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2023-12-10 21:29:13

    royd roided: musclewhore

    You're MINE, musclewhore. I chose you. I named you. I own you, body and soul, muscles and pussy. Your job is to grow for me and get fucked. Always growing, always getting fucked. No thinking, fuckpig. Master will do all the thinking. I don't want you thinking I want you growing and getting fucked. Your pussy, not your brain, should be in charge of your body. And I'm in charge of that pussy. I own it. I own you.

    Yes, it'll take two or three men at a time, just to hold you down, while other guys use your holes. Latching on to your thick traps and pounding that cunt so hard that it'll sound like the crowd is applauding the gangbang of my fuckpig. Your roidgut pressed against the pavement, my foot on your wide muscular back, between your shoulders. Master holding his fuckpig in place by standing on your back while I get you gang banged like you need. Showing my triumph over the roided-out, transformed, brainless mass of muscled-up fuck matured, jacked and juiced zombie, that is my whore.

    Right royd?