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    Isn’t it wonderful how mainstream male chastity has accelerated the gender role flip that was already taking place. Take us for example, a typical modern marriage. You cook, clean, and do all the menial household labor once done by women. I on the other hand as your empowered wife, manage our finances, make every decision, and freely boss you around all day, every day. In the past I would have been expected to cater to your wants and needs, putting them before my own, whereas now I demand that you cater to my wants and needs, and yours don’t even matter to me. As the wife, I am recognized as the head of the house, the superior partner who gets whatever I want on my terms at all times. This is the new normal.


    Okay but, I genuinely love obedient, completely devoted subs so much. Everyone’s all about brats and how it’s so nice and amusing to have a challenge but there’s so many reasons why perfectly well behaved subs will always have a very specialy place in my heart and will always be my absolute favourites.

    🌸 so eager to learn your rules and commands or hand signs, so they do everything to learn and remember them really quick to satisfy you

    🌸 the proud look on their face when they’ve just obeyed an order, and you know they really did it to please you, to earn that pat on their head or a gentle kiss on their mouth

    🌸 “please, I want to be spanked, master”

    🌸 that hectic, truly sorry apology when they did something they shouldn’t have

    🌸 doing everything and anything to satisfy you

    🌸 w o r s h i p

    🌸 no need for training them in every session or even punish them at all because they really try to behave as well as they can

    🌸 you can focus on more important things like helping them to endure more pain or difficult ideas

    🌸 when they misbehave, you can enjoy that punishment so much and really let out your inner sadist because it just doesn’t happen as often

    🌸 begging to be allowed to make you cum

    🌸 begging to be allowed to cum themselves

    🌸 “thank you so much for…”

    🌸 doing the most humiliating things when you order them to, without any hesitation

    🌸 rewarding them feels so good because you know they really, really want to be good and try their very hardest not to do anything to displease you

    🌸 “Have I been naughty?” + a very honest look of discontentment on their face

    you can literally reward them all the time because they’re so so so good

    🌸 they love kneeling in front of you, it’s their greatest pleasure

    🌸 the smile on their face when you give them a cute nickname (“yes, master, I’m good, I want to be good just for you”)

    🌸 so fixated on you

    🌸 the biggest reward for them is to be allowed to touch you anf explore your body


    That’s literally me, I really love to obey and please more than anything🩷


    I love being a good boy and pleasing my Domme and Master. I found that out when I just immediately rushed to obey Her, like filling out forms She didn't want to do or clipping clothespins to my ballsack.