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    Security Check (And a Dinner!) Pt 03 (NSFW 18+)

    ***DISCLAIMER*** The people depicted in this story are consenting adults over the age of 18. If you are not 18 or older, CLICK AWAY NOW.

    If you haven’t read part 1 and 2, both can be found in my ABDL story index here

    Casey squirmed in his seat. He could feel the wet and sticky mess squish around with every movement. He was genuinely worried he would spring a leak on Alyss’s seats, despite the double layer of diapers. He was sitting in the backseat, pantless and exposed should anyone care to look. Apparently, there were conditions for going to “Mommy’s” place. One of them strictly stated that baby boys don’t wear pants in the car, or anywhere without Mommy’s permission.  “Um, Alyss… er, Mommy,” he quickly corrected, seeing her eyes narrow in the rear-view mirror. “Can… um, I get a change, please?”

    Alyss giggled and smiled. “Nope!”

    “No, seriously though, I could leak,” Casey whined. They’d been in the car for 40 minutes because of backed up traffic. He was starting to feel the need to go again.

    Alyss twisted around to look him in the eye. “Aww, does da poow baby boy need to make another tinkle, fuh Mummy, huh?” She grinned wickedly. “Poor widdle boy. Can’t hold his potties. It’s ok, bubba, just go ahead and make tinkles. Don’t worry about the cushions. You can use your tongue to clean up the mess.”

    “Ew, gross,” Casey laughed.

    She shot him a playful pout before giggling along.

    Casey cleared his throat. “So, uh, will we at least be there soon?”

    “Yes, I’m in that building there.” Alyss pointed to a massive building two blocks off.

    “Ha-ha, very funny,” he sighed. The high-rise apartment complex she’d just indicated was called The Calyx, and it was notorious for being one of the most expensive places in the city. Come to think of it, this entire area was high class. There was zero chance in hell she lived near here, not on a security guard’s salary. She’s probably trying to get me to leak so she can punish me or something. “I was being serious though, how much further?”

    “So was I.”

    Casey’s sense of disbelief only grew as Alyss flashed a badge to the guard on duty and pulled into the gated parking lot. She pulled into an empty spot marked with a stylized A.

    “Wait, you actually live here?” Was she working a second job here? Did they like, provide housing for employees or something?

    “I already said I did, bud. Now come on, let’s get the baby to the potty before he makes wetsies.” She got out of the car and retrieved a pair of light teal gym shorts. “Here, put these on.”

    Casey nearly choked in disbelief. “What!? I can’t wear those!” Not only were they made for women, but their color meant his diaper would be hideously obvious to anyone who took more than a passing glance at his ass.

    Alyss winked mischievously. “It’s either these or what you’re wearing now, sport. You pick.”

    A few moments later Casey was being led to two artistically curving glass doors trimmed in tarnished silver by one hand, with his new dragon plushy grasped tightly in the other. Alyss had insisted he carry it.  Another bored looking security guard standing by the entrance perked up as she noticed them.

    She saw them coming and smiled broadly. “Evening, Alyss.”

    “Hey, Trish. Slow night?”

    “Yep, nice and quiet.” Her eyes passed over Casey. “Got company tonight, I see,” she said with a knowing wink.

    Alyss threw an arm over Casey’s shoulders, making him blush. “Found this little guy toodling around outside. Thought I’d bring him in and take him to the potty. Poor thing says he really has to go.”

    He stammered to correct her, trying to save face. “T-that’s not true! You invi- Oh!“ the rest of his sentence cut off as she gave his bottom a playful smack. He winced at the dull thud produced by the thick padding.

    Trish giggled and opened the door. “You two have a nice night.”

    “Thanks, Trish, you too.”

    Casey’s hands went to his waist, re-tightening the knotted sweatshirt there. It did a decent enough job covering the back, but the front… well… he fervently hoped no one would be out this late.

    Got company tonight I see The words echoed around Casey’s mind, taking root in pools of insecurity. Why was the guard so friendly with Alyss? How many people has she brought here before me? The number had to be at least in the dozens. He was sure men, and probably more than a few women, were just dying to even be in the presence of someone like Alyss. What if she’s already seeing someone? She said she’d been interested in him but was she going to throw him away when she was done? Casey shivered and rubbed at his arms.  

    The doors opened on well-oiled hinges and Casey stepped into another world. The few men and women in the lobby all glowed with the health and style only money could buy. His anxiety, already high from his less than appropriate attire, threatened to boil over. Who was he to intrude here? He didn’t belong, in his raggedy cardigan, his tiny, ugly body. Not to mention the piss filled diaper weighing down his every step. He was certain he could feel every eye in the room. They were all probably wondering what a radiant creature like Alyss was doing with something like him. Casey’s eyes fell. “Um, Alyss?” He gulped. Maybe he shouldn’t tell her… An awkward silence fell over them. Shit, he was making it awkward now. Why did he say anything at all? He made a show of checking the sweater again. “Um, nothing. Sorry.”

    Alyss raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

    “Yeah, it’s nothing. I’m sorry.”

    She wrapped an arm around his shoulder gave him a playful tickle beneath his chin. “You don’t need to apologize for anything, bud.”

    Casey nearly yelped in surprise as that hand suddenly snaked down to his rear and gave a firm squeeze. Luckily, not only did they not leak, but the diapers were pretty soaked and didn’t make too much noise. To Casey though, the faint crinkling might as well have been a fire alarm.  

    His face burned red. “Someone’s going to see me,” he hissed, fighting to stop her pawing.

    Alyss met his pleading gaze. Of course no one was going to see anything. Despite what Casey seemed to think, other than a little extra bulge in his backside, the diaper was completely inconspicuous. But that didn’t mean he needed to know that. “So? What if that’s what I want?”

    “Wa-Wha,” he stammered, giving her a look of pure shock.

    Alyss tugged him in close. Once again, he found himself nestled comfortably against her chest. He was finding himself in that position a lot recently, not that he minded.  

    “What if I want to show everyone what a widdle cutie patootie you are,” she cooed loudly.

    A couple patrons turned at the remark and more than one audibly chuckled.

    Casey would have died right then and there if he wasn’t so focused on the tantalizing, milky aroma of Alyss’s supple skin and the raging erection that found itself slipping around the seat of his piss filled pampers. Alyss’s grip loosened and he looked up, realizing they were at the elevator doors. Exquisite black marble veined with white formed an archway. The elevator itself looked like it was made of glass, being composed of a completely see-through material everywhere except the roof. Alyss gently pushed him inside and hit the “48” button. Casey’s stomach flipped as he realized how high up they would be, in a fucking glass elevator! The outside quickly transitioned from bland metal to open air as they rose. The city lights glittered below them. Casey clenched his fists and tried to avoid looking down. He subconsciously edged closer to Alyss, immersing himself in her protective embrace.

    She nudged him. “Somethin wrong, kiddo?”

    Casey laughed nervously. “Yeah, I guess, heights just freak me out is all.”

    “Well, it’s a good thing you’re so short then,” she giggled. She leaned close and reached down to give his hand a slight squeeze. “It’s ok, Casey. I’m here.” She gave him a quick peck on the nose before pulling back and tightening her hold on his shoulders.

    Casey felt some of the tension slip away and he blushed. He could feel her breasts pushing against the back of his head, causing something else to push against the soaked crotch of his diaper. The elevator came to a stop with a soft “ding” and they stepped into a light tan carpeted hall. Rows of doors stood on either side while white light from elegant sconces pained the space. Alyss pulled him along till they reached the door stamped “486”.

    “This is me,” she said, turning the lock.

    Casey’s eyes widened as he stepped through the threshold. He stood there for a moment, staring dumbly. The “apartment” was fucking huge! The floor was some kind of dark, polished wood. It spread out, covering the ground between a hallway off to his left and a kitchen to his immediate right before abruptly ending in a dip, where it gave way to the plush carpet making up the living room floor. Casey numbly shuffled over to the kitchen, immediately fascinated and envious of the space and utilities present. The layout was U-shaped, wrapping around a wide central countertop. Empty pizza boxes lay haphazardly stacked atop it.

    “Wow…” Casey whispered.

    Alyss walked around him. “Ah, sorry about the mess. I forgot those were there.”

    “Oh, no no, it’s not that,” he assured her. “It’s just… I’ve never been in a place this nice before. You really live here?”

    Alyss looked at him with a straight face. “Nope. I stole the key from the lady who lives here after I fucked her and made a copy so I could crash here while she’s on vacation.”

    Casey’s blood pressure shot up a notch. “Wait…. really!?” His eyes darted back and forth, as if expecting to see police busting in to arrest them any second.

    Alyss giggled and patted his bewildered head. “No, you little noodle. I was just messing with you. Are you always this gullible? It’s a good thing I picked you up then. Poor little boy needs Mommy to watch him, so he doesn’t get taken advantage of,” she teased.

    His face burned and he looked at his feet. “I was just asking…” he mumbled.

    “Aww, is the little baby upset? Whas wrong, lil guy?”

    Casey blushed hotly.  

    Understanding dawned over Alyss’s features. “Ohh, I see what’s wrong.” She bent down and began fiddling with the button on Casey’s pants. “Somebody’s fussy cause he had a widdle accident, huh?”

    Casey wasn’t sure if she knew, but the way she was bending was giving him an absolutely mind boggling view of her cleavage. His little penis shot straight up even as he tried to mount a token resistance. “No, it’s not that…”

    Malicious understand dawned across Alyss’s face. She continued to address him in that syrupy sweet voice. “So it’s NOT the widdle accident you had? I see, poor thing. You probably didn’t even notice. Good thing little baby was protected.”

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    Security Check (And a Scare!) Pt. 2 - NSFW 18+

    ***DISCLAIMER*** The people depicted in the following story are consenting adults over the age of 18. If you are not 18 or older, CLICK AWAY NOW!

    Author’s note: Hey everyone. I know many of you liked the first part of the story, so I decided to write part 2. Hope you all enjoy it just as much. Let me know if you’d like to see more of Casey and Alyss in the future. :-)

    Here’s a link to Part 1: Security Check (and Change)

    Casey felt his stomach leap into his throat. He hit send.

    Hey. It’s me.

    He cringed. How the heck was she supposed to know who he was just off that? His phone buzzed.

    Who’s “me”?

    He mentally kicked himself. He was blowing it already!

    We, uh, met at the airport last week.

    Maybe he shouldn’t have taken a week to respond. He was just so nervous, even after all that had happened at their first encounter. Casey had never been all that popular with girls. He blamed his small build and boyish looks. If he was being completely honest though, it was more likely because of how flustered and awkward he was around them.

    I work at the airport lol. I meet a lot of ppl there. You’re gonna have 2 b more specific.

    He swallowed noisily. This was it, the moment of truth.

    You kind of… took my key.

    Casey’s phone started ringing. He fumbled to answer it, “Hello?”

    Alyss’s honeyed, sultry voice blasted out. “Hey, sweetie! What took you so long? Do you need another change,” she snickered.

    Casey blushed hotly. “No! I don’t. Well not right now at least. I just, uh I wanted to call you to see when I could get my key back and uh…” He trailed off uncertainly.

    “Aaaand,” she prompted.

    “And, I, uh, wanted to see if you’d like to get coffee or something. With me.” He covered his face. Of course it was with him! Who else would she be going with? His grandma?

    Alyss didn’t immediately answer. He held his phone in a shaky grip, alternately staring at the ceiling and his kicking feet. She was going to say no. Over 30 seconds had passed since he’d asked. She wasn’t responding because she was trying to figure out how to let him down easy. He knew their encounter had been a one-off fluke. Alyss was drop dead gorgeous. She probably had guys and girls practically queuing up for a chance to be with her.

    “I’d love to! Did you have anywhere in mind?”

    Casey didn’t know how to respond. “I’m not sure. I didn’t think I’d get this far… oh!” He gasped. Fuck! He hadn’t meant to say that out loud!

    Alyss laughed. “Hahaha, that’s so cute.” She managed to tamp her amusement down shortly after, though he could still hear mirth lacing her voice. “The county faire is open this Friday. They’re supposed to have an incredible haunted house. Does that work for you?”

    Casey hesitated. “I’m not really big on haunted houses…” Casey was a bit of a scaredy cat. He even kept a spare night light on his bed stand.

    “Aww, don’t worry, baby boy. I’ll hold your hand.”

    Fluttery feelings tickled Casey’s chest. God, how was this woman so good at pushing his buttons?”

    Alyss continued, “there’s a ton of other stuff too. There’s a corn maze, ring toss, candied apples, a petting zoo, etcetera.”

    The mention of a petting zoo perked Casey up. He loved animals. “Well… I guess it’d be ok…”

    “Great! I’ll see you there at 6. It’s a date! And… I just realized, I never asked what your name was!” She sounded genuinely shocked, and… a little embarrassed?  

    Casey cleared his throat. If he was being completely honest, he’d forgotten too. “Casey, my name is Casey.”

    “That’s a wonderful name. Well, Casey, wear a diaper. I don’t want you to get too scared in the haunted house and have another accident.” She laughed.

    Casey blushed furiously.  

    “Oh, and one more thing, bring that pretty little cage of yours.” With that, she hung up.

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