouds. “I need to cum. Please, please, please. I need to cum so bad. Ohhhhhhh…”

    She was bent over him running her tongue over his nipple. She gripped the tender bud between her teeth and bit softly. “Mmm… nope. Try again, dummy.”

     Casey was so close to just breaking down and sobbing. It wasn’t fair. He wanted to cum so bad, but he couldn’t do a thing to alleviate the pressure. His arms were tied, and he couldn’t stroke. His waist was strapped down and he couldn’t hump. And even if he was free the cage would make it so he wouldn’t be able to achieve anything more than the most frustrating of ruined orgasms before his pent-up frustration boiled back over. Shivers rolled down his spine as Alyss leaned in and let out a rumbling purr right in his ear.

    “Come on, Casey.” She smelled like summer flowers. “You know the words, honey. Somewhere in that teeny tiny brain.” She gave him a radiant smile and raked her fingernails up his thigh. FUuuuuckk! What did she want?! His body was trembling uncontrollably as she continued to gently torment him. It was so hard to think. This was impossible! He couldn’t do anything! It hit him.

    He inhaled sharply and cried out. “I need Mommy!”

    All the stimulation stopped at once. Alyss stared down at him with rapacious eyes. “Keep going,” she said, placing a hand on his thigh.

    “I need you, Mommy,” Casey repeated. “I’m just a dumb, stupid baby and I can’t do anything on my own and I need Mommy to make sure I wear my diapers and dress me and feed me and give me hugs and kisses an- and…” he trailed off breathing heavily, not knowing where to go next. He’d thrown out everything he could think of in that moment, hoping something would stick.

    Alyss planted a fat, wet, kiss on his forehead. Mwha! “That’s right, sweetie. Good boy. Such a smart, baby.” She lowered her lips to his ear. “Do you want to cum, Casey?”

    “Yes,” Casey mewled.  

    “Can you cum by yourself?” She stroked his cheek.

    “No,” he sobbed.

    She reached down to his hairless crotch and massaged his swollen balls. “Do you want Mommy’s help?”

    He locked eyes with her. “YES!”

    Alyss let out a giggle that made his gut churn with fear and sent another load of sticky need out his dicklette. “Mmmm,” she moaned softly. “Do you need Mommy’s help?”

    Casey closed his eyes and let out a moan of his own. Her voice was melted sugar and sex. Her lips were so soft against his ear. “Yes, Mommy, please…” he whispered hoarsely.

    The key slipped in, and his penis sprang free. Tears of relief dripped down Casey’s face as all 4 inches of his boyhood bobbed in the air. “Thank you. Thankyou Mommy, thannkyuyknouthnk--“ His appreciation devolved into unintelligible babbling, so overwhelmed with emotion.

    Alyss smiled down indulgently. “You’re welcome, Crinkles. I’m happy you realized what a helpless mess you’d be without Mommy around. Now,” she reached down and came back with a thick diaper, baby wipes, and a bottle of baby lotion. “Let’s get Mr. Sog Monster nice and clean so he can make a big sticky messy for Momma.”

    “Yes, Mommy.”

    Alyss opened the new diaper. It had infantile cartoon animals and the word “Baby” written across the front in soft pastel letters. “First things first.” Humming softly, she inverted the diaper and began to use it to wipe up the small pool of pee under Casey.

    “M-Mommy,” Casey asked, confused.

    She didn’t answer until she had finished. She set the diaper to the side and reached beneath him to pull away its defeated predecessor. “Just getting your new didee a little damp before changies, honeybunch. Mommy knows how much you just loooove to be a naughty, squishy baby.” She balled up the wet clump and tossed it into the nearby diaper pail.

    Casey frowned. “But, but that’s, I mean- I don’ w-oohhhh!“

    Alyss gripped his tiny dick between two fingers and began to lightly stroke. “What was that, snuggykins? You want more attention? You already have me all to yourself,” she giggled. “Such a needy boy. Here, I know what will help.” She hooked her panties in one finger and tossed them away before climbing onto the changing table.

    Casey stared, heart pounding as she positioned her crotch directly over his head, juicy thighs sandwiching his face. Her shaved cunt was swollen and slick with arousal. He wondered what it would be like to be inside her. To feel his tiny tool buried deep in her pussy. She began to lower herself, closer and closer… “MMpphh!” Casey’s cry of surprise came out muffled as he suddenly found his face buried deep in his Mommy’s perfect ass.

    Alyss chuckled and reached back with both hands to spread her thick cheeks, giving the squirming boy beneath her greater access to her puckered rosebud. “There you go, sugarplum. Now be a good little bitch and enjoy your Mommy time while she finishes your changies.” She reached for the wipes and resumed cleaning him.

    Casey’s brain was melting. His nose was buried deep in her crack. Every desperate breath was a heady combination of musk, hot, salty pheromones, and the tantalizing, flowery aroma of Alyss’s supple skin. His chin was wet with her overwhelming arousal. Tentatively at first, his tongue poked out, brushing against the tight ring pressed against his lips. It trembled and pulsated lightly at his touch.

    “Mmmm, good boy,” Alyss moaned atop him.

    He licked out again, receiving another pleased sigh from his Mommy. More confident now, he buried his tongue deep in her ass, fully exercising the one freedom of movement left to him.

    Alyss tossed her hair and leaned back. The round globes of her breasts stuck out gloriously. “Mmm that’s right you fucking slut. Eat Mommy’s ass.” She reached down to rub her clit, starting to gently rock against his face. She ran a finger over Casey’s little penis, lightly sliding up and down the length in a thin layer of slippery pre-cum.

    “Mmmpmmph,” he whimpered.  

    She was breathing harder now, rubbing faster. “Aww, lookit the widdle stiffy. Seems like someone really likes his Mommy time.” She ground harder, smearing her juices across Casey’s delicate features. “Poor baby probably wants to put it inside Mommy, huh?”

    “Yph Mmmy!” came the plaintive cry.

    She let out a breathy chuckle. She was so aroused her abdominals were starting to tighten and she felt her wrinkled anus tremble around Casey’s tongue. “Aww. That’s so cute, thinking you can do big boy things with this little guy.” She wrapped her lubricated palm around the head and gave a quick twist, grinning savagely as Casey thrashed and mewled beneath her. The vibrations produced by his pathetic moaning felt incredible. “Silly baby would just end up embarrassing himself.” She shook her head. “No, no, no,” she tutted. “Dirty diapies and Mommy time are much more appropriate for small boys like you.”

    Casey found himself nodding and mumbling in agreement as he ate her out. She was right. He was too small. He loved his diapers. He loved Mommy.

    Alyss was panting now, so close to the edge. “Fuuuck, why are you so fucking cute you little bitch.”

    He didn’t answer, focusing on his task. He loved hearing her satisfied moans. He loved the way she tasted on his tongue. The musky scent of her ass. He loved feeling so helpless and small beneath her, using him for her own satisfaction. He closed his eyes and smiled as he worked, wholly content with this paradise. Her pleasure was his. She was his world. He felt it when her orgasm started, sculpted thighs clenching tight on the sides of his head, plump cheeks shivering as the ring between spasmed on his tongue. He felt her swollen cunt shiver and pulsate on his weak chin, drawing fresh nectar with each contraction to drip down his abused face. He went lightheaded as she momentarily cut off his air-supply, hearing her let out a juddering, choking sob of utter rapture. Then her muscles went slack, strings cut, and she slumped down, gasping.

    “Fuck.. fuckfuckfuckfuk…” she whispered, shoulders tossed back and staring blankly at the ceiling.

    Casey let out a desperate sob. The momentary pause in depravity was enough for his brain to turn its attention back to his own body. His penis was so stiff he thought it might break, sack so angry and swollen it would certainly pop.

    Alyss turned sluggishly, looking at him with glazed eyes.

    “Mmmmyyy,” he wailed incoherently, voice still muffled by the ass over his mouth.

    She blinked languidly, still staring. Her eyes cleared. “Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed, clumsily swinging herself back onto the floor. She swayed unsteadily and caught herself on the table edge. “I’m so sorry, Casey.” She leaned down to kiss his forehead and lightly stroked his cheek. She smiled as he leaned into her fingers, seeking comfort. His face was a wreck, hair in disarray, eyes red and puffy with tears, skin shiny and wet with her excitement. Alyss felt the shudder of a light orgasm run up her spine at the sight. She glanced at his weeping cocklette. Her eyes softened. “Mommy got a little carried away, sweetie. I’m sorry. Here, let’s get that taken care of.”

    He saw her reach for the diaper she’d used to wipe up the leaked piss. “Nooo,” he whined. She was going to lock him back up. He’d never get to cum.

    “Shhh,” she murmured softly, fluffing out the crinkly padding and sliding it under him. “Trust me, baby. Trust Mommy.”

    He winced in discomfort as the damp, and now cool, padding touched him. “Urgg, it’s cold, Mommy.”

    She smiled and slid a booster underneath him. “I know, baby. I know, Mommy will take care of it.” She grabbed a bottle of lotion and liberally coated his groin. The heady musk of sex and sweat was replaced with the gentle, innocent scent of flowers. When she had the diaper adequately positioned for a snug, secure fit, she climbed back onto the table and spread her legs, this time facing Casey.

    Casey was about to ask what she was doing when the first splash hit him. “Mommy!?!” His voice cracked with shock. She was actually pissing on him! Hot, golden liquid fountained out between Alyss’s legs, striking his groin, running down his tiny dick and inner thighs onto the diaper beneath him. The padding quickly swelled up, going from fluffy and crinkly to fat and squishy in seconds.

    Alyss let out a pleased sigh as the last drops pattered out. She reached for a baby wipe to clean up the splatter and stepped back down.  She pulled the diaper tight against his crotch. “There. Now my baby is ready for his cum-cums,” she crooned, securing the tapes and giving his crotch a seductive squeeze.

    Oh shit Casey’s stiffy throbbed madly inside the diaper. The warm, bulky padding full of his Mommy’s piss wrapped his tiny cock in a sordid cocoon. It was so lewd, so depraved, so wonderful. Alyss undid the straps binding him down, saving the ones around his wrists for last. The microsecond his hands were free he tried to rub himself to a thunderous climax. Unfortunately, she’d apparently expected that and he was immediately thwarted as she hooked her hands in his armpits and hoisted him into the air. He’d been kept on the edge for so long. It wasn’t fair! He let out another sob of protest and buried his face in her shoulder.

    “Shh, I know, I know,” she soothed. She strode over to the rocking chair and sat down. She leaned back, resting Casey’s head against one pillowy breast and positioned him to straddle one of her long legs. “You’re such a good boy, Casey. I know it was hard for you, wearing that cage all week. I’m honestly surprised you didn’t use your safe word at all. I can’t even imagine how achy your baby bits are…” She grabbed his rear and pulled.

    Casey let out a decidedly unmanly squeal as the motion pushed the head of his cock against the soaked padding. He let out a breathy moan as she let him go, gravity pulling him back down. She cupped his chin, eyes the green of a verdant lake glimmered affectionately.  

    “Does baby Casey want to play horsey with Mommy?” She leaned in for an eskimo kiss, smiling as her nose came back slightly wet from her earlier… exercise.

    He didn’t bother responding with words. He just buried his face between her breasts and started gyrating. Casey was ecstatic. All the teasing words, pictures, video calls, touches, exposures over the past week were over and he could finally find release. In his Mommy’s arms. In a thick diaper full of her piss. Humping her leg. Thinking about it made the humiliation more intense and exciting. He hugged Alyss tightly as he thrust and plunged all 4 of his inches into the sodden stuffing. He was already close, familiar tickle tingling away at the base of his nuggets.

    Alyss cradled his head. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she laughed. Her laugh cut off, and she paused.

    Casey heard her say something else after the laugh, but he didn’t understand or care. His desperation had taken him past the point of spoken language. He gave a high-pitched grunt in response and continued his “game”. At least, until he heard Brianna stammering behind him. His eyes widened, and he whipped around. She was staring at him, face flushed, carrying the box from earlier and an assortment of attached girdles. He froze, gaping.

    The raven beauty recovered first. “Oh my gosh,” she cried out, looking away. “I’m so sorry! I thought you said I could come in, but I misheard, I’m so sorry- I’ll go now!”

    She started to turn away, but Alyss’s voice stopped her cold. “Wait.”

    Brianna looked back, hopelessly confused. “Excuse me?”

    EXCUSE ME?! Casey mentally screamed.

    “Don’t go. You heard right. I said you could come in,” Alyss said calmly, still rocking Casey’s petrified body. She finally took notice of his inactivity. “Why’d you stop, kiddo? Weren’t you having fun playing horsey?”  

    Casey just gaped at her.

    She had that familiar hellish glint in her eyes. “O?” She mimed the pose. “O, I see! Baby wants something to suck on.” She turned to Brianna. “Could you come over and help me with my bra for a moment? My hands are a little busy here,” Alyss chuckled, patting Casey’s bottom.

    “Uhm, sure I guess.” Brianna crossed the room.

    If his brain had been working properly, Casey might have noticed the way she was biting her lip, the extra bit of red in her cheeks, or the nervously whitened knuckles.

    “Thanks, hun,” Alyss said, letting her bra drop to the side. She pulled Casey’s mouth to one engorged nipple, chuckling as he feebly struggled in her arms. “Isn’t he cute,” She asked the staring Brianna. “Show him just a little boobie and the poor thing gets all squirmy.” She felt Casey open his mouth to say something but just shoved her teat deeper into his mouth, effectively gagging him. “Ohh. Mommy knows. Baby Casey likes boobies, huh? Well, you can suck as much as you want, lil guy. Now you can go ahead and keep playing.”

    Casey swallowed around the spongy teat in his mouth. There was no mistaking the undercurrent of menace in her sweet tone. Closing his eyes, and breathing in the fragrant, milky scent of Alyss’s breasts he began to hesitantly rock his hips.

    “Oh, honey, that’s not how you were doing it before. Do you need Mommy to help?”

    Casey squealed pathetically around her breast as she started bouncing him on her leg. Up-down-up-down. It was far faster than he’d been gyrating before. The nerves in his cock flared as they were relentlessly stimulated. Fat gobs of sticky pre-cum coated his diaper as she brought him back to the edge in seconds.

    Alyss grinned evilly, watching him struggle to control himself. “Oooo I know, baby boy. Horsey is fun, huh? Especially for wet little pervs like baby Casey.” She looked at Brianna. “You should have seen him just before you came in, thrusting away at my leg and moaning. I think he was pretending to have S – E – X, with me,” she said, taking a painful amount of time to emphasize each letter.

    Casey sucked hard on her nipple. And focused on the growing fire at the base of his dicklette. He wasn’t even doing it himself anymore. His legs were limp, simply hanging as Alyss bounced him, forcing his tiny dick into her piss over and over again. All he could do was wrap his arms around her and pray she didn’t stop.

    Alyss paused, putting a finger to her chin in feigned thought. “You know. I did pee in the lil tyke’s diaper right before putting it on him, and it’s probably pretty soft and slippery in there… So, I guess if it’s a woman’s wetness then it kind of counts as a pussy, right?”

    He catapulted over the edge. He let out a series of breathless mewls as every muscle in his tiny frame clenched at once. A week’s work of sticky boy juice shot out of his tiny dick. The mess slathered the inside of his diaper, substantially more viscous than the comparably watery pre-cum.

    Alyss smiled as he debased himself. “Uh, oh! I guess that was a little too stimulating for baby Casey.” She cast an apologetic look at Brianna. The other girl was still staring raptly, one hand at her breast, rolling her nipple, and the other between her legs, alternately pressing and pulling. Alyss didn’t know if the other girl thought she was being sneaky, or just didn’t care. She mentally shrugged and went back to her toy. “I think little Casey just had an accident. I swear, he does this all the time.  Poor thing just can’t control himself. That’s why he still wears diapers at his age, I’m sure. Well, diapers and the teeny tiny peenie cage he was wearing when we met. Remember that, bud?”

    Casey didn’t hear a thing. Alyss hadn’t stopped bouncing him, and, unfortunately for him, he hadn’t stopped cumming. His mouth was open wide in a silent scream for mercy around her teat, urethra clenching over and over, as she remorselessly drew out his orgasm, milking out every pitiful drop leaking out until, finally, she stopped. He would have fallen onto the floor if she hadn’t been supporting him still. His ears were ringing. His limbs were just… gone, mush, jelly, nothing. His vision was getting hazy. He blinked and found himself on his back, looking up into a red waterfall as his Mommy leaned over the bars of his crib. When did he get a crib? He sighed. It didn’t matter. He was tired, drained, exhausted beyond imagining. He was so, so, t-

    Alyss reached down to drape the blankie over Casey’s delicate shoulders. She gave his cheek a final stroke and turned around, still gloriously nude, smirking. “Now,” she drawled. “Let’s talk about what comes next…”

  • End Pt.04