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    the prospect of being filthy rich and still not being able to get into top schools is so funny to me. you were catapulted into a world of opportunity at birth and somehow fell short in a way that cannot be compromised with money. if even the admissions office wasn’t able to turn a blind eye to your person in the face of your rich celebrity mom……it really calls into question what could possibly be so egregiously mediocre about your character…..can you even tie your shoelaces.


    I always resort to thinking that maybe I didn’t do enough which is why it’s always easy for people to leave me but when I think about it, I bend over backwards for anyone I love and I would go through hell and back just to make them happy and comfortable and I can be completely selfless and sacrifice my own happiness for theirs in a heartbeat so I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not the one that’s not enough, it’s simply their loss that they don’t get to experience those qualities that they won’t be able to find in other people these days…and me thinking this way abt myself is a real accomplishment bc I normally always find ways to blame myself when someone leaves me