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2023-02-02 19:19:30

    2022 was an extremely fragrant year, Tom's feet left my nose no respite. I didn't expect 2023 to start with a kind of "ceremony of allegiance at his feet" for this new year which, apparently, still has a lot of surprises in store for me!

    "I took care to wear the same socks for several months just to test your resistance to my feet and their stench!" 😏

    The smell was indeed very strong, I could feel the heat emanating from his feet through his dirty socks!

    The color of his socks testifies to the intensity of the smell they contained!

    "You didn't expect this! I've been wearing these socks non-stop for months! Every day, no matter what shoes I'm wearing! When I work all day in my work shoes? I have them on my feet! In my Airmax? I have them on my feet! In the evening under the duvet? I have them on my feet!" 😈

    The smell is so strong that I can't resist sticking my nose in it!

    I barely have time to make up my mind when Tom sticks his two hot, smelly feet on my face!

    "Come on, smell that! I know you've been dying to stick your nose in! That's good huh?! I know what makes you hard!" 😈

    I end up lying on the floor, his two stinky, wet and hot feet abusing my face, forcing me to inhale this smell that caused my undoing... 🀀

    "Stay with me! You ain't seen nothing yet honey! Take my socks off..."😏

    Wow!🀯 One sock can hide another!

    "Two pairs of socks, twice the smell honey!😈" Barely time to realize what was happening that both feet were glued to my face! The smell was even stronger and more intense! I could feel how dirty his socks were. They have never been washed and that turns me on even more!

    His socks had lost their original gray as they had been worn.

    "Come on, don't be shy! Worship my feet like they deserve! My two dirty smelly feet are going to enjoy your sweet face! This will be even better than the last one!" 😈

    This bewitching smell completely hypnotizes me.

    "He is taking the most important step in this allegiance!" Tom started to take off his socks.

    "This part is important because it will show whether or not you are ready to worship my feet properly in this New Year! To close this allegiance, you will have to give of yourself, make an offering! "

    What offering could I give him?

    Tom rubbed his foot on my face and then slowly descended to the bump in my pants...

    β€œYour precious nectar!β€πŸ˜ˆ

    "Drop your pants! I want to see if your peacock likes my feet that much!" 😏

    Faced with his two soles, I could hardly resist. My boxers were full of wet. By lowering my pants and my boxers, my peacock released a net of wet which landed on the sole of Tom's foot πŸ˜… "It's already a good start! 😏 My feet will have no difficulty emptying it to the last drop!"

    Tom stuck a sole of his foot on my pubis to hold my peacock, and the other foot could take care of my glans which wet even more when Tom's sole crashed and rubbed on him 🀀 I was so wet that the sole of the foot was flooded! His foot slid perfectly along my peacock and especially on my glans as his sole was lubricated!

    I couldn't contain my moans as the feeling was incredible! I let his feet enjoy my helpless peacock!

    "Now it's high time to make your offering to thank my feet for all they do for you and for all they will do this year! Feed them your nectar! That's all they ask for! "😈

    The touch of his soles against my slobbery glans was so good that I couldn't last very long... "5...4...3...2...1...0...Spit your nectar on my feet now!!!!"

    My glans made its offering and spat out all its juice, flooding the soles of its feet! "That's good Chéri! This year promises to be very abundant! Your nose and your peacock won't be able to rest!" 😈