“Wow! You’re hard as a rock, little man!”

    You could feel Daddy’s hand pressing against your cock which was straining desperately in your soaked diapers.

    “Are you a little horny boy today? Hmmm?”

    All you could do was look down and blush while daddy started the rub the front of your wet diapers up and down. The soft warm padding pressing against your skin and jerking around your cock was amazing.

    It had been so long since daddy had let you cum that your legs were already shaking with pleasure after just a few seconds.

    “Why are you so excited today?” Teased daddy, “do you love your pampers? Do you love being with daddy?”

    His hand stopped rubbing, and started to press at the crinkling diaper, “I think it’s because someone is a little soggy!”

    “You carry on playing while I go and find a clean diaper to pop you into!”

    He left the room and the realisation that today would be another day without getting to cum drove you mad! When daddy came back he’d find his helpless little boy crying his eyes out and desperately humping the floor!

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    You know why I brought you out here, fuckhead? It's nice and quiet. Nobody is gonna hear your scream when I tie your fucking ass up and rape you until I'm tired of your hole. You can scream and bellow all ya want, fuckhead. Nobody is gonna rescue you.

    First, strip. Then I'm gonna tie you over this log. Have your hole nice and exposed for me to fuck over and over... hell yeah!