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    If you could smell like one thing all the time, forever, what would it be? I think if it were me it would be vanilla

    What an interesting question! Admittedly I'm not sure. I guess I'd like to smell like freshly laundered blankets or sheets, something warm and comfortable you know? Otherwise, something soft and vaguely fruity akin to shampoos.

    (Though, it was only semi-recently that I realized people taller than me can already smell my hair when we hug. Spider and I hugged and they remarked "I love your new shampoo!" and I recoiled in horror like YOU SMELL MY HEAD? In retrospect yes, but also it rocked my world.)

    Thanks for the ask!

    I have now hit the peak millennial experience of receiving bad news about a family member and immediately opening up my work laptop to write an email to my supervisor with exclamation marks and apologies for potentially needing to take time off as soon as tomorrow morning. I can check this off of my millennial master list now

    shipment officers, gently nudging Ever Given with their 8 tugboats: Ever Given move out of the way please so you don’t block the entire global trade

    Ever Given, her lamplights enormous: you SHOVE ever given? you shove her hull like the big boulder? oh! oh! no commerce for human! no commerce for human for One Thousand Years!!!

    The shooting in Atlanta was motivated by hate towards Asian POC, towards women, and towards sex workers. Anyone that gets caught up in trying to explain why it’s one and not another only confound the issue via infighting, when we should be standing together.

    You cannot pick and choose your activism, and this is why intersectionality is key. Stop doing white misogynistic society’s job for them when you deny the impact events like these have on minority and disenfranchised people, or try to tell them how to feel. Everything from citing skewed statistics in bad faith, to bringing up the model minority myth, is a tool to keep minority groups separated and fighting one another, instead of growing stronger through solidarity.


    Will we ever see you write an induction?

    Oh hi! Thanks for reaching out, and about my writing no less - I know I haven’t written much lately.

    I found one story tagged as #induction, which is linked here. It is from 2016, so like...over 4 years ago. Wow!

    I’m not the absolute best at inductions since I have less experience there, but I’ll see about drafting something like that along some other projects I’m thinking of. Thanks again for asking!


    I personally wanna see less 'you are not a burden/it's not work to love you' and more 'you are worth the work it takes to love you.' I KNOW I'm a burden sometimes. that isn't such a terrible thing! humans are strong. we can carry burdens. and it is work for me to be there for my friends, but it's work I'm willing to do.

    we need to acknowledge this because pretending love isn't work will never make people like me feel less guilty for accepting love. we need to talk about it so people don't feel bad for having boundaries and not always being up to do the work. we need to accept it so we can properly appreciate what others do for us and what we're doing for them.

    yes it does take work to love you. but guess what? you still deserve love, and you deserve people who are willing to do the work to love you. it doesn't make you bad. all love take work. and everyone is worth it.


    There was a post once about how all the anxious things you are afraid to do, or take pride in, are never things you dislike or admire about other people. Things like "well I'm afraid to reach out and say I need a check in", or "at least I'm keeping all my problems to myself". I've never once disliked someone asking me to check in, or admired someone for keeping their problems to themselves - rather the opposite, as I always want to stress that I'm there for them if they need. And these are the double standards we hold ourselves to.

    To this day I have issues being vulnerable in relationships, romantic platonic whatever, because I hate being 'considered'. Because it means it's work, and it means I'm like luggage on others. But I've never once thought "I should send them something that reminds me of them because I'm thinking of them - what a burden". (How ridiculous!) And relationships ultimately are about considering others. I hate it, but it's a lesson I have to learn.


    Hey! I seem to recall a sleep post on your blog- is there any chance you could help me find it? One where it helps people get to sleep by like, curling their tongue

    Hi there - I only vaguely recall a sleep post I reblogged once but couldn't remember anything about a tongue. I tried looking for it but wasn't able to find it in my archive either. I'm sorry!!


    Traitor! Mcstories has been a cornerstone of our people for decades and now you betray it by siding with a new space?


    Since when can’t there be two places to find stories?


    OK WOW.

    First, I would like to thank @asafeplaceofrest​ for rebloging the ROM site. 

    Second, WTF ANON? 

    @asafeplaceofrest is absolutely right, since WHEN can’t there be multiple sites to read and enjoy mind control erotica? 

    I don’t take anything away from MCSTORIES.COM. That site does an incredible job of making an incredible range of kink stories available to all for free and it was my first introduction to mind control erotica. I always go check it out for my own pleasure and also as a source of inspiration. To all my followers who, by pure chance, DON’T know about mcstories.com, I urge them to go visit.

    You’ll get instantly hooked!

    After saying this, I still encourage MC writers to join ROM (readonlymind.com) because it has the potential to become something more. Especially for writers like me. Tumblr won’t tolerate us forever and will only make it more and more difficult to maintain our community. ROM isn’t the same as tumblr of course, nor should it, but it is a very good middle ground between Tumblr and MCStories.com. 

    Our community needs as many sites as it needs to continue to grow and expand to offer readers and writers platforms to become aroused and inspired. Opening up a new site is not a betrayal, it is more like expanding the community. 

    If anything, MC erotica sites should have a main base where people can add new sites they find. A sort of master list of all the sites where one can enjoy MC Erotica without the need to type in a search in google. 

    Which gives me an idea…

    I can EASILY add another page to my own website and start adding all the Erotica websites there. Or just refer the page of some other website if this type of master list already exists. (I remember a few posts on tumblr, but nothing we can trust in the long run.)

    How about it? Should I start compiling MC erotic sites? 

    The Traveling Master


    Read Only Mind is by no means trying to be competitive with mcstories. It’s not a betrayal by any definition. There’s no exclusivity requirement for authors to post stories and we encourage them to post wherever they can! We even allow authors to link to their personal pages, or EMCSA sites, etc. Because the EMCSA has been around for so much longer, you can definitely get more eyes for any stories that you post on there as well. I’ve read the EMCSA for years now and the admins are by no means trying to paint ourselves as an exclusive alternative. It’s no different from some of the hypnosis community’s well known and long term authors posting on both EMCSA and Literotica, or their own blogs, etc.

    What the admins wanted to accomplish with ROM was just to have another archive that might offer more features for authors and readers alike, and be more inclusive in content. We’ve already gotten submissions in different languages, and we accept submissions of all word counts, no minimum or maximum. This is helpful for a lot of authors (like myself) who sometimes write shorter form stories that don’t otherwise make it to the EMCSA.

    There’s a lot that ROM has to offer, like creating an account to like, save, or comment on your favorite stories, or following authors and recommending their work. For authors, they can see view statistics and have a customized tagging system. I have the other admin and the developers to thank for all the hard work they put into this. The other admin still has her stories up on both the EMCSA and ROM, and I know I check both websites frequently as well. :) I think it’s more than possible and preferred really that we coexist as just another platform. If you’re ever curious to check us out, you can find us here.


    I hope today was a good day for you! I don't check in as much as I used to but I often think about your journey towards being a pretty cool and somewhat happy and fulfilled person and hope I can follow/catch up some day. Also do you have a favourite colour?

    Aww, this was a really sweet message that cheered up my day. Tumblr is like an endless void that I talk to myself in, but knowing that people see and read my journey is pretty heartwarming.

    Today went alright. I worked at my part time job (that I should really quit) and after that I worked for my own business and had to run to the post office before it closed. Fell asleep for 4 hours after I got back because I haven’t gotten enough sleep this past week, and now it’s 3 AM and I’ve got to pack more packages for my shop and hope I get any sleep before my shift tomorrow at 11 AM. It’s hectic, but it’s my life.

    I believe in you Anon! I don’t want to just give empty reassurances and you didn’t particularly ask me for any advice so this might be unwarranted, but talking out loud just to myself, my journey’s been punctuated with the idea that perfect is the enemy of good. I’m not always happy with where I am even in this moment, even though I’m already lightyears better from where I was before. I have a lot of things that get me down and that I feel unsatisfied with in my own personal journey, but the wishful idea of everything going right/perfect circumstances quickly becomes more toxic than helpful. We all tread our own paths, and I know you’ll make yours too.

    My favorite color is a mix between blue and purple! Specifically, #667CB9 haha. It was a specific dye color that I always wore back when I used to play an MMO, and now playfully when I see that color out in the wild I always want something of it (a shirt, accessory, etc.). But really you’ll find me picking any blue or purple pieces in games always.

    Thanks for the ask and for reaching out! I hope your week is well.

    The past two weeks I've been bouncing wildly between "this is my life!" and "this is my life." phrases that are the same and yet so different in contexts and tone. Currently I'm at a "this is my life." but I know it's late and I haven't slept much. So tomorrow, hopefully it'll be life!.

    Me, pondering: Should I make a NSFW twitter account?

    Me: --wait a minute. Aren't I originally a kink account?

    If you are afraid to express your genuine joy or excitement over something that you love because of how a friend has responded in the past (negatively, mockingly, dismissive) then that is not an energy that you need in your life. I am not just saying ‘let people enjoy things’, but do not be the person that crushes that expression of happiness where so little can be found these days.