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    100% my type of guy


    After you and your brother finished the joint it was time for you to hold up your end of the bargain. Alright lil bro, i smoked you up for a foot rub. Now get in there good, my feet are feeling sore from the workout today.” He kicked off his shoes and put his feet up, your recoil a bit but you get too it. A deals a deal.

    You couldn’t tell if it was the weed or how badly his feet stink, but your head was starting to feel fuzzy. As if you couldn’t focus on anything but the big beefy feet in front of you. The smell surrounding you was growing on you, invading your senses and making your mouth water. You didn’t even notice youre subconsciously inching closer to the source of this powerful odor until your nose makes contact with his foot. With your mind melted from the weed&stink high and an aching boner trapped in your pants you press his foot against your face with your nose wedged between his sweaty toes and greedily take a deep whiff of your big brothers man stink, letting out a lust filled moan out as you exhale.

    That’s it bitch, go on and pig out like foot fag you are for me.”