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    alright, there are a lot of email book clubs now, so here's ALL of them, in one convenient list

    NOTE: IF YOU FIND MORE PLEASE SEND !!! put them in the notes, my ask box, dm them to me, just notify me in SOME way and i will edit this base post so they all remain in one place

    without further ado:

    Dracula Daily - dracula, the one that started it all || real time

  • may 3, 2022 - november 10, 2022
  • Whale Weekly - moby dick || real time

  • starting december 2022, continuing for 3 years
  • Frankenstein Weekly - frankenstein || wednesdays and sundays

  • begins february 1, 2023
  • Letters from Watson - sherlock holmes

  • begins january 1, 2023
  • What Manner of Man - a new original work by st john starling (its gay vampires click the link)

  • begins january 2023
  • Edgar Allen Poe Daily - the works of edgar allen poe || weekdays where dracula daily does not post

  • began may 13, 2022
  • The Penny Dreadful - penny dreadful

  • begins TBA
  • Ovid Daily - the works of p. ovidius naso (note: these are in latin but they contain a translation)

  • dates depend on the in-progress work (from what i can tell)
  • Werther Rewritten - the sorrows of young werther, slightly modernized || real time

  • may 4, 2022 - christmas 2023
  • The Sorrows Of Young Werther - the original of the above || you pick the dates

  • from what i can tell, it begins when you subscribe and you pick the frequency of emails
  • Carmilla Quarterly - carmilla, just click the link its lesbian vampires

  • begins TBA
  • Literary Letters - lesser known public domain works

  • begins november 12, 2022
  • Pride and Prejudice Weekly - working title, im doing pride and prejudice now || mondays and fridays

  • march 10, 2023 - october 6, 2023
  • The Woman In White Weekly - the woman in white || sundays

  • begins july 31, 2022
  • Musketeers Daily - the three musketeers

  • begins march 14, 2023
  • LOTR Newsletter - lord of the rings || real time (i think)

  • september 15, 2022 - march 2023
  • Rizal Weekly - jose rizal's works (these are in filipino, i don't see a full translation but please correct me if im wrong)

  • began may 26, 2022
  • Divine Comedy Weekly - dante's divine comedy || begins on good friday, then updates tuesdays and thursdays

  • april 7, 2023 - march 5, 2024
  • Austen Weekly - jane austen's works

  • find more info on the posting schedule here
  • The Case Files Of Sheridan Bell - new original fantasy detective novels from em rowene

  • begins may 29, 2022
  • Big Dalloway Energy - mrs. dalloway by virginia woolfe || commentary encouraged

  • begins june 1, 2022
  • Nightly Knights - excerpts from arthurian texts

  • posted at random
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    if you're from europe and haven't done so yet, please please please sign the petition for unconditional basic income!

    it needs 1 million signatures by the 25th june, as well as reach a certain threshold in at least seven countries which it only has in three, and it's also still missing so many signatures to reach 1 million and time is running out)

    please just do it, it's free, it should be safe cause it's quite literally an official EU site, and literally all you need to do is put your name and address on there (not visible to the public, but they will check if the signatures are legit so please don't fake any signatures, that'll just make it look like the goal was reached when it wasn't)

    please just do this, time is running out for this initiative. if there's any reason you haven't signed it yet and won't do it, tell me the reason, maybe i can debunk it

    here's the link to the petition: https://eci.ec.europa.eu/014/public/#/screen/home


    Our aim is to establish the introduction of unconditional basic incomes throughout the EU which ensure every person’s material existence and opportunity to participate in society as part of its economic policy. This aim shall be reached while remaining within the competences conferred to the EU by the Treaties.
    We request the EU Commission to make a proposal for unconditional basic incomes throughout the EU, which reduce regional disparities in order to strengthen the economic, social and territorial cohesion in the EU.
    This shall realize the aim of the joint statement by the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission, stated in 2017, that “the EU and its member states will also support efficient, sustainable and equitable social protection systems to guarantee basic income” in order to combat inequality.

    Webpage of the initiative in the European Commission's register


    For the love of all you hold dear, sign this if you can. It’s literally five minutes of work and you’re voting for yourself to get more money and financial security. Please get whatever amount of spoons is required for you to do sign this and sign it. You can do this. I believe in you.

    [addition added June 19th, 2022]


    Let me get this straight because I’ve only seen memes and am piecing this together as i go, but i think i figured out what’s happening.

    Tumblr is advertising the tumblr app, on the tumblr app, using a photo of a guy in a Pikachu cosplay, because that’s what they think it will take to successfully sell this app, to people whom already use it?

    But now the ball shaving ad is gone? Or is that one still in the mix?


    It’s real and your timing was uncanny


    Ok. Why is tumblr advertising tumblr on tumblr though? What happens when you click the ad?



    I suppose shit like this is why tumblr gave us the option to turn ads back on. Hold on. I’ll be back after i experiment.


    I’m getting plenty of ads. Real actual ads. Mattress firm. Burger King. Walmart. Actual ads. No weird Pikachu man. What is even going on here? Is he just a very infrequent ad? Is he a tumblr ploy by @staff to get those of us whom pay to be ads free to turn on ads so we can see him? Is he am actual facts ad for ads free tumblr and already being ads free means you don’t get the ads free tumblr ad? I have more questions, not fewer!





    The weirdest part is, when you click on the ad from someone who reblogged it, it sends you to a blog with just the word ‘help’ on it


    What?!? No. What??!


    THERE’S LORE????


    Okay, so I just spent five minutes scrolling furiously until I found the stupid Pikachu man ad so I could click on it. I was dreading the possibility that this was fake.

    A Tumblr page with the following text: Help, I clicked a Tumblr ad on Tumblr, and now I'm still on Tumblr? It’s like Plinko. You scrolled the dash. You saw an ad for Tumblr that looked like a shitpost version of an ad for Tumblr. Surely Tumblr isn’t advertising itself on Tumblr. You click the ad. You are...on Tumblr. The ad for Tumblr that you found on Tumblr has taken you to Tumblr. Well, sometimes ads don’t lie. Welcome to your hellsite.  Here’s how to react to an ad for Tumblr that you see on Tumblr:  Find the weird Pikachu man ad on Tumblr that is advertising Tumblr by telling you this is “Where your interests connect you to your people.” Click that. Find yourself...on Tumblr. But wait. This is a different part of Tumblr. This is the part on Tumblr where you read about an ad on Tumblr that took you to Tumblr. Click here to leave this metaverse and go to the part of Tumblr where you find out what the other humans on Tumblr are doing on Tumblr. Then scroll across the trending topics at the top, or just dive right on down into the hellfire that is trending posts on Tumblr. Underwater wife? Check. An opinionated raccoon? It’s here. Oh, and the aforementioned plinko? Naturally. Remember that Pikachu man is always watching. Sometimes, Pikachu man is judging. But one thing Pikachu man never is? Off Tumblr. Or actually Pikachu.


    IT ISN’T

    I had already clicked the ad. I decided to click the links.

    The first link takes you to the trending page.

    The second takes you to the underwater girlfriend page on best of reblogs.

    The third is a trash panda on dank memes.

    The fourth is the horse plinko tag.

    I…can’t believe that this was here the whole time. How hard do you think is was for @staff to watch us complain and not say anything?


    I pay tumblr 5$ a month and thus never ever have to see ads whether I’m on browser or app, unless i go in and turn them back on. So my means of learning about Pikachu man was from memes suddenly showing up on my dash one day. So I’ve sort of just been piecing this together as I go. I just think it’s so funny though that most of tumblr saw the ad and y'all are so well trained to never ever ever click on ads, that no one had apparently thought to click the ad to figure out what the heck Pikachu man was trying to sell. Which I’m so proud of y'all! But we sincerely almost let Pikachu man come and go without this bizarrely delightful discovery.


    another car opinion is that they shouldn't have touch screens


    if you need to do something with your car (ex: adjust the AC) you should be able to do it based off of touch and minimal sight; without knobs and buttons for tactile orientation youre ... staring at an ipad while driving? awesome trend we've started


    what the fuck happened


    This was peak driver ergonomics. 3 Knobs for HVAC. How hot, How Hard, and where do you want it? RAdio is just below windshield level. Headlight switch is big and easily reached by feel alone. Buttons are large, and each one textured differently. You could operate everything without taking your eyes off the road.


    Touch buttons on anything are a plague on humanity. There's no advantage, it's just tech bros fellating themselves. It just makes it way easier to press a button by accident.


    Let's not forget that these touch screens never actually work properly and are and an extreme hassle to make them actually work. 


    Wild to see this on my dash.

    The situation, as you can imagine, is fucked. Two huge areas in south/southeast Atlanta have been bought & there are plans to raze the forest. One to build MORE film studios for Blackhall Studios (think Venom, Jumanji), and the other -- Cop City.

    There is a massive plan to essentially make a fake-city for APD and other law enforcement agencies to train in, to practice their increased militarization. The plan is bigger than the NYPD training ground iirc.

    The Cop City news caught a lot of citizens surprised, and after a lot of push back, Atlanta City Council was basically like "Okay, fine, here's a day everyone can call in and comment". I think it was something like 13 hours of calls, 65% disapproval of Cop City. And City Council approved anyways. They pulled the same stunt with the juvenile detention center in Decatur like 20 years earlier.

    And I'm sure no one will be surprised to hear that this is in a predominantly black neighborhood in ATL. City Council would never dream of allowing forest to be destroyed & Cop City to be built in Buckhead or other whiter, wealthier areas of ATL (not that it should be built at all!!)

    There's a ton more information on their Twitter & their other social media in the linktree. Talk to your neighbors, call city council, provide aid to the forest defenders if you can.

    hi psa: the second someone apologizes for being excited about something, that is the moment you start talking about it with 10x the enthusiasm because 100% guaranteed they have, at some point in their life, been shamed or told shut up or calm down about something that brought them joy and learned to apologize for taking up space and expressing themselves - learned to make themselves smaller- and that’s the absolute worst feeling in the whole world so please, the moment they apologize or say “I’ll shut up now”, you start talking about it for them, hype it up, encourage them to talk your ear off and participate in their excitement. We want their passion, we want their excitement, joy and love. We do not want to be stunted and bitter and angry like the ones who tried to stifle us, we want to foster and nurture the glow in their eyes and the sound of their voice speeding up with exhilaration


    It's time we decolonize the Cascadian volcanoes


    If we can say Denali instead of Mt. McKinley then we can say Lawetlat'la instead of Mt. St Helens. The mountain is named Tahoma, not Rainier. Naming a mountain after Jefferson doesn't erase its true name of Seekseekqua.

    One name tells of the thousand years indigenous history and culture of the tribes who live there. The other name tells me nothing but colonialism.


    Mt. Baker: Kulshan

    Glacier Peak: Dahkobed

    Mt. Rainier: Tahoma

    Mt. St. Helens: Lawetlat'la

    Mt. Adams: Klickitat

    Mt. Hood: Wy'east

    Mt. Jefferson: Seekseekqua

    Three Sisters: Klah Klahne


    here are a few things that could help if you’re looking to get into comics because itvery confusing at first (and every moment after)

  • the dcu guide lists characters’ appearances in chronological order
  • comicvine lists every appearance of a character
  • comicstorian is a youtube channel that summarizes comic arcs/character origins in short, easy to understand videos
  • lornahs has a lot of good character reading lists, dc & marvel
  • comic book reading orders has reading orders for almost all events & characters, dc & marvel
  • r/DCcomics wiki has a large recommended reading page & a newbies section for people looking to start reading for the first time
  • comic book herald has a list of reading guides as well as a where to start with current dc & a beginner’s guide to comics
  • the dc database has a recommended reading section
  • comics back issues has a list of reading orders as well as theirguide to comics for new readers
  • and if you’re looking to get into lanterns, be sure to give my own, comparatively puny rec page a look!
  • good luck!


    I hope it’s okay to add something but DC Cosmic Teams pretty much helped me a lot to get in their… cosmic teams, obviously, and some others. Especially Legion of Super-Heroes, New Gods, and JLA’s branch teams/members.